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Some Descendants of Thomas Whitehead

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March 15, 1998

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Arrowood, Whitehead

First Generation

1. Thomas1 Whitehead birth date unknown.

He married Elizabeth Oaks.

Thomas Whitehead and Elizabeth Oaks had the following child:

Second Generation

2. James K.2 Whitehead (Thomas1) was born in Carter Co, TN January 27, 1840.(2) James died March 29, 1872 in Happy Valley, Blount Co, TN, at age 32.(3) His body was interred at Boone Cemetery in Happy Valley, Blount Co, TN.(4)

He married Frances (Fanny) Arrowood January 29, 1860 in Mitchell Co, NC.(5) Frances was born January 29, 1840 in Yancey Co, NC. See her father's family for more information. Frances was the daughter of John Arrowood and Frances (Fanny) Barrett.

Frances died March 28, 1935 in Rasar, Blount Co, TN, at age 95.(6) Her body was interred at Boone Cemetery in Happy Valley, Blount Co, TN.(7) Frances applied for a military pension June 14, 1872 in Blount Co, TN.(8) In the 1880 Census, Frances was listed as a head of household 1880 in Blount Co, TN. She was listed as John Granville Whitehead's mother in the 1900 Census in Blount Co, TN.

In the Census of 1860, James was listed as a head of household in Fork Mountain, Yancey Co, NC.(9) He was listed as a neighbor of John Arrowood in the Census of 1860 in Yancey Co, NC.(10) December 7, 1863, John enlisted in the 6th Indiana Cavalry Regiment, serving until after the end of the war in Companies A and F. During his service he contracted dysentery, which left him debilitated until the end of his life.

In the Census of 1870, James was listed as a head of household in Greeneville, Greene Co, TN.(11)

James K. Whitehead and Frances (Fanny) Arrowood had the following children:

Third Generation

3. John Granville3 Whitehead (James K.2, Thomas1) was born in Big Rock Creek, Yancey Co, NC November 8, 1860.(24)

He married Cynthia Smith.

In the 1900 Census, John was listed as a head of household 1900 in Blount Co, TN.

John Granville Whitehead and Cynthia Smith had the following children:

4. Sarah Elizabeth Ellen3 Whitehead (James K.2, Thomas1) was born in Crab Orchard, Carter Co, TN April 27, 1862.(25)

She married Henry C. Arrowood. Henry was born May 1855 in probably, Madison Co, NC. Henry was the son of James Arrowood and Lavicia Hunter. Henry died 1918 at age 63. In the 1900 Census, Henry was listed as a head of household 11 June 1900 in Blount Co, TN.(26)

Sarah Elizabeth Ellen Whitehead and Henry C. Arrowood had the following children:

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Arrowood, Albert O. (i3080), b.1888-
Arrowood, Fannie E. (i3100), b.1895-
Arrowood, Frances (Fanny) (marriage to James K. Whitehead) (i770), b.1840-d.1935
Arrowood, Henry C. (marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Ellen Whitehead) (i1991), b.1855-d.1918
Arrowood, James S. (i3092), b.1890-


Boone, William M. (marriage to Fanny Theodora Whitehead) (i3072), b.1863-


Hearon, Gilbert G. (marriage to Nancy Virginia Catherine Whitehead) (i3079)


Marine, Joseph (marriage to Mary Belle Whitehead) (i3077)


Oaks, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Whitehead) (i5207)


Potter, Sarah Caroline (marriage to Solomon Thomas Whitehead) (i3075), b.1867-d.1944


Smith, Cynthia (marriage to John Granville Whitehead) (i3064)


Whitehead, Charles A. (i3068), b.1894-
Whitehead, Daniel S. (i3066), b.1890-
Whitehead, Fanny Theodora (i3071), b.1864-
Whitehead, James K. (i2126), b.1840-d.1872
Whitehead, John Granville (i3063), b.1860-
Whitehead, Mary (marriage to Solomon Thomas Whitehead) (i3074)
Whitehead, Mary Belle (i3076), b.1868-
Whitehead, Matilda A. (i3065), b.1888-
Whitehead, Nancy L. (i3067), b.1892-
Whitehead, Nancy Virginia Catherine (i3078), b.1871-
Whitehead, Sarah Elizabeth Ellen (i3070), b.1862-
Whitehead, Solomon Thomas (i3073), b.1866-d.1938
Whitehead, Thomas (i5206)

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