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While hunting for my gggf, who turned out to be Arthur of Gallatin County, I collected a lot of information about other Marcum and Markham families. I went so far as to extract all of the 1850 Kentucky census records of Marcums (from film, before the books came out!) Those, and marriage lists I've collected, will augment various printed genealogical articles that have tied those Marcums into families. So, eventually, I may put your Kentucky Marcum family up here. When I do, please send me email about your connection, and I'll be happy to put up a link to your web page or email address so your cousins can contact you if they happen to pass this way.

So far, in that effort, I've put up the families of Thomas Marcum of Clay Co. KY, Jonathan Marcum of Knox Co. KY, John Marcum of Wayne Co. KY, and some Marcums of Green Co. KY and Markhams of Hart Co. KY. Jesse Marcum came from Virginia to Laurel Co. KY around 1845.

To organize the early colonists, I've prepared a Geographical Index and Chronological Index of individuals and families associated with events, linking into the reports described above.

I've prepared a combined every name index of all of the reports by copying the indexes from the end of each report into a single page. There's also a list of surnames that link into the index file. Once you find a name in the index, the link will pop you right to him in his page.

Marcum Family Surname List and Index
Place Index
Time Index

If you find something interesting here, please let me know, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line. And I'll be happy to receive reports of any errors you may find.

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