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John S. M. Robertson of Gallatin Co. KY

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Marcum, Richardson, Robertson

First Generation

1. John S. M.1 Robertson was born in Kentucky circa 1789.

He married Milly (Robertson). Milly was born circa 1785 in Pennsylvania.

In the Census of 1850, John was listed as a head of household in Gallatin Co, KY.(1)

John S. M. Robertson and Milly (Robertson) had the following children:

Second Generation

3. Nancy2 Robertson (John S. M.1)(3) was born in Kentucky circa 1815. Nancy died after 1880 in maybe, Montgomery Co, KS, or Missouri, at age unknown.

She married twice. She married Arthur Marcum before 9 December 1832 in Gallatin Co, KY.(4) Arthur was born before 1800. Arthur died circa 1839 in probably, Bartholomew Co, IN, at age unknown. She married John Richardson August 3, 1843 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(5) John was born August 1804 in Ohio.(6) (Additional notes for John Richardson(7)) John died February 1880 in Bartholomew Co, IN, at age 75. John applied for a marriage license to wed Nancy Robertson August 1, 1843 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(8)

He had been a farmer, but sometime around 1857, he became disabled, and thereafter was only rarely able to do any work to support his family. He died of pneumonia in February, 1880, at the age of sixty five.

She was listed as a resident in the census report 1840 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(9) Nancy applied for a marriage license to wed John Richardson August 1, 1843 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(10) In 1840, Nancy Markim was living in Rock Creek Township in Bartholomew County, where she would remain for at least forty years, with her young son, John, and four girls. The youngest would have been her daughter Emma, but thirty years later no other was mentioned when Nancy listed her children. Two of the girls were between five and nine years old, and one of the girls was above age ten. They were probably the children of Arthur Marcum by his first wife.

Every record of her children says that John was born in Kentucky in 1836 and Emma was born in Indiana around 1838, so the family must have moved from Kentucky before then. Why Nancy was in Rock Creek in 1840 hasn't been determined. No deed was registered in the name of Marcum to indicate that her late husband had settled there, so it's not known whether she had come to Bartholomew County with him, or for her own reason after his demise. None of Nancy's immediate neighbors were old enough to have been her father or uncle; she might have settled near a brother or sister.

She remarried in 1843, and had two more children. After her second husband became disabled around 1857, she and her young son worked a small rented farm for a while. Eventually her son Milton was the sole support of the family. After he died at the end of the Civil War, the neighbors made a loom for her, and she made a small income from weaving carpets. In 1871, she was granted a pension of eight dollars a month from Milton's war service, retroactive from his death. The application papers for that pension have provided most of the details known of her later life, and of her family.

Nancy Robertson and Arthur Marcum had the following children:

Nancy Robertson and John Richardson had the following children:

4. Rodger2 Robertson (John S. M.1) was born in Kentucky circa 1815.

He married Milly A. Knox. Milly was born circa 1820 in Kentucky. Milly was the daughter of Milly A. Knox.

In the Census of 1850, Rodger was listed as a head of household in Gallatin Co, KY.(24) He was listed as a neighbor of John S. M. Robertson in the Census of 1850 in Gallatin Co, KY.(25)

Rodger Robertson and Milly A. Knox had the following children:

5. Theophilus C.2 Robertson (John S. M.1) was born in Kentucky circa 1820.

He married Harriet (Robertson). Harriet was born circa 1822 in Kentucky.

In the Census of 1850, Theophilus was listed as a head of household in Gallatin Co, KY.(26) He was listed as a neighbor of John S. M. Robertson in the Census of 1850 in Gallatin Co, KY.(27)

Theophilus C. Robertson and Harriet (Robertson) had the following children:

6. William2 Robertson (John S. M.1) was born in Kentucky circa 1830.

He married Rebecca (Robertson). Rebecca was born circa 1827 in Kentucky.

He was listed as a household member of John S. M. Robertson's house in the Census of 1850 in Gallatin Co, KY.(28)

William Robertson and Rebecca (Robertson) had the following child:

Notes and References

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(Robertson), Elizabeth (marriage to James G. Robertson) (i5780), b.1820-
(Robertson), Harriet (marriage to Theophilus C. Robertson) (i5794), b.1822-
(Robertson), Milly (marriage to John S. M. Robertson) (i51), b.1785-
(Robertson), Rebecca (marriage to William Robertson) (i5782), b.1827-


Clarkson, Amanda C. (marriage to John Marcum) (i622), b.1847-


Day, Samuel (marriage to Emma Marcum) (i1113), b.1830-d.1878


Hall, Aaron (marriage to Emma Marcum) (i1128), b.1836-d.1899


Helton, John W. (marriage to Mary Sarilda Richardson) (i3314), b.1848-d.1872


Knox, Milly A. (marriage to Rodger Robertson) (i5785), b.1820-


Marcum, Arthur (marriage to Nancy Robertson) (i24), b.1800-d.1839
Marcum, Emma (i1111), b.1838-
Marcum, John (i12), b.1836-d.1912


Norton, Joshua (marriage to Mary Sarilda Richardson) (i2540), b.1840-


O'Neal, Amelia (Milley) M. (marriage to John Marcum) (i13), b.1844-d.1874


Richardson, John (marriage to Nancy Robertson) (i1218), b.1804-d.1880
Richardson, Mary Sarilda (i3315), b.1844-
Richardson, Milton I. (i2254), b.1849-d.1865


Robertson, Amanda T. (i5790), b.1846-
Robertson, Amelia (i5797), b.1848-
Robertson, Emiline J. (i5789), b.1845-
Robertson, James G. (i5779), b.1814-
Robertson, James L. (i5783), b.1849-
Robertson, John S. M. (i50), b.1789-
Robertson, John T. (i5787), b.1840-
Robertson, John T. (i5795), b.1845-
Robertson, Mary A. H. (i5791), b.1848-
Robertson, Nancy (i25), b.1815-d.1880
Robertson, Robert B. (i5792), b.1850-
Robertson, Rodger (i5784), b.1815-
Robertson, Sarah E. (i5796), b.1846-
Robertson, Theophilus C. (i5793), b.1820-
Robertson, William (i5781), b.1830-
Robertson, Willis P. (i5788), b.1842-

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