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Jethro Ward and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.7
MARCUM Project Version 851
May 23, 1999

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First Generation

1. Jethro1 Ward (#4557) was born in North Carolina 15 Sept 1835. Jethro died 29 June 1918 at age 82. His remains were interred at Bethel Baptist Cemetery in McDowell Co, NC.(1)

He married twice. He married Mary (Ward) 12 Dec 1866 in Rutherford Co, NC. (Mary (Ward) is #1693.) Mary was born 17 April 1844 in North Carolina. It has been proven that Mary Arrowood, daughter of Benjamin W. Arrowood, was not this Mary, but rather the wife of John William Canipe.

Mary died 2 Feb 1881 at age 36. Her remains were interred at Bethel Baptist Cemetery in McDowell Co, NC.(2) He married Sarah E. Radford before 1883. (Sarah E. Radford is #6349.) Sarah was born 11 March 1854 in North Carolina. Sarah died 7 April 1924 at age 70. Her remains were interred at Bethel Baptist Cemetery in McDowell Co, NC.(3)

In the Census of 1870, Jethro was listed as a head of household in McDowell Co, NC.(4) In the 1880 Census, Jethro was listed as a head of household 11 June 1880 in McDowell Co, NC.(5) In the 1900 Census, Jethro was listed as a head of household 9 June 1900 in McDowell Co. NC.(6)

Jethro Ward and Mary (Ward) had the following children:

Jethro Ward and Sarah E. Radford had the following children:

Notes and References

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(Ward), Lena W. (marriage to Marcus M. Ward) (i6359), b.1877-
(Ward), Mary (marriage to Jethro Ward) (i1693), b.1844-d.1881


Causby, Cora (marriage to James Melger Ward) (i6360)


Radford, Sarah E. (marriage to Jethro Ward) (i6349), b.1854-d.1924


Ward, Benjamin F. (i6356), b.1893-
Ward, Burgis W. (i6350), b.1883-
Ward, Ella (i6355), b.1891-
Ward, Fanny (i6358), b.1898-
Ward, Hesikiah (i6352), b.1884-
Ward, James Melger (i6354), b.1889-d.1966
Ward, Jethro (i4557), b.1835-d.1918
Ward, John A. (i6344), b.1870-
Ward, Julia E. (i6345), b.1871-
Ward, Luther (i6849), b.1881-d.1881
Ward, Marcus M. (i6347), b.1876-
Ward, Martha M. (i6353), b.1887-
Ward, Obediah (i6351), b.1884-
Ward, Pary C. (i6357), b.1895-
Ward, Sophia A. (i6346), b.1873-
Ward, Thomas L. (i6348), b.1878-
Ward, William D. (i6343), b.1868-

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