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Some Descendants of Martin Maney

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April 25, 1998

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Anderson, Maney, West, Wilson

First Generation

1. Martin1 Maney was born in Ireland before 1765.(1) Martin died about 1832 or 1833 at age unknown.

He married Keziah Vann.(2) Keziah was born before 1770. Keziah was said to be the daughter of Agnes Weatherford, a white woman, and Joe Vann, a part Cherokee. However, all claims by her descendants to rights granted members of the Cherokee tribe by various United States treaties and Acts of Congress have been denied. Keziah(3) was the daughter of John Vann and Agnes Weatherford.

In the 1800 Census, Martin was listed as a head of household in Buncombe Co, NC. In the 1810 Census, Martin was listed as a head of household in Buncombe Co, NC. It is said that Nehemiah Blackstock jestingly suggested to Martin that he should make a claim to an allotment under the Cherokee Treaty of 1819. Martin and his family made an effort to secure the allotment, and it appears that he occupied the land, although there was controversy as to his right to do so. He was not included on the entitlement list reported by the Secretary of War to Congress 23 Jan 1823.(4)

Martin Maney and Keziah Vann had the following children:

Second Generation

2. John2 Maney (Martin1) was born in Washington Co, TN 1785.(6)

He married Mary Metcalf.(7) Mary was born 1787.(8)

John Maney and Mary Metcalf had the following child:

3. James2 Maney (Martin1) was born in North Carolina circa 1802.

He married Barbara (Maney). Barbara was born circa 1803 in North Carolina.

In the Census of 1850, James was listed as a head of household in Cherokee Co, NC.(9)

James Maney and Barbara (Maney) had the following child:

Third Generation

4. Jack3 Maney (John2, Martin1) was born 1814.

He married Elizabeth Carson.(10) Elizabeth was the daughter of William Carson and Margaret Dillingham.

Jack Maney and Elizabeth Carson had the following child:

5. Nancy3 Maney (James2, Martin1) was born in North Carolina circa 1823.

She married Lazarus Anderson. Lazarus was born circa 1811 in North Carolina. Lazarus was the son of Cherokee Anderson Collector. In the Census of 1850, Lazarus was listed as a head of household in Cherokee Co, NC.(11) The census of Eastern Cherokees listed Lazarus as head of household in 1851 in Cherokee Co, NC.(12)

Nancy Maney and Lazarus Anderson had the following children:

Fourth Generation

6. Lodusky4 Maney (Jack3, John2, Martin1) was born 10 Aug 1871.

She married David Burdet Wilson about 1890.(13) David was born 14 March 1872.(14) David was the son of William E. Wilson and Sarah A. Banks.

Lodusky Maney and David Burdet Wilson had the following child:

Fifth Generation

11. Ida Althea Belle5 Wilson (Lodusky4 Maney, Jack3, John2, Martin1) was born in Yancey Co, NC 26 April 1892.(16)

She married Robert Garfield West 17 May 1908.(17) Robert was born 30 April 1885 in Madison Co, NC.(18) Robert died 21 Feb 1958 in North Carolina, at age 72.(19)

Ida Althea Belle Wilson and Robert Garfield West had the following child:

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(Maney), Barbara (marriage to James Maney) (i6584), b.1803-


Anderson, James (i6581), b.1845-
Anderson, Lazarus (marriage to Nancy Maney) (i6577), b.1811-
Anderson, Martha Amanda (i6580), b.1840-
Anderson, Robert L. (i6583), b.1849-
Anderson, Sarah Matilda (i6582), b.1845-


Carson, Elizabeth (marriage to Jack Maney) (i6590)


Maney, Jack (i6589), b.1814-
Maney, James (i6579), b.1802-
Maney, John (i6587), b.1785-
Maney, Lodusky (i6591), b.1871-
Maney, Martin (i6585), b.1765-d.1832
Maney, Nancy (i6578), b.1823-


Metcalf, Mary (marriage to John Maney) (i6588), b.1787-


Vann, Keziah (marriage to Martin Maney) (i6586), b.1770-


West, Pauline (i6607)
West, Robert Garfield (marriage to Ida Althea Belle Wilson) (i6606), b.1885-d.1958


Wilson, David Burdet (marriage to Lodusky Maney) (i6592), b.1872-
Wilson, Ida Althea Belle (i6605), b.1892-

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