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A note to correspondents: Some correspondents have written to me and have identified a particular individual by his position number in the report or his generation number, e.g., 33 i Stephen 4. Unfortunately, such numbers are subject to variation if children are added to earlier generations. Therefore, I have added my database index number to the first mention of every individual in the reports. This appears as, e.g., (#1234) after the name. This number is permanent, and can reliably be used in correspondence. This number also appears in the combined index of reports with each individual. That source can be used for those reports that I have not yet updated with the new feature.

Tilden Ancestry

The ancestry of the immigrant Nathaniel Tilden is well documented. I've chosen to present it here as a series of descents from the remote ancestors, linked throught the pedigree of my particular Tilden ancestress, Nathaniel's daughter Mary Tilden. The chart stops with the first generation that indicates the connection. The link leads to the ancestry of the subject.

Some may be curious about the ancestry of New York Governor Samuel Jones TILDEN.

The purpose of this arrangement is to reduce the size of the web pages. If you want the whole pedigree in one 70KB page, use the link from Mary TILDEN.

            + 4 Thomas TILDEN
      + 2 Nathaniel TILDEN (see his family in the report of his father)
      |                |
      |                +--------------------------- Some other children
      |                                             of Nathaniel Tilden
      |     + 5 Alice BIGGE
 1 ii. Mary TILDEN
      |                                               v. Joseph TILDEN
      |     + 6 Stephen HUCKSTEP
      |     |                                       vii. Thomas TILDEN
      + 3 Lydia HUCKSTEP
            |                                       xii. Stephen TILDEN
            + 7 Winifred HATCH

I've prepared a bibliography of books and articles relating to these families.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name of our common ancestor, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line.

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