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Arthur Marcum and Family

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November 25, 1999

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Bodenhamer, Day, Marcum

First Generation

1. Arthur1 Marcum (#24) was born before 1800. Arthur died circa 1839 in probably, Bartholomew Co, IN.

He married twice. He married Betsey Furnish after 26 Aug 1823 in Gallatin Co, KY. (Betsey Furnish is #4541.) Betsey was born BEF 1810. Betsey was the daughter of James Furnish. He married Nancy Robertson before 9 December 1832 in Gallatin Co, KY.(1) (Nancy Robertson is #25.) Nancy was born circa 1815 in Kentucky. Nancy(2) was the daughter of John S. M. Robertson and Milly (Robertson). Nancy died after 1880 in maybe, Montgomery Co, KS, or Missouri. The census listed Nancy as head of household in 1840 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(3) Nancy applied for a marriage license to wed John Richardson August 1, 1843 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(4) Nancy signed as a witness on James O'Neal's will written 21 Feb 1870 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(5) Nancy was listed as John Marcum's widowed mother in the 1880 Census in Rock Creek Twp, Bartholomew Co, IN.(6) In 1840, Nancy Markim was living in Rock Creek Township in Bartholomew County, where she would remain for at least forty years, with her young son, John, and four girls. The youngest would have been her daughter Emma, but thirty years later no other was mentioned when Nancy listed her children. Two of the girls were between five and nine years old, and one of the girls was above age ten. They were probably the children of Arthur Marcum by his first wife.

Every record of her children says that John was born in Kentucky in 1836 and Emma was born in Indiana around 1838, so the family must have moved from Kentucky before then. Why Nancy was in Rock Creek in 1840 hasn't been determined. No deed was registered in the name of Marcum to indicate that her late husband had settled there, so it's not known whether she had come to Bartholomew County with him, or for her own reason after his demise. None of Nancy's immediate neighbors were old enough to have been her father or uncle; she might have settled near a brother or sister.

She remarried in 1843, and had two more children. After her second husband became disabled around 1857, she and her young son worked a small rented farm for a while. Eventually her son Milton was the sole support of the family. After he died at the end of the Civil War, the neighbors made a loom for her, and she made a small income from weaving carpets. In 1871, she was granted a pension of eight dollars a month from Milton's war service, retroactive from his death. The application papers for that pension have provided most of the details known of her later life, and of her family.

Arthur Marcum and Betsey Furnish had the following child:

Arthur Marcum and Nancy Robertson had the following children:

Second Generation

3. John2 Marcum (Arthur1) (#12) was born in Covington, Campbell Co, KY April 11, 1836. John died December 5, 1912 in Beaver Crossing, Seward Co, NE, at 76 years of age.

He married twice. He married Amelia (Milley) M. O'Neal April 28, 1864 in Bartholomew Co, IN. (Amelia (Milley) M. O'Neal is #13.) Amelia was born circa 1844 in Bartholomew Co, IN. Amelia was the daughter of James O'Neal and Sarah (Sally) Helton. Amelia died circa 1874 in probably, Bartholomew Co, IN. In James O'Neal's will written 21 Feb 1870 in Bartholomew Co, IN, Amelia was named as his daughter.(8) She must have died shortly after the birth of her fourth child, Luella.

He married Amanda C. Clarkson February 11, 1875 in Bartholomew Co, IN. (Amanda C. Clarkson is #622.) Amanda was born circa 1847 in Indiana.

On July 6, 1861, he enlisted at Leon, in Decatur County, Iowa, into Company D of the 4th Regiment of the Iowa Volunteer Infantry. They were mustered into federal service at Council Bluffs, Iowa, Aug. 15, 1861, and proceeded from there to Rolla, Missouri where they were absorbed into the Army of the Southwest under General Curtis.(9)

He was wounded in the ear while fighting in the battle of March 7 and 8, 1862, called Elkhorn Tavern by the Confederates, at Pea Ridge, Arkansas, where the Union victory was important in saving Missouri for the Northern cause. His wound was attested in the 1883 pension application by John R. Muir, who had been a neighbor in Bartholomew Co. and served as a corporal in Co. G of the 22nd Indiana Volunteers. Other comrades-in-arms mentioned in his pension papers were James Campbell, Israel Milligan, Lt. James Finley, and Capt. Howard Brown.

His military service was marked by an interruption, during which he returned home to Bartholomew County and married. John maintained that on Feb. 13, 1863, he had been captured by Confederates near Napoleon, Arkansas, on the Mississippi River. They paroled him, after he promised to go home and fight no more. The Union army was unaware of this event, however, and carried him as a deserter, absent without leave, between Jan. 17, 1863 and July 13, 1864.

He rejoined his company then, in northwestern Georgia, as General Sherman was preparing to advance toward Atlanta.

During the campaign for Atlanta, General Sherman was overall commander of three Union armies. The 4th Iowa was assigned to the 2nd Brigade of the 1st Division of the 15th Army Corps, in the Army of the Tennessee.

General Sherman led his army from Atlanta to the coast in two great columns, sixty miles apart, with the Army of the Tennessee on the right. After Savannah had been presented to President Lincoln by Sherman for Christmas, 1864, the armies proceeded into South Carolina. It was the 15th Corps that occupied the state capital, Columbia, whose burning was blamed on the Union forces.

John was mustered out with his company at Louisville, Kentucky, on July 24, 1865, with an honorable discharge.

In 1870 in the Census of 1870, John was listed as a farmer and head of household with personal estate of $200 in Rock Creek Twp, Bartholomew Co, IN.(10) In 1880 John was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household working on a farm in Rock Creek Twp, Bartholomew Co, IN.(11) His 1890 pension application, No. 469831, applied for in Greene County, MO, when John and his family were living nearby in Fair Grove, said that he had lived in Indiana for 18 years after the war, and then moved to Cherryvale, KS, for three years. That was probably between 1883 and 1886. He finally was granted a pension, Certificate No. 718752, and was receiving $15 a month in 1912.

John was listed as William Sherman Marcum's widower father in the 1900 Census in Seward Co, NE.(12) John was listed as William Sherman Marcum's widower father in the 1910 Census in Beaver Crossing, Seward Co, NE.(13)

John Marcum and Amelia (Milley) M. O'Neal had the following children:

4. Emma2 Marcum (Arthur1)(14) (#1111) was born in Indiana 1838.

She married twice. She married Samuel Day before 1860. (Samuel Day is #1113.) Samuel was born circa 1830 in Tennessee. (Additional notes for Samuel Day(15)) Samuel died before 1878 in probably, Missouri. She married Aaron Hall circa 1879 in Kansas City, Jackson Co, MO.(16) (Aaron Hall is #1128.) Aaron was born circa 1836 in "Missing Place" no. 1381. (Additional notes for Aaron Hall(17)) Aaron died before 1899. Aaron was employed. When her mother listed her children in an affidavit dated July 20, 1870, she named Emma Day, aged 32, in Kansas City, Missouri. The author examined the 1870 census of Kansas City, which has not been indexed, page by page, and found only the wife of Samuel Day who seemed likely to be Nancy's daughter.

Emma Marcum and Samuel Day had the following children:

Third Generation

5. Emma3 Marcum (John2, Arthur1) (#2602) was born in Bartholomew Co, IN February 4, 1865. Emma died circa 1918 in near Holyoke, NE. Her remains were interred in Utica, NE.

Emma was listed as Sarah (Sally) Helton's granddaughter in the 1880 Census in Rock Creek Twp, Bartholomew Co, IN.(20) She never married. Family tradition has it that the father of her son George was her employer, her cousin Sig O'Neal.

Emma Marcum had the following child:

6. William Sherman3 Marcum (John2, Arthur1) (#6) was born in Bartholomew Co, IN October 7, 1869. W. S. died December 23, 1955 in Friend, Saline Co, NE, at 86 years of age.

He married Melessa (Lessie) Belle Barrett October 20, 1892 in Bartholomew Co, IN. (Melessa (Lessie) Belle Barrett is #7.) Lessie was born September 8, 1874 in Bartholomew Co, IN. Her given name may come as something of a surprise to those who only knew her as Lessie, but the 1880 census of her father's family shows her named "Malessa." Lessie was the daughter of Sterling Tucker Barrett and Martisha Ann Waddle.

Lessie died July 19, 1965 in Friend, Saline Co, NE, at 90 years of age.

13 June 1900 W. S. was listed in the 1900 Census as a head of household working as a farm laborer in Seward Co, NE.(24) 25 April 1910 W. S. was listed in the 1910 Census as a head of household renting a farm in Beaver Crossing, Seward Co, NE.(25) His son Sherman, in an autobigraphical sketch, described W. S. as "a strong 190 lb., six foot father." He related that they moved to Foraker, Oklahoma in January, 1913, and back to Nebraska in May. While farming a few miles west of the town of Friend, the family acquired its first automobile - a red Buick with no top. Bessie recalled that her mother used to dress in full driving regalia - a smart cap, tied on with a scarf, and a full duster coat. W.S. never learned to drive - Loyd was the chauffeur.

After the world war, the family moved to Colorado. A letter from his mother-in-law, Martisha Barrett, Feb. 11, 1923, said he was living in Haxtun, Colorado. After five years in Colorado, the family returned to Nebraska, and shortly thereafter moved to Carthage, Missouri, which Sherman said "was my dad's birthplace." From the middle of the 1930s, he spent the remainder of his life in Friend, Nebraska.

William Sherman Marcum and Melessa (Lessie) Belle Barrett had the following children:

7. John Arthur3 Marcum (John2, Arthur1)(40) (#398) was born in Bartholomew Co, IN 3 Aug 1872.(41) John died after being hit by a car 21 Feb 1949 in Sacramento, CA, at 76 years of age.(42)

He married Edith Arthur Spelts 14 Feb 1917 in Holyoke, Phillips Co, CO.(43) (Edith Arthur Spelts is #399.) Edith was born 26 Oct 1893 in Shootsville (near Sanborn), Knox Co, IN.(44) Edith died 19 March 1919 at 25 years of age.

John was listed as Sarah (Sally) Helton's grandson in the 1880 Census in Rock Creek Twp, Bartholomew Co, IN.(45) 18 April 1910 John was listed in the 1910 Census as living alone renting a farm in Beaver Crossing, Seward Co, NE.(46) 3 May 1920 John was listed in the 1920 Census as a head of household owning a farm in Phillips Co, CO.(47)

John Arthur Marcum and Edith Arthur Spelts had the following children:

8. Luella3 Marcum (John2, Arthur1) (#439) was born in Bartholomew Co, IN November 29, 1873.

She married Grant U. Bodenhamer circa 1893 in probably, Missouri. (Grant U. Bodenhamer is #438.) Grant was born circa 1857 in Missouri.

Luella was listed as Charles L. Roach's niece in the 1880 Census in Rock Creek Twp, Bartholomew Co, IN.(56) In 1885 Luella was listed as a member of the household of Charles L. Roach in the 1885 census of Kansas in Cherryville, Montgomery Co, KS.(57)

Luella Marcum and Grant U. Bodenhamer had the following children:

Notes and References

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(Marcum), Hazel (marriage to Glenn Arthur Marcum) (i202), b.1906-


Barrett, Melessa (Lessie) Belle (marriage to William Sherman Marcum) (i7), b.1874-d.1965


Bodenhamer, Duward (i440), b.1894-
Bodenhamer, Faye (i443), b.1904-
Bodenhamer, Fern (i441), b.1898-
Bodenhamer, Grant U. (marriage to Luella Marcum) (i438), b.1857-
Bodenhamer, Katherine W. (i442), b.1902-d.1976
Bodenhamer, Vearl W. (i444) (living status unknown)
Bodenhamer, Virgil R. (i714), b.1914-


Bussler, Mr. (marriage to Faye Bodenhamer) (i1376)


Clark, Paul Eugene (marriage to Bessie Maree Marcum) (i2), b.1899-d.1968


Clarkson, Amanda C. (marriage to John Marcum) (i622), b.1847-


Day, Flora A. (i1127), b.1876-
Day, Harriet A. (i1126), b.1870-
Day, Harvey John (i1115), b.1863-
Day, Nancy (i1114), b.1861-
Day, Samuel (i1116), b.1865-
Day, Samuel (marriage to Emma Marcum) (i1113), b.1830-d.1878
Day, Sarah S. (i1117), b.1867-


Furnish, Betsey (marriage to Arthur Marcum) (i4541), b.1810-


Hall, Aaron (marriage to Emma Marcum) (i1128), b.1836-d.1899


Hulse, Corydon (marriage to Grace Edith Marcum) (i196)


Lawver, Nellie B. (marriage to George W. Marcum) (i395), b.1889-


Marcum, Arthur (i24), b.1800-d.1839
Marcum, Bessie Maree (i3), b.1902-d.1996
Marcum, Dick Norval (i4537), b.1905-d.1988
Marcum, Emma (i1111), b.1838-
Marcum, Emma (i2602), b.1865-d.1918
Marcum, George W. (i394), b.1886-
Marcum, Gladys May (i435) (still alive)
Marcum, Glenn Arthur (i201), b.1900-d.1980
Marcum, Grace Edith (i197), b.1894-d.1979
Marcum, John (i12), b.1836-d.1912
Marcum, John Arthur (i398), b.1872-d.1949
Marcum, Loyd Angus (i198), b.1898-d.1993
Marcum, Luella (i439), b.1873-
Marcum, Mabel (i384), b.1897-d.1897
Marcum, Margaret Mildred (i103) (still alive)
Marcum, Mary Susan (i4545), b.1830-
Marcum, Paul Bradley (i713), b.1913-d.1982
Marcum, Ruth Irene (i385), b.1909-d.1970
Marcum, Sherman Norris (i386), b.1907-d.1982
Marcum, Sigel Eugene (i400), b.1918-
Marcum, William Sherman (i6), b.1869-d.1955


O'Neal, Amelia (Milley) M. (marriage to John Marcum) (i13), b.1844-d.1874


Otting, Mr. (marriage to Fern Bodenhamer) (i1375)


Robertson, Nancy (marriage to Arthur Marcum) (i25), b.1815-d.1880


Spelts, Edith Arthur (marriage to John Arthur Marcum) (i399), b.1893-d.1919


Stoker, Hazel (marriage to Loyd Angus Marcum) (i199), b.1901-d.1981


Waldkauter, Verna (marriage to Sigel Eugene Marcum) (i9247), b.1919-


Yates, Genevieve Eva (marriage to Paul Bradley Marcum) (i9240), b.1914-d.1956

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