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Marcums and Markhams of Gallatin Co. KY

Ralph Dean Clark
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May 9, 1998

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Marcum, Markham, Markum

First Generation

1. Gallatin Co.1 Markham birth date unknown.

This is a collector for unconnected Markhams and Marcums who appear in the records of Gallatin County, Kentucky.

Gallatin Co. Markham had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Later Parent2 Marcum of Gallatin Co. KY (Gallatin Co.1 Markham) birth date unknown.

This guy might also be the father of Arthur Marcum, the author's great great grandfather. Which would make some of these Mrckms who appear in records around 1840 Arthur's brothers or sisters. Or, they might have all just wandered in from some other county.

Later Parent Marcum of Gallatin Co. KY had the following children:

Third Generation

4. Anderson3 Marcum (Later Parent2, Gallatin Co.1 Markham) was born in Carolina circa 1814.

He married Ruth Swango 1 August 1839 in Gallatin Co, KY.(7) Ruth was born circa 1826 in Kentucky.

1840 Anderson was taxed for one poll in Gallatin Co, KY.(8) In the Census of 1850, Anderson was listed as a head of household in Franklin Co, IN.(9)

Well, now, who's this?!? Surely not the Arthur Marcum whose widow Nancy appears in Bartholomew County, Indiana in 1840. Perhaps it's another John Arthur Marcum - there's a married John Marcum in Gallatin County in the 1840 census. Or was there, perhaps, an Archibald Marcum around?

Anderson Marcum and Ruth Swango had the following children:

7. William M.3 Markham (Later Parent2 Marcum, Gallatin Co.1 Markham) was born in Kentucky circa 1825.

He married Elizabeth (Markham). Elizabeth was born circa 1830 in Kentucky.

In the Census of 1850, William was listed as a head of household in Gallatin Co, KY.(10)

William M. Markham and Elizabeth (Markham) had the following child:

Notes and References

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(Markham), Elizabeth (marriage to William M. Markham) (i5752), b.1830-


Herron, Sally (marriage to Thomas S. Markum) (i5776), b.1825-


Jackson, George W. (marriage to Betsy Ann Marcum) (i5778), b.1823-


Marcum, Anderson (i5773), b.1814-
Marcum, Benjamin (i5799), b.1843-
Marcum, Betsy Ann (i5777), b.1826-
Marcum, Frances (i5798), b.1839-
Marcum, Horendas (i5800), b.1845-
Marcum, Later Parent, of Gallatin Co. KY (i48)
Marcum, Mary (i5801), b.1847-
Marcum, Sanford (i5802), b.1850-


Markham, Gallatin Co. (i96)
Markham, John (i5748), b.1770-
Markham, John W. (i5753), b.1850-
Markham, William M. (i5751), b.1825-


Markum, John (i4534), b.1815-
Markum, Thomas S. (i5775), b.1822-


Swango, Ruth (marriage to Anderson Marcum) (i5774), b.1826-

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