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Topsham, Maine Family of James Wilson

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May 28, 2003

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Alexander, Wilson

First Generation

1. James1 Wilson (#9045) birth date unknown.

He emigrated from Ulster, Ireland in 1719.(1) James settled with his family among a colony of Scotch-Irish immigrants in Topsham, Maine about 1719.(2)

Wheeler, in his subchapter Family Histories - "Wilson," says "A James Wilson was called(3) the father of Hugh, and so was probably father of Robert, Samuel, William, Alexander, and Jane, who m. William Alexander of Topsham, afterwards of Harpswell." All were called "early settlers of Topsham." Also among those early settlers was Thomas Wilson, who, "according to family tradition, was of no relation to others of the name."

James Wilson had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Jennet2 Wilson (James1)(5) (#9043) was born circa 1706.(6)

She married William Alexander.(7) (William Alexander is #9042.) William was born circa 1706.(8) William(9) was the son of David Alexander.

Jennet Wilson and William Alexander had the following children:

Third Generation

8. David3 Alexander (Jennet2 Wilson, James1) (#9701) was born in 1737.

He married Anna Ewing after Nov. 26, 1761 (int. date). (Anna Ewing is #9702.) Anna was born around 1737 (if same age as spouse). (Additional notes for Anna Ewing(12))

November 26, 1761 David registered his intent to marry Anna Ewing.(13)

David Alexander and Anna Ewing had the following children:

9. James3 Alexander (Jennet2 Wilson, James1) (#252) was born circa 1739.

He married Martha Mustard after May 6, 1757 (int. date) in North Yarmouth, Maine. (Martha Mustard is #253.) Martha was born about 1739 (if same age as spouse). Martha(24) was the daughter of William Mustard. She resided in Topsham, Maine prior to her marriage.

May 6, 1757 in North Yarmouth, Maine James registered his intent to marry Martha Mustard.(25)

James Alexander and Martha Mustard had the following children:

10. John3 Alexander (Jennet2 Wilson, James1) (#9709) was born in Maine probably before 1743.

He married Elizabeth Clark after Jan. 22, 1768 (int. date). (Elizabeth Clark is #9710.) Elizabeth was born probably before 1751.

January 22, 1768 in Harpswell, Cumberland Co, ME John registered his intent to marry Elizabeth Clark.(36)

John Alexander and Elizabeth Clark had the following children:

11. Hugh3 Alexander (Jennet2 Wilson, James1) (#9589) was born in North Yarmouth, Maine March 21, 1750.(46) Hugh died May 8, 1807 at 57 years of age.(47) Hugh was buried at Old Common Burying Ground a.k.a. Old Meeting House Cem. in Harpswell, Cumberland Co, ME.(48) "Under these clods my body lies, In hope my flesh doth rest; When here you look, learn to be wise, Live so you may be blest."

He married twice. He married Catharine Ewing March 25, 1773 in Harpswell, Cumberland Co, ME.(49) (Catharine Ewing is #9599.) Catharine was born in 1752.(50) (Additional notes for Catharine Ewing(51)) Catharine died January 1, 1788 at 35 years of age.(52) Catharine was buried at Old Common Burying Ground a.k.a. Old Meeting House Cem. in Harpswell, Cumberland Co, ME.(53) He married Hannah Dunning.(54) (Hannah Dunning is #9723.) Hannah was born around 1750 (if same age as spouse).

Conflicting evidence states that Hugh was born March 28, 1750.(55) January 18, 1773 in Harpswell, Cumberland Co, ME Hugh registered his intent to marry Catharine Ewing.(56)

Hugh Alexander had the following children:

Hugh Alexander and Catharine Ewing had the following child:

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Alexander, Abigail (i9591), b.1765-
Alexander, Anna (i9706), b.1769-
Alexander, Benjamin (i9722), b.1790-
Alexander, Betsey (i9718), b.1774-
Alexander, Catherine (i9592), b.1769-
Alexander, David (i9701), b.1737-
Alexander, David (i9705), b.1767-d.1818
Alexander, David (i9712), b.1771-
Alexander, Elisha (i9593), b.1770-
Alexander, Elizabeth (i9594), b.1764-
Alexander, Ezekiel (i9714), b.1775-d.1837
Alexander, Henry (i9715), b.1777-d.1854
Alexander, Hugh (i9589), b.1750-d.1807
Alexander, Hugh (i9720), b.1781-
Alexander, Isaac (i9707), b.1774-d.1851
Alexander, Isabella (i9708), b.1774-d.1829
Alexander, James (i252), b.1739-
Alexander, James (i9747), b.1762-
Alexander, Jennet (i9595), b.1760-d.1766
Alexander, John (i9596), b.1758-
Alexander, John (i9709), b.1743-
Alexander, John (i9711), b.1769-d.1854
Alexander, Joseph (i9597), b.1773-
Alexander, Joseph (i9704), b.1765-
Alexander, Joseph (i9721), b.1784-
Alexander, Josiah (i9716), b.1779-
Alexander, Margaret (i9717), b.1772-d.1829
Alexander, Martha (i9713), b.1772-
Alexander, Martha (i9719), b.1779-
Alexander, Samuel (i9590), b.1754-
Alexander, William (i9598), b.1767-
Alexander, William (i9703), b.1762-
Alexander, William (marriage to Jennet Wilson) (i9042), b.1706-


Clark, Elizabeth (marriage to John Alexander) (i9710), b.1751-
Clark, Rosanna (marriage to Samuel Alexander) (i9724), b.1754-


Dunning, Hannah (marriage to Hugh Alexander) (i9723), b.1750-


Ewing, Anna (marriage to David Alexander) (i9702), b.1737-
Ewing, Catharine (marriage to Hugh Alexander) (i9599), b.1752-d.1788


Mustard, Martha (marriage to James Alexander) (i253), b.1739-


Wilson, Alexander (i9606), b.1736-
Wilson, Hugh (i9603), b.1729-
Wilson, James (i9045)
Wilson, Jennet (i9043), b.1706-
Wilson, Robert (i9602), b.1727-
Wilson, Samuel (i9604), b.1732-
Wilson, William (i9605), b.1734-

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