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Some Descendants of Solomon Ross

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.5c
MARCUM Project Version 659
March 15, 1998

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First Generation

1. Solomon1 Ross was born in Ireland.

Solomon Ross had the following child:

Second Generation

2. Jessie Hilton2 Ross (Solomon1) was born 1 July 1811.(2) Jessie died Jan 1881 at age 69.(3)

He married Nancy Arrowood. Nancy was born 22 Feb 1833 in North Carolina.(4) See her father's family for more information. Nancy was the daughter of John Arrowood and Frances (Fanny) Barrett.

Nancy died 1 Feb 1911 in Greene Co, TN, at age 77.(5) In the 1900 Census, Nancy was listed as a head of household 8 June 1900 in Greene Co, TN.(6)

Jessie Hilton Ross and Nancy Arrowood had the following children:

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Arrowood, Nancy (marriage to Jessie Hilton Ross) (i767), b.1833-d.1911


Johnson, William Henry (marriage to Sarah Ross) (i3369)


Jones, William Borem (marriage to Fannie Elizabeth Ross) (i3367)


Ross, Fannie Elizabeth (i3366), b.1853-d.1945
Ross, George Washington (i3371)
Ross, Jessie Hilton (i3364), b.1811-d.1881
Ross, John (i3372)
Ross, Samuel (i3370)
Ross, Sarah (i3368)
Ross, Solomon (i3365)

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