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Bigg of Cranbrook
Bigge of Benenden


Index of All My New England Surnames

Ewe can join the flock if you're among the
Descendants of James Luxford,
or any other scoundrel your great aunt
doesn't want to talk about.

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What I've done

I'm a descendant of Luther Turner Jr. of Maine. While trying to connect him to his ancestors and descendants, I've accumulated a database of New England colonists and their English ancestors, mostly before the year 1800.

Recently I've started this web site. I'm using my Roots V / Ultimate Family Tree genealogy program to produce reports from my database in HTML format, and putting those reports up here to share. And I do mean share - I maintain no proprietary interest in this data. If you like, when you download a page and find something interesting, feel free to save it on your computer to browse through at your leisure. If you want, put it up on your own web site!

I'm quite serious about that. If this information is my genealogical legacy, and if it's only here, it's written on sand. I say, the more beaches, the better!

What's here

During my study of New England families, I've discovered quite a few marriages and ancestors that I've never seen in print. I've written articles and put up some documented family histories here. Within the family histories, you'll find a surname list on the first page with links to a name list index of the article.

The names I've been working on include Ensign of Massachusetts, John Stodder of Hingham, Humphrey Turner/Lydia Gaymer, and Wilder of Massachusetts.

Additionally, there are major reports on the descent of these names: Bent, John Bigg of Cranbrook, Richard Bigge of Benenden, Brackett, Buck, Eames, Fenno, Hatch, Huckstep, Joyce, Lapham, Newcomb, and Tilden.

Additionally, there's an ancestry of Abigail Joyce (1705-1789) and one of Elisha Hawes (1746-1797) of Stoughton.

The combined index

I've prepared a combined index by copying the indexes from the end of each report into a single list. Once you find a name in the index, the link will pop you right to him in his page. There may be more than one entry in the index, if he's in more than one report. Check his record number, which looks like "(i1234)".

Links in the surname list will pop you into that group of names in the middle of the index.

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If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name and page, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line. And I'll be happy to receive reports of any errors you may find.

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