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Some Markhams Associated with Others

Ralph Dean Clark
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Ultimate Family Tree, ver 3.0
MARCUM Project Version 985
January 4, 2000

Table of Contents

Marckhaum, Marcum, Markham, Markin, Markum

First Generation

1. Associated1 Marckhaum Collector (#273) birth date unknown.

These people all have been discovered to have some kind of association with another Marcum or Markham here. They may have been in the same place a few years apart, for example.

There are back and forth links from these guys to their associates and vice versa.

Associated Marckhaum Collector had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Associated2 Markham of Mississippi (Associated1 Marckhaum) (#9391) birth date unknown.

Associated Markham of Mississippi had the following children:

12. Thomas2 Markham of Bedford Co. VA (Associated1 Marckhaum) (#9379) was born in Bedford Co, VA 1790.(19)

He married Lydia Jeanette Brakefield or Brookfield 10 May 1810.(20) (Lydia Jeanette Brakefield or Brookfield is #9384.) Lydia was born about 1790 (if same age as spouse) in Kentucky, or Tennessee.(21) (Additional notes for Lydia Jeanette Brakefield or Brookfield(22))

He's likely the same as Thomas Markham of Lawrence Co. AR, who was in his 40s in the 1830 census there, when he had children of the appropriate ages.

Born in Bedford Co. VA, he could likely be the Thomas Markham who was son of Arthur Markham and Frances Stowers.

Thomas Markham of Bedford Co. VA and Lydia Jeanette Brakefield or Brookfield had the following children:

13. Associated2 Marcum of Ohio (Associated1 Marckhaum) (#9209) was born probably before 1805.

Associated Marcum of Ohio had the following child:

14. Associated2 Marcum of Clay Co. KY (Associated1 Marckhaum) (#8562) was born probably after 1820.

This is a collector for Marcum children of unknown parents found in various households in Clay County, KY. They are probably descendants of Thomas Marcum (75 b.VA).

Associated Marcum of Clay Co. KY had the following children:

Third Generation

20. Russell B.3 Markham (Thomas2, Associated1 Marckhaum) (#9396) was born in Missouri, or Illinois in 1820.(42)

He married twice. He married Fern M. Revel 28 Nov 1839 in Randolph Co, AR.(43) (Fern M. Revel is #9397.) Fern was born about 1820 (if same age as spouse). He married Juley Franklin-Cross 16 Dec 1847 in Clark Co, AR.(44) (Juley Franklin-Cross is #9398.) Juley was born in 1829 in Alabama.(45)

Russell B. Markham had the following children:

21. Carter3 Markham (Thomas2, Associated1 Marckhaum)(48) (#9382) was born probably before 1822.

He married Lucinda B. Thompson 6 Feb 1842 in Hot Springs Co, AR.(49) (Lucinda B. Thompson is #9383.) Lucinda was born probably before 1825.

According to conflicting evidence, he married Lucinda B. Thompson 21 June 1842.(50)

Carter Markham and Lucinda B. Thompson had the following children:

22. William H.3 Markham (Thomas2, Associated1 Marckhaum) (#9401) was born in Illinois, or Missouri in 1822.(54)

He married twice. He married Martha (Markham).(55) (Martha (Markham) is #9402.) Martha was born about 1822 (if same age as spouse). He married Rachel (Markham). (Rachel (Markham) is #9403.) Rachel was born maybe about 1822 (if same age as spouse). Rachel died in Tennessee.(56)

William H. Markham and Martha (Markham) had the following child:

William H. Markham and Rachel (Markham) had the following children:

25. Josiah3 Marcum (Associated2, Associated1 Marckhaum) (#9210) was born in Virginia circa 1825.

He married Sarah (Marcum). (Sarah (Marcum) is #9211.) Sarah was born circa 1826 in Virginia.

29 Oct 1850 in the Census of 1850, Josiah was listed as a laborer and head of household in Lawrence Co, OH.(61)

Josiah Marcum and Sarah (Marcum) had the following children:

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(Marcum), Sarah (marriage to Josiah Marcum) (i9211), b.1826-


(Markham), Martha (marriage to William H. Markham) (i9402), b.1822-
(Markham), Rachel (marriage to William H. Markham) (i9403), b.1822-


Basinger, Sarah Ann (marriage to John Wesley Markham) (i9405), b.1846-

Brakefield or Brookfield

Brakefield or Brookfield, Lydia Jeanette (marriage to Thomas Markham of Bedford Co. VA) (i9384), b.1790-


Collier, Jefferson (marriage to Susanna Markham) (i9381), b.1821-


Cross, Ellender Jane Elizabeth (marriage to John Wesley Markham) (i9413), b.1828-


Franklin-Cross, Juley (marriage to Russell B. Markham) (i9398), b.1829-


Holce, Rachel (marriage to John Wesley Markham) (i9412), b.1829-


Marckhaum, Associated, Collector (i273)
Marckhaum, Thomas, of Buncombe Co. NC (i8820), b.1781-


Marcum, Ann (i8563), b.1846-
Marcum, Associated, of Clay Co. KY (i8562), b.1820-
Marcum, Associated, of Ohio (i9209), b.1805-
Marcum, Elizabeth (i9215), b.1846-
Marcum, Enos (i9212), b.1841-
Marcum, Isaac (i8564), b.1848-
Marcum, James (i9216), b.1848-
Marcum, John, of Henry Co. VA (i6795), b.1764-
Marcum, Josiah (i9210), b.1825-
Marcum, Julia A. (i9214), b.1845-
Marcum, Rachel (i8565), b.1858-
Marcum, Sarelda Y. (i9213), b.1843-


Markham, Albert Carter (i9410), b.1842-
Markham, Arthur, of Lunenburg Co. VA (i8943), b.1732-
Markham, Associated, of Mississippi (i9391)
Markham, Carter (i9382), b.1822-
Markham, James, Jr. of Stafford Co. VA (i6096), b.1748-
Markham, James, Sr. of Stafford Co. VA (i6095), b.1703-
Markham, John Thompson (i9409), b.1842-
Markham, John Wesley (i9404), b.1846-
Markham, John Wesley (i9411), b.1829-
Markham, Julia (i9407), b.1875-
Markham, Lydia (i9387), b.1811-d.1881
Markham, Melissa Ann (i9408), b.1842-
Markham, Nancy (i9406), b.1871-
Markham, Robert (i9400), b.1879-
Markham, Russell B. (i9396), b.1820-
Markham, Sarah (i9385), b.1814-
Markham, Susanna (i9380), b.1826-d.1896
Markham, Thomas Jefferson (i9389), b.1813-
Markham, Thomas, of Bedford Co. VA (i9379), b.1790-
Markham, Thomas, of Lunenburg Co. VA (i8944), b.1747-
Markham, Thomas, of Prince Edward Co. (i9038), b.1764-
Markham, William (i9392), b.1810-
Markham, William (i9399), b.1870-
Markham, William H. (i9401), b.1822-
Markham, William, of Franklin Co. GA (i6719), b.1784-


Markin, Richard (i9393), b.1818-


Markum, Thomas, of Lawrence Co. AR (i5958), b.1781-


Newcomb, Thomas (marriage to Lydia Markham) (i9388), b.1811-


Price, Nancy (marriage to Thomas Markham of Prince Edward Co.) (i9039), b.1768-


Revel, Fern M. (marriage to Russell B. Markham) (i9397), b.1820-


Stokes, James (marriage to Sarah Markham) (i9386), b.1810-


Sullivan, Sarah Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Jefferson Markham) (i9390), b.1845-


Thompson, Lucinda B. (marriage to Carter Markham) (i9383), b.1825-

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