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Richard Wilder of Shiplake

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Ensign, Shepard, Wilder

First Generation

1. RichardB Wilder (#11980) was born before 1560. Richard died after 24 April 1596 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England, at approximately 36 years of age.

He married Alice (Wilder) probably before 1577.(1) (Alice (Wilder) is #11981.) Alice died after 1595/6 in perhaps, Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England. 24 April 1596 Alice was named In Richard Wilder's will in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England as executor of the estate.(2)

Richard Wilder wrote his will 24 April 1596 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England.(3) He named his wife Alice and his son Thomas as executors. He made bequests to his son Richard and his daughters, Alice and Elizabeth. To his son Thomas, he left property located in the parish of Mapledurham, about six miles west of Shiplake.

Richard's estate was probated 12 June 1596 in Archdeacon Court, Oxford, England.(4)

Richard Wilder and Alice (Wilder) had the following children:

Second Generation

2. ThomasA Wilder (RichardB) (#5990) was born probably before 1578.(11) Thomas died late in 1618/19 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England, at 41 years of age.

He married Martha Keene January 1, 1606 in St. Mary, Reading, Berkshire, England.(12) (Martha Keene is #5991.) Martha was born before 1591. (Additional notes for Martha Keene(13)) Martha died April 20, 1652 in Hingham, New Plymouth Colony, at 61 years of age.(14) Martha was buried April 22, 1652 in Hingham, New Plymouth Colony.(15) In Thomas Wilder's will written January 3, 1618/19 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England, Martha was named as his wife and executrix.(16) She disposed of her husband's holdings in Shiplake by deed in 1620 and 1621. How she was maintained thereafter has not been discovered.(17)

In 1638, she determined to move to New England, coming with her daughter Mary. It has been speculated that she intended to join her presumed children, Elizabeth and Edward Wilder, who apparently had preceded them. The ship's passenger list has been preserved.

"Martha Wild'r of Shiplocke in Oxfords'r spinster" and "Mary Wild'r her Daughter" appear on "The List of the Names of the Passeng'rs Intended for New England in the good shipp the Confidence of London of CC. tonnes, John Jobson, M'r. And thus by vertue of the Lord Treas'rs warr't of the xj'th of Aprill, 1638. Southampton, 24 Aprill, 1638."

This list is divided by the author of the article in which it was published (NEHGR V.14) into sections by families; three family groups from "Go'n'sham in Oxon" surround the Wilder party. In each section a relationship is specified, such as "children" or "servants." No such relationships are noted in the Wilder section, and the others in that group have no town of origin named. Those included were Augustin Bearce age 20, John Keene 17, Martha Keene 60, Eliza: Keene 13, and Martha, Josias, and Sara Keene whose ages were not reported. It is this association with the Keene family, combined with the marriage record in Reading, which leads the present author to his assignment of Martha's surname.

No mention of any of these Keenes has been found in New England records before 1659, when a John Keene, seaman, was listed. Perhaps they perished soon of disease, or returned to England; perhaps they just missed the boat.

Rev. Moses Wilder, and his successor, Dr. Edwin Wilder, cite family traditions relating the immigrants Thomas and Edward Wilder as brothers. Both authors offer the conjecture that Martha Wilder had sent two sons and a daughter to New England, with friends, before her departure with her remaining daughter. No document has been found to support this speculation, which may well be dismissed if the will of Thomas Wilder of Shiplake is considered to be that of the husband of this Martha who immigrated to Massachusetts.

Thomas was bequeathed six acres in Mapledurham in the will of his father written 24 April 1596 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England.(18) In Richard Wilder's will written 24 April 1596 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England, Thomas was named as his son and executor.(19) He had a lease of land in the parish of Shiplake, in Oxfordshire. In 1613, he made a declaration of the use of his land; the manuscript is preserved in the Bodleian Library.(20)

Thomas Wilder wrote his will 3rd January 1618/9 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England.(21) He made bequests to his wife, Martha, his sons, Isaac, Mathew, and Abraham, his daughters Elizabeth and Mary, "the child my wife now" [carries], his brother Richard, and his sisters Alice Wilder and Elizabeth Wilder. It was proved by the executrix, his wife, Martha.

Thomas's estate was probated April 1619 in Archdeacon Court, Oxford, England.(22)

Thomas Wilder and Martha Keene had the following children:

Third Generation

6. Elizabeth1 Wilder (ThomasA, RichardB)(30) (#2995) was born in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England before 1619. Elizabeth died 1688 in probably, Marshfield, MA, at 69 years of age.

She married Thomas Ensign January 17, 1638/9 in Plymouth Colony.(31) (Thomas Ensign is #2994.) Thomas was born before April 15, 1599 (chr. date) in Rye, Sussex, England. Thomas(32) was the son of Thomas Ensinge and Constance Pilcher. Thomas died 1663 in Duxbury, Plymouth Co, MA, at 64 years of age. He was christened April 15, 1599 in Rye, Sussex, England.(33) Thomas's estate was probated June 9, 1664 in General Court, Plymouth Colony.(34)

Some authors have given him another daughter, Elizabeth, said to have married Nicholas Wade, but no such name appears in the wills of Thomas Sr. and Jr. As mentioned in TAG 61:47, the author Mary Lovering Holman has convincingly argued that Nicholas Wade actually married Elizabeth Hanford.

In Thomas Wilder's will written January 3, 1618/19 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England, Elizabeth was named as his daughter, not yet of legal age.(35) Dr. Edwin Wilder has pointed out that she married two months after her presumed mother's arrival in New England.

Elizabeth Wilder and Thomas Ensign had the following children:

11. Edward1 Wilder (ThomasA, RichardB) (#1790) was born in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England circa 1619. He is presumed to have been "the child that my wife now ..." mentioned in the will of his father. Edward died October 28, 1690 in probably, Hingham, MA, at 71 years of age. Mr. George Lincoln says he was "stricken suddenly with malignant fever."

He married Elizabeth Eames circa 1652 in probably, Hingham, MA.(36) (Elizabeth Eames is #1791.) Elizabeth was born before June 13, 1624 (chr. date) in Fordington, Dorsetshire, England. Elizabeth was the daughter of Anthony Eames and Margery Pierce. Elizabeth died June 9, 1692 in probably, Hingham, MA, at 67 years of age. She was christened June 13, 1624 in Fordington, Dorsetshire, England.(37)

In Thomas Wilder's will written January 3, 1618/19 in Shiplake, Oxfordshire, England, Edward may have been mentioned as "the child my wife now carries".(38) Mr. George Lincoln wrote that Edward received a grant of land in Hingham "containing ten acres, the 8th of Oct. 1637, 'in a place as convenient as can be discovered.' He subsequently received other grants from the town, including a tract situated next to that given to his mother, the widow Martha Wilder, in 1638, which was located at or near the junction of Main and Pleasant Sts., and inc. the est. now" (1893) "owned by heirs of Fearing Loring, deceased. He also owned all the land between Tower's Bridge and Wilder's Bridge ..."(39)

Rev. Moses Wilder wrote that he had been "associated with his mother in business relations until her death in 1652." Rev. Wilder notes that he was made a freeman in 1645, and suggests his birth year was 1624, based on the presumed age of twenty one then.

16 May 1664 he sold to John Tower 5 acres given by the town "unto Martha Wilder, my mother" in Hingham, New Plymouth Colony.(40)

Traditions of the family of Edward Wilder are found in a letter written by his great grandson, Edwin Wilder of Hingham, which Rev. Wilder quoted in his book. Edwin opined that all of the Wilders in Hingham, and in the state of Massachusetts, descended from Edward, except for those of a family in Lancaster (descendants of Thomas), "and we do not know of any relationship between us and them."(41)

Edward Wilder and Elizabeth Eames had the following children:

Fourth Generation

12. Hannah2 Ensign (Elizabeth1 Wilder, ThomasA, RichardB) (#1497) was born in Hingham, New Plymouth Colony before July 6, 1640 (chr. date). Hannah died March 14, 1697/8 in probably, Milton, MA, at 57 years of age.(43)

She married Thomas Shepard November 19, 1658 in Malden, MA.(44) (Thomas Shepard is #1496.) Thomas was born circa 1636 in Dedham, MA. Thomas was the son of Ralph Shepard and Thanklord Perkins. Thomas died September 29, 1719 in probably, Milton, MA, at 83 years of age. The Shepard Families of New England Vol. I, "Ralph Shepard of Dedham", (1971), proves his parents by a deed in Middlesex County land records Book 14, pp.562-64, between Wm and Walter Power, sons of Trial Shepard, and "their two cousins vizt. Ralph Shepard and Jacob Shepard", of which the only two such were the sons of this Thomas. Thomas' gravestone at Milton says he died in his 87th year. This was apparently an exaggeration, as he wasn't on the 1635 ship that brought his parents. He testified at Ipswitch in 1684 that he was about age 48.

She was christened July 6, 1640 in Hingham, New Plymouth Colony.(45)

Hannah Ensign and Thomas Shepard had the following children:

19. John2 Wilder (Edward1, ThomasA, RichardB) (#1792) was born in Hingham, New Plymouth Colony circa 1653. John died April 11, 1724 in Hingham, Plymouth Co, MA, at 70 years of age.

He married Rebecca Doggett November 30, 1675 in Marshfield, MA.(46) (Rebecca Doggett is #1793.) Rebecca was born July 29, 1655 in Marshfield, MA. Rebecca was the daughter of Thomas Doggett and Joane (Chillingsworth). Rebecca died October 4, 1728 in Hingham, New Plymouth Colony, at 73 years of age.

John Wilder and Rebecca Doggett had the following child:

Notes and References

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(Shepard), Mary (marriage to Ralph Shepard) (i749), b.1665-


(Wilder), Alice (marriage to Richard Wilder) (i11981), d.1596


Blanchard, Hannah (marriage to Thomas Shepard) (i2465), b.1670-
Blanchard, Joseph (marriage to Hannah Shepard) (i2466), b.1653-d.1694


Chickering, Mercy (marriage to Jacob Shepard) (i2473), b.1668-d.1731


Clark, William, of Plymouth (marriage to Abia Wilder) (i4231)


Curtis, Rebecca (marriage to David Shepard) (i2471), b.1675-


Doggett, Rebecca (marriage to John Wilder) (i1793), b.1655-d.1728


Eames, Elizabeth (marriage to Edward Wilder) (i1791), b.1624-d.1692


Ensign, Hannah (i1497), b.1640-d.1698
Ensign, Sarah (i1644), b.1640-d.1664
Ensign, Thomas (marriage to Elizabeth Wilder) (i2994), b.1599-d.1663


Fearing, Israel (marriage to Elizabeth Wilder) (i4221), b.1644-d.1693


Ford, Mary (marriage to Jabez Wilder) (i4229), d.1748


Fuller, Elizabeth (marriage to Isaac Shepard) (i2475), b.1680-d.1761


Keene, Martha (marriage to Thomas Wilder) (i5991), b.1591-d.1652


Lane, Mary (marriage to Ephraim Wilder) (i7325), b.1700-


LeBaron, Francis (marriage to Mary Wilder) (i4228), b.1668-d.1704


Pierce, Persis (marriage to John Shepard) (i2469), b.1669-d.1748


Shepard, David (i2470), b.1671-
Shepard, Hannah (i2467), b.1662-
Shepard, Isaac (i2474), b.1682-d.1724
Shepard, Jacob (i2472), b.1674-d.1718
Shepard, John (i2468), b.1669-d.1691
Shepard, Ralph (i748), b.1665-d.1722
Shepard, Thomas (i2464), b.1660-d.1726
Shepard, Thomas (marriage to Hannah Ensign) (i1496), b.1636-d.1719


Underwood, Joseph (marriage to Mary Wilder) (i3180), b.1614-


Wait, Return (marriage to Mary Wilder) (i4230), b.1678-d.1751


Warren, Joseph (marriage to Mehitabel Wilder) (i4227), b.1657-


Wilder, Abia (i4223)
Wilder, Abigail (i4224)
Wilder, Abraham (i3115), b.1619-
Wilder, Alice (i2841), b.1596-d.1619
Wilder, Anna (i4225), b.1664-
Wilder, Edward (i1790), b.1619-d.1690
Wilder, Elizabeth (i2842), d.1619
Wilder, Elizabeth (i2995), b.1619-d.1688
Wilder, Elizabeth (i4216), b.1652-
Wilder, Ephraim (i4222), b.1655-
Wilder, Ephraim (i7324), b.1696-
Wilder, Hannah (i4226), b.1665-
Wilder, Isaac (i3113), b.1619-
Wilder, Isaac (i4217)
Wilder, Jabez (i4220), b.1658-
Wilder, John (i1792), b.1653-d.1724
Wilder, Mary (i3181), b.1619-d.1658
Wilder, Mary (i4219), b.1668-
Wilder, Mathew (i3114), b.1619-
Wilder, Mehitabel (i4218)
Wilder, Richard (i2840), d.1619
Wilder, Richard (i11980), b.1560-d.1596
Wilder, Thomas (i5990), b.1578-d.1619

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