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Ralph Clark's Turner Genealogy Page

I'm a descendant of Humphrey Turner, the colonial immigrant to Massachusetts. My line is Humphrey -> young John -> Japhet -> Joshua -> Joshua -> Jesse -> Luther -> Luther -> Flora (who married Robert Gillmor in Colorado in 1871.)

In my research in original sources, I've discovered the ancestry of Humphrey's wife Lydia Gaymer. Every English record I've found concerning that couple has been in the county of Essex. I view with great suspicion any speculation about a mythical father of Humphrey described as "John Turner of Kent." I know from correspondence with one of the nice ladies who entered that name into the LDS records that she just made him up, based entirely on the fact that Humphrey had two sons named John. If anybody knows of an actual document identifying the father of Humphrey Turner, I'd really like to hear about it.

I've put up here a documented report of six generations of some of the descendants of Humphrey Turner. Separately, there is a report of the ancestry of Lydia Gaymer.

There is also a report of the ancestry of Joshua Turner Jr., 5th generation in my descent above, giving additional information about the Hudson, Perry, and Rogers families.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name of our common ancestor, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line. And I'll be happy to receive reports of any errors you may find.

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