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James Mullins and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
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March 20, 1998

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First Generation

1. James1 Mullins was born in Kentucky circa 1836.

He married Malinda H. Barrett in maybe, Laurel Co, KY. Malinda was born circa 1843 in Yancey Co, NC. See her father's family for more information. Malinda was the daughter of John Barrett and Malinda Arrowood.

In the Census of 1860, James was listed as a head of household in Laurel Co, KY.(1)

James Mullins and Malinda H. Barrett had the following children:

Second Generation

4. James L. or T.2 Mullins (James1)(3) was born in Laurel Co, KY December 1865. James died at age unknown.

He married Artie Micha (Mullins) circa 1896 in probably, Laurel Co, KY.(4) Artie was born May 1877 in Kentucky. Artie died at age unknown.

James L. or T. Mullins had the following child:

James L. or T. Mullins and Artie Micha (Mullins) had the following children:

Notes and References

1. James Mullins, 1860 US Census, Laurel Co. KY, P.406 L.23, James Mullins 24 b.KY Farmer PE$250 col.13; Malinda H 19 b.NC; John 2/12 b.KY; William Barrett 89 b.VA col.13; Elizabeth 56 b.NC col.13 (hereafter cited as 1860 census, P.406 L.23, Laurel Co. KY).
2. 1900 census says they were married for 5 years
3. 1900 census Laurel Co. KY, E.D. 151, Pittsburgh Village. It appears that his family was counted twice. The author guesses that they were at home on the farm on sheet 5, but absent from the house on sheet 18. E.D.151 S.5 L.1 (5 June 1900) : Mullins James T w/m Dec 1865 34 m.[12 lined through, 4 written] b.KY fb.KY mb.KY Miner coal 1-YYY R-F 7; Artie M wife May 1876 23 m.4 2/2 KY KY KY; Ella M dau May 1897 3, James T son Aug 1899 9/12, Annie A dau Jun 1890 9, all ch. b.KY f,m.b.KY. E.D.151 S.18 L.85 (2 June 1900) : Mullins James w/m Dec 1866 33 m.4 b.KY fb.KY mb.NC Miner (coal) 0-YYY --H; Mich a wife --- 1877 23 m.4 2/2 KY KY KY; Annie A dau June 1890 9, May dau May 1898 3, Thomas son Sep 1899 8/12, all ch. KY KY KY.
4. 1900 census said they were married for 4 years



(Mullins), Artie Micha (marriage to James L. or T. Mullins) (i987), b.1877-
(Mullins), Martha (marriage to Hiram Mullins) (i986), b.1877-
(Mullins), Martha (marriage to Jesse Mullins) (i4089), b.1876-


Barrett, Malinda H. (marriage to James Mullins) (i2169), b.1843-


Mullins, Annie A. (i990), b.1890-
Mullins, Ella May (i989), b.1897-
Mullins, Hiram (i3122), b.1869-
Mullins, Jackson (i3126), b.1876-
Mullins, James (i402), b.1836-
Mullins, James L. or T. (i3118), b.1865-
Mullins, James Thomas (i988), b.1899-
Mullins, Jesse (i3120), b.1868-
Mullins, John (i3116), b.1860-
Mullins, May B. (i3125), b.1878-
Mullins, Melvina E. (i3117), b.1865-
Mullins, Minor (i3124), b.1873-

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