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Numerous printed genealogies have shown the American descent from various Wilder immigrants, and have presented an English ancestry of the immigrants. I've prepared a bibliography of books relating to the Wilder family. The focus of my research has been upon the English ancestry. You'll have to look in those books for information about all but the earliest Wilders in America. Questions about American descendants of the immigrants can be emailed to one of those authors who's in the Roots Surname List, Dr. Donald R. Davis.

Many previous genealogical studies of the ancestry of the Wilder colonial immigrants have been based upon speculative conclusions reached in the 19th century without reference to historical documents. I'm writing an essay that describes some of these early efforts, and suggests what may have caused them to go astray. This initial draft of Wilders Revisited will continue to be updated as I find the time.

The actual forefather of the immigrant Wilders who settled in Hingham, Massachusetts, was Richard Wilder of Shiplake. I've put up here his descendants through four generations.

No document has been discovered that would connect the other early immigrant, Thomas Wilder of Lancaster, Massachusetts, to any other branch of the family.

I've looked at all of the wills of Wilders recorded in Berkshire and Oxfordshire before 1650, as well as those parish registers that survived the English Civil War. I've found no clue as to the real ancestry of either Roger Wilder of the Mayflower or Thomas Wilder of Lancaster. As for Thomas, there are many of that name in the records, making it hard to identify his family. As for Roger, only one was found, but no connection to the Mayflower pilgrims has been discovered.

I've put together a descent report from John Wyldar of Sulham to the later Wilders of Sulham who corresponded with the early American Wilder researchers.

The remainder of my research among English records of Berkshire and Oxfordshire is presented in two reports in which the documented residents of those counties are loosely tied together. See Wilders of Berkshire and Wilders of Oxfordshire

For reference, I've prepared a page with the Legendary Descent from Nicholas Wilder as presented by Rev. Moses Wilder and his successors.

All of these pages are linked together through a surname list that links into a combined every name index of all the reports.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name of our common ancestor, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line.

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