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George Rogers and Descendants

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.5c
MARCUM Project Version 677
March 20, 1998

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Hunt, Rogers

First Generation

1. George1 Rogers was born in Virginia about 1740.(1) George died 1811 in Buncombe Co, NC, at age 71.

He married Elizabeth Lawson about 1760.(2) Elizabeth was born about 1740 in Charlottesville, VA.

George Rogers and Elizabeth Lawson had the following children:

Second Generation

2. William2 Rogers (George1) was born 1765. William died 1825 in Clay Co, KY, at age 60.(11)

He married Nancy Holcomb.(12) Nancy was born 1765 in North Carolina. Nancy died 1825 at age 60.(13)

He was the administrator of George Rogers's estate July 1811 in Buncombe Co, NC.(14) His co-administrator was John Barrett.

In the 1820 Census, William was listed as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(15)

William Rogers and Nancy Holcomb had the following child:

5. Mollie2 Rogers (George1) was born in North Carolina about 1773. Mollie died before 1836 at age unknown.(17)

She married Jonathan Hunt.(18) Jonathan was born 1769 in North Carolina.(19) Jonathan died after 1850 at age unknown.

Mollie Rogers and Jonathan Hunt had the following child:

Third Generation

8. John Martin3 Rogers (William2, George1) was born in North Carolina 1804.(25)

He married Levicia Barrett.(26) Levicia was born about 1805 in Kentucky.

In the Census of 1850, John was listed as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(27) He was a neighbor of John Barrett.

In the Census of 1860, John was listed as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(28)

John Martin Rogers and Levicia Barrett had the following children:

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Allen, Adoniram (marriage to Nancy Hunt) (i5683), b.1799-d.1852


Barrett, Levicia (marriage to John Martin Rogers) (i5679), b.1805-


Elkins, James (marriage to Leanor Rogers) (i5731), b.1777-


Holcomb, Nancy (marriage to William Rogers) (i5677), b.1765-d.1825


Hunt, Jonathan (marriage to Mollie Rogers) (i5681), b.1769-d.1850
Hunt, Nancy (i5682), b.1803-d.1886


Lawson, Elizabeth (marriage to George Rogers) (i5675), b.1740-


Oxford, Abel (marriage to Edith Rogers) (i5672), b.1780-d.1850


Robertson, Elizabeth (marriage to Bartlett Rogers) (i5728), b.1771-


Rogers, Andrew L. (i5726), b.1847-
Rogers, Bartlett (i5727), b.1771-d.1831
Rogers, David C. (i5722), b.1839-
Rogers, Edith (i5673), b.1783-
Rogers, Elizabeth (i5719), b.1831-
Rogers, George (i5674), b.1740-d.1811
Rogers, George (i5724), b.1843-
Rogers, Jacob (i5725), b.1845-
Rogers, John M. (i5723), b.1841-
Rogers, John Martin (i5678), b.1804-
Rogers, Leanor (i5730), b.1777-
Rogers, Mollie (i5680), b.1773-d.1836
Rogers, Nancy (i5721), b.1837-
Rogers, Nathaniel (i5729), b.1769-
Rogers, Sally (i5720), b.1833-
Rogers, William (i5676), b.1765-d.1825
Rogers, William (i5718), b.1830-

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