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Arthur Marcum/Markham Here and There

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.7
MARCUM Project Version 879
June 26, 1999

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Marckhaum, Marcum, Markham

First Generation

1. Arthur1 Marckhaum Collector (#223) birth date unknown.

This is just a collector for stray people named Arthur Markham or Marcum, so I can keep an eye on them, and get them into my index.

Arthur Marckhaum Collector had the following children:

Notes and References

1. Arthur Marcum, 1830 US Census, St. Charles Co. MO, P.272 L.9, NA Film Series M-19, Roll 72, National Archives, Washington, DC: Arthur Marcum: 00001 - 00001 - Tot=2 (hereafter cited as 1830 census, P.272 L.9, St. Charles Co. MO).
2. From AIS-3 census index microfiche, cites p. 7 of tax list.
3. Pamela Hutchinson Garrett ( email to, 31 Aug 1998, Markham - Henrico co, Va. "Episcopal Church Register of Richmond co (?) Virginia. Markhams of North Farnham Parish (extremely difficult to read)" (hereafter cited as Garrett, 8/31/98, Markham - Henrico co, Va).
4. George Harrison Sanford King, Fellow, American Society of Genealogists, comp., The Registers of North Farnham Parish 1663 - 1814 and Lunenburg Parish 1783 - 1800 Richmond County Virginia (Fredericksburg, VA: the compiler, 1966), p. 124, "Died: Mc Mahon, Arthur 31 March 1734" (hereafter cited as King, Registers of No. Farnham).
5. Garrett, 8/31/98, Markham - Henrico co, Va.
6. King, Registers of No. Farnham.
7. Arthur Markham, 1820 US Census, Lincoln Co. TN, P.35, Arthur Markham: 010101 - 11001 (hereafter cited as 1820 census, P.35, Lincoln Co. TN).



Marckhaum, Arthur, Collector (i223)


Marcum, Arthur, of St. Charles Co. MO (i5805)


Markham, Arthur, a.k.a. McMahon (i8824), d.1732
Markham, Arthur, of Lawrence Co. AR (i5806)
Markham, Arthur, of Lincoln Co. TN (i5804), b.1775-

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