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James Trotter and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
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November 23, 2002

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First Generation

1. James1 Trotter (#9709) was born in Ireland in 1717. James died in 1807 in Paris, Bourbon Co, KY, at 90 years of age.

He married Mary (Trotter). (Mary (Trotter) is #9710.) Mary was born in 1715 in Ireland. Mary died in 1811 in Bourbon Co, KY, at 96 years of age.

James Trotter and Mary (Trotter) had the following children:

Second Generation

2. John2 Trotter (James1) (#9704) was born in Virginia probably before 1745. John died before Oct. 17, 1794 (probate) in Scott Co, KY, at approximately 49 years of age.

He married Agnes (Trotter). (Agnes (Trotter) is #9705.) Agnes was born probably before 1745. In John Trotter's will written February 1, 1794 in Scott Co, KY, Agnes was named as his wife and executrix. Agnes was the executor of John Trotter's estate October 17, 1794 in Scott Co, KY. In 1800 Agnes's name was on a tax roll in Scott Co, KY. Agnes (Trotter) wrote her will December 19, 1822 in Jefferson Co, IN.(1) She made a will December 19, 1822 in Jefferson Co, IN.

John Trotter wrote his will February 1, 1794 in Scott Co, KY.(2) He made a will February 1, 1794 in Scott Co, KY. John's estate was probated October 17, 1794 in Scott Co, KY.

John Trotter and Agnes (Trotter) had the following children:

Notes and References

1. Naomi Keith Sexton, ed., "Jefferson County Will Book B - 1822-1827," The Hoosier Journal of Ancestry, Vol. 9, No. 1 (Jan 1982), p. 26. cites Will Book p. 64, will recorded, abstracted in the article (hereafter cited as 1822 will abstract, Agnes Trotter); and Jefferson Co. IN, Probate Book Book B, p. 64, 19 Dec 1822 will of Agnes Trotter of Jefferson Co. IN: See transcript (hereafter cited as 1822 will, Agnes Trotter).
2. Scott Co. KY, Probate Book p. 100, 1 Feb (1794) will of John Trotter of Scott Co. KY: See transcript (hereafter cited as 1794 will, John Trotter).



(Trotter), Agnes (marriage to John Trotter) (i9705), b.1745-
(Trotter), Mary (marriage to James Trotter) (i9710), b.1715-d.1811
(Trotter), Nancy (marriage to Joseph Trotter) (i9712), b.1745-


Alexander, Mr. (marriage to Mary Trotter) (i9707), b.1774-


Carmichael, Isabella (marriage to Alexander Trotter) (i9768), b.1777-
Carmichael, Jane (marriage to Joseph Trotter) (i9766), b.1777-


Keller, Margaret (marriage to William Trotter) (i9758), b.1750-


McConal, John (marriage to Agnes Trotter) (i9764), b.1773-


McNutt, Alexander (marriage to Margaret Trotter) (i9756), b.1776-


Scott, Sarah (marriage to George Trotter) (i9715), b.1766-


Sebree, Sarah (marriage to Robert Moore Trotter) (i9761), b.1782-


Trotter, Agnes (i9763), b.1777-
Trotter, Alexander (i9767), b.1774-d.1795
Trotter, David (i9717), b.1767-
Trotter, Elizabeth (i9759), b.1785-d.1825
Trotter, George (i9714), b.1766-
Trotter, James (i9709), b.1717-d.1807
Trotter, James (i9713), b.1753-d.1827
Trotter, Jane (i9762)
Trotter, John (i9704), b.1745-d.1794
Trotter, Joseph (i9711), b.1745-d.1808
Trotter, Joseph (i9765), b.1773-
Trotter, Margaret (i9708), b.1780-d.1863
Trotter, Mary (i9706), b.1774-
Trotter, Robert Moore (i9760), b.1782-
Trotter, Samuel (i9716), b.1766-
Trotter, Samuel (i9769), b.1782-d.1844
Trotter, William (i9757), b.1750-d.1797

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