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Jacob Winn and Descendants

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January 7, 2000

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Hoover, Minthorn, Sherwood, Winn

First Generation

1. Jacob1 Winn (#1734) was born circa 1710.

He married Sarah Buck March 2, 1743/4 in Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA.(1) (Sarah Buck is #2792.) Sarah was born August 20, 1721 in Woburn, MA.(2) See her father's family for more information. Sarah was the daughter of John Buck and Priscilla (Buck).

Jacob Winn and Sarah Buck had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Jacob2 Winn (Jacob1) (#1736) was born in probably, Woburn, MA 20 Oct 1744.(4) Jacob died 10 April 1809 in maybe, EGuillimbury, Can, at 64 years of age.

He married Phoebe Grout. (Phoebe Grout is #1737.) Phoebe was born April 1, 1751 in Charlestown, NH. Phoebe died 1819 at 68 years of age.

Jacob Winn and Phoebe Grout had the following child:

Third Generation

4. Endymia3 Winn (Jacob2, Jacob1) (#1739) was born September 4, 1775.

She married Thomas Sherwood. (Thomas Sherwood is #1738.) Thomas was born circa 1775. Thomas died 1844 at 69 years of age.

Endymia Winn and Thomas Sherwood had the following child:

Fourth Generation

5. Lucinda4 Sherwood (Endymia3 Winn, Jacob2, Jacob1) (#1741) was born November 13, 1794. Lucinda died April 17, 1854 in Oakwood, Ontario, Canada, at 59 years of age.

She married John Minthorn circa 1809 in Canada. (John Minthorn is #1740.) John was born October 4, 1768 in Hartford, CT. John died December 17, 1859 in Oakwood, Ontario, Canada, at 91 years of age.

Lucinda Sherwood and John Minthorn had the following child:

Fifth Generation

6. Theodore5 Minthorn (Lucinda4 Sherwood, Endymia3 Winn, Jacob2, Jacob1) (#1742) was born in Younge St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada October 11, 1817. Theodore died October 1866 in West Branch, IA, at 49 years of age.

He married Mary Wasley Wesley January 4, 1842 in Younge St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (Mary Wasley Wesley is #1743.) Mary was born September 1, 1818 in Younge St., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Mary died June 11, 1903 in Newberg OR, at 84 years of age.

Theodore Minthorn and Mary Wasley Wesley had the following child:

Sixth Generation

7. Huldah Randall6 Minthorn (Theodore5, Lucinda4 Sherwood, Endymia3 Winn, Jacob2, Jacob1) (#1745) was born in Norwich, Canada May 4, 1848. Huldah died February 22, 1884 in IA, at 35 years of age.

She married Jesse Clark Hoover March 12, 1870 in IA. (Jesse Clark Hoover is #1744.) Jesse was born September 2, 1846 in Stillwater, OH. Jesse died December 13, 1880 in West Branch, IA, at 34 years of age.

Huldah Randall Minthorn and Jesse Clark Hoover had the following child:

Notes and References

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Buck, Sarah (marriage to Jacob Winn) (i2792), b.1721-


Grout, Phoebe (marriage to Jacob Winn) (i1737), b.1751-d.1819


Henry, Lou (marriage to Herbert Clark Hoover) (i3001), b.1874-d.1944


Hoover, Herbert Clark (i3000), b.1874-d.1964
Hoover, Jesse Clark (marriage to Huldah Randall Minthorn) (i1744), b.1846-d.1880


Minthorn, Huldah Randall (i1745), b.1848-d.1884
Minthorn, John (marriage to Lucinda Sherwood) (i1740), b.1768-d.1859
Minthorn, Theodore (i1742), b.1817-d.1866


Sherwood, Lucinda (i1741), b.1794-d.1854
Sherwood, Thomas (marriage to Endymia Winn) (i1738), b.1775-d.1844


Wasley, Mary, Wesley (marriage to Theodore Minthorn) (i1743), b.1818-d.1903


Winn, Endymia (i1739), b.1775-
Winn, Jacob (i1734), b.1710-
Winn, Jacob (i1736), b.1744-d.1809
Winn, Sarah (i4950), b.1746-

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