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James Luxford and Descendants

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Briggs, Everenden, Goodwin, Hawes, Luxford

First Generation

1. James1 Luxford (#9083) was born in England? circa 1605. James died in probably, Cambridge, MA.

He married twice. He married an unknown woman circa 1630 in England. (an unknown woman is #1025.) An was born in England. He married Elizabeth Albone (Olbon) circa 1635 in probably, Cambridge, MA. (Elizabeth Albone (Olbon) is #9084.) Elizabeth was born in England. Elizabeth died in probably, Cambridge, MA. She was judged not married to James Luxford December 1639 in Cambridge, MA.(1) "History of Cambridge", by Lucius R. Paige (1877), describes her life after the divorce from James Luxford. "His wife remained here, was a member of the church, and a recipient of its bounty. Her name appears on the records as sister Albon, Albone, or Olbon." Paige conjectures, "that her name before marriage was Olbon or Albone; that she resumed it for herself and her children ... and that, at some period subsequent to 1645 (when she is called sister Albone), she married Cole, and died before 1668."(2)

Her origin has not been discovered. An Alice Albon came to New England at the age of 25 on the ship "Hopewell" in 1635 - perhaps she was the mother of Elizabeth.

Lucius R. Paige, in his 1877 history of Cambridge wrote, "It would seem that Luxford left a wife in England, and during her life-time iniquitously contracted a second marriage here. The General Court, being informed of the fact shortly before the second child was born, took measures to punish the guilty and partially indemnify the innocent. [In the Dec 1639 record of the court it was written], James Luxford being presented for having two wives, his last marriage was declared void or a nullity thereof, and to be divorced, not to come to the sight of her whom he last took, and he to be sent away to England at the first opportunity; all that he hath is appointed to her whom he last married, for her and her children. He is also fined 100 pounds, and to be set in the stocks an hour upon a market day."(3)

Paige continued, "Soon after [being prosecuted for bigamy], he appears to have been convicted of other crimes; for 13 May 1640 [General Court Record], James Luxford, for his forgery, lying, and other foul offenses, was censured to be bound to the whipping post till the lecture from the first bell, and after the lecture to have his ears cut off; and so he had liberty to depart our jurisdiction."

Paige goes on, "An unfaithful steward of Governor Winthrop, bearing the same name, perhaps the same person, fled to Plymouth before 10 Oct. 1640, and was then in extreme poverty and distress. [Coll. Mass. Hist. Soc., xxxvi, 169] More than a dozen suits were commenced against him in Plymouth, at the court holden in Dec. 1641. [Plym. Col. Rec., vii. 24-27.]"(4)

Volume II of the Plymouth Court Orders records, on 6 July 1641, "An action was tryed betwixt Leiftennant Holmes & James Luxford. Mr. Parker, of Weymouth, had a view of the patent and that clause in writing wch concerned the bounds from Narragansetts Bay to the vtmost pts & limmits of the country called Pockanockett, in regard the Bay men would haue had Sicquncke from us.

"James Luxford agreed to lett the attachment rest vpon the sowe attached at Nr Aldens suite vntill he be satisfyed, the said Luxford running the adventure."(5)

On 3 May 1642, the court recorded, "In the suite commenced ag'st James Luxford for 5 li. debt and 11s 6d charges, Mr Prenc' hath had of Luxford in swyne, 3 li 0s 0d; of Mr William Hanbury, for Luxford, 0 li 19s 4d; of John Chaundlers debt, 1 li 12s 2d; totalling 5 li 11s 6d.

"There remaynes due to Luxford more by John Chaundler 16s 11d, w'ch Edward Dotey is to haue.

"The said Mr Prence & Edward Dotey are to receiue the s'd sums of John Chaundler, vpon condic'on that if John Chaundler can proue there is errour in this account betwixt him & Luxford, then the said Mr Prenc' & the said Dotey to repay so much againe to the said Chaundlor as shall manefestly appeare to be vnduly or vnjustly accounted."

No further record of James Luxford has been found in American records. The period of his American adventures does fit between the birth of the last child of James Luxford of Cowfold, Sussex, and the 1655 burial recorded in Cowfold. But no document connects the Cowfold Luxford to America.

James Luxford and Elizabeth Albone (Olbon) had the following children:

Second Generation

3. Reuben2 Luxford (James1) (#9081) was born in Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA February 1639/0. Reuben died May 3, 1703 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA, at 63 years of age.

He married twice. He married Margaret (Luxford) June 22, 1669 in Lancaster, Worcester Co, MA.(7) (Margaret (Luxford) is #9082.) Margaret was born circa 1645. Margaret died August 31, 1691 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA, at 46 years of age. He married Lydia (Luxford) circa 1699 in probably, Cambridge, MA. (Lydia (Luxford) is #1023.) Lydia was born circa 1645.

Reuben Luxford and Margaret (Luxford) had the following children:

Third Generation

5. Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford (Reuben2, James1) (#9080) was born in Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA circa 1675. Elizabeth died December 5, 1743 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA, at 68 years of age.

She married Philip Goodwin June 14, 1694 in Cambridge, Middlesex Co, MA. (Philip Goodwin is #9046.) (Additional notes for Philip Goodwin(8)) Philip died December 24, 1759 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA, at 89 years of age.(9)

From 1689 to 1697, a war known in Europe as the War of the League of Augsburg, and in the American colonies as King William's war, pitted New England against the French in Canada. In 1690, an expedition was organized by a coalition of New England colonies. Philip Goodwin joined a Massachusetts company raised in Dorchester, under the command of Major Wade. The adventurers were turned back by an outbreak of smallpox

Biographical information in Huntoon's History of the Town of Canton says he was mentioned in 1717 as part owner in "Hors Shew" Swamp. The church record shows the 1818 baptism of his then eleven hear old daughter, Abigail. He was living in 1729 in a house in Stoughton on the south side of Chapman Street, owned in 1893 by Joseph Wattles. In 1734 he was owner of a mill in Stoughton. In 1737 he was granted a portion of the present town of Ashburton for his service in Canada. He sold or exchanged his house on Chapman Street in 1739; in 1741 he was recorded grinding corn at the Danforth mill. He was baptized in the church at Stoughton in 1744, after the death of Elizabeth.

Elizabeth (Lydia) Luxford and Philip Goodwin had the following children:

Fourth Generation

7. Margaret4 Goodwin (Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford, Reuben2, James1) (#9075) was born in Lexington, Middlesex Co, MA January 1699/0. Margaret died March 14, 1732/3 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA, at 33 years of age.(11)

She married John Hawes June 23, 1719/20 in Dedham, Suffolk Co, MA.(12) (John Hawes is #9074.) John was born August 12, 1695 in Dedham, Suffolk Co, MA. John was the son of John Hawes and Sarah Deering.

Margaret Goodwin and John Hawes had the following children:

8. Abigail4 Goodwin (Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford, Reuben2, James1) (#981) was born in Lexington, Middlesex Co, MA June 28, 1707.

She married Samuel Briggs November 29, 1728 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA.(16) (Samuel Briggs is #6623.) Samuel was born about 1707. Samuel died after 1787. March 30, 1771 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA Samuel registered his intent to marry Sarah Fuller.(17)

Abigail Goodwin and Samuel Briggs had the following children:

9. John4 Goodwin (Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford, Reuben2, James1) (#1010) was born in Lexington, Middlesex Co, MA before October 29, 1710 (chr. date).

He married Hannah Rich after April 15, 1732 (intent date) in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA. (Hannah Rich is #6126.) Hannah was born around 1710. She resided in Sudbury, Middlesex Co, MA at the time of her marriage.

He was christened October 29, 1710 in Lexington, Middlesex Co, MA.(21) April 15, 1732 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA John registered his intent to marry Hannah Rich of Sudbury.(22)

John Goodwin and Hannah Rich had the following children:

Fifth Generation

10. John5 Hawes (Margaret4 Goodwin, Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford, Reuben2, James1) (#8646) was born in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA June 23, 1720.(26)

He married Amy Morgan.(27) (Amy Morgan is #8647.) Amy was born December 25, 1725 in Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA.(28) Amy was the daughter of Ralph Morgan and Anna (Morgan).

October 29, 1743 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA John registered his intent to marry Amy Morgan.(29)

John Hawes and Amy Morgan had the following children:

14. Mary5 Briggs (Abigail4 Goodwin, Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford, Reuben2, James1) (#6625) was born in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA July 4, 1731.(33)

She married Abijah Everenden June 3, 1751 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA.(34) (Abijah Everenden is #6631.) Abijah was born probably around 1730. May 11, 1751 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA Abijah registered his intent to marry Mary Briggs.(35)

Mary Briggs and Abijah Everenden had the following children:

16. Samuel5 Briggs (Abigail4 Goodwin, Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford, Reuben2, James1) (#6626) was born in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA March 9, 1733/4.(38)

He married Rhoda (Dusee or Jusee) Sept 1, 1763 in Bridgewater, Plymouth Co, MA. (Rhoda (Dusee or Jusee) is #6630.)

July 9, 1763 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA Samuel registered his intent to marry Rhoda (Dusee or Jusee).(39)

Samuel Briggs and Rhoda (Dusee or Jusee) had the following children:

Sixth Generation

27. Adin6 Briggs (Samuel5, Abigail4 Goodwin, Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford, Reuben2, James1) (#6635) was born in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA about 1764.(47) Adin died 26 Feb 1828 in Anson, ME, at 63 years of age.(48)

He married Abigail Cowan 16 April 1790 in Readfield, ME.(49) (Abigail Cowan is #6636.) Abigail was born probably before 1773. Abigail was the daughter of Ephraim Cowan of Sandy River ME. Under the name Abigail or Nancy Seavey she had a pension as the widow of Adin Briggs.(50)

She resided with her daughter Abigail in Williamsburg, or Lexington, ME in 1857.

Adin Briggs and Abigail Cowan had the following children:

29. Ezra6 Briggs (Samuel5, Abigail4 Goodwin, Elizabeth (Lydia)3 Luxford, Reuben2, James1) (#6652) was born in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA about 1772.(70) Ezra died 17 Feb 1844 in Winthrop, Kennebec Co, ME, at 71 years of age.(71)

He married Mary Wadsworth after 29 June 1792 (intent date) in Winthrop, Kennebec Co, ME. (Mary Wadsworth is #6653.) Mary was born 14 Feb 1768 in Stoughton, Suffolk Co, MA.(72) Mary was the daughter of John Wadsworth and Jerusha White. Mary died 11 March 1848 in Winthrop, Kennebec Co, ME, at 80 years of age.(73)

29 June 1792 in Winthrop, Kennebec Co, ME Ezra registered his intent to marry Mary Wadsworth.(74)

Ezra Briggs and Mary Wadsworth had the following children:

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(Dusee or Jusee)

(Dusee or Jusee), Rhoda (marriage to Samuel Briggs) (i6630)


(Luxford), Lydia (marriage to Reuben Luxford) (i1023), b.1645-
(Luxford), Margaret (marriage to Reuben Luxford) (i9082), b.1645-d.1691


Albone, Elizabeth, (Olbon) (marriage to James Luxford) (i9084)


an unknown woman (marriage to James Luxford) (i1025)


Briggs, Abigail (i6624), b.1732-
Briggs, Abigail (i6645), b.1806-
Briggs, Adin (i6635), b.1764-d.1828
Briggs, Adin (i6642), b.1798-d.1857
Briggs, Bette (i6627), b.1738-
Briggs, Enos (i6663), b.1799-
Briggs, Eunice (i6664), b.1801-d.1829
Briggs, Ezra (i6652), b.1772-d.1844
Briggs, Ezra (i6667), b.1803-
Briggs, Hannah (i6660), b.1796-d.1873
Briggs, Irena (i6656), b.1793-
Briggs, James Cowan (i6644)
Briggs, Jeremiah (i6648), b.1810-d.1857
Briggs, Jodiah (i6647), b.1808-d.1857
Briggs, John (i6640), b.1792-d.1813
Briggs, Joseph (i6673), b.1809-
Briggs, Mary (i6625), b.1731-
Briggs, Mary (i6670), b.1805-
Briggs, Moses (i6680), b.1813-
Briggs, Nancy (i6641), b.1795-
Briggs, Philena (i6674), b.1809-d.1887
Briggs, Rachel Tilden (i6643), b.1800-d.1857
Briggs, Samuel (i6626), b.1734-
Briggs, Samuel (i6650), b.1765-d.1843
Briggs, Samuel (marriage to Abigail Goodwin) (i6623), b.1707-d.1787
Briggs, Sarah (i6628), b.1741-
Briggs, Sarah (i6678), b.1811-
Briggs, Susan (Lucy) (i6638), b.1790-d.1827
Briggs, Susannah (i6662), b.1797-
Briggs, Thankful (i6649), b.1812-d.1857


Cowan, Abigail (marriage to Adin Briggs) (i6636), b.1773-


Everenden, Abijah (marriage to Mary Briggs) (i6631), b.1730-
Everenden, Benjamin (i6633), b.1752-
Everenden, William (i6632), b.1754-


Farr, William (marriage to Eunice Briggs) (i6665), b.1801-d.1880


Gifford, Zenas (marriage to Sarah Briggs) (i6679), b.1811-


Goddard, Phebe (marriage to Ezra Briggs) (i8258)


Goodwin, Abigail (i981), b.1707-
Goodwin, Bathsheba (i6552), b.1737-
Goodwin, Elizabeth (i6134), b.1738-
Goodwin, John (i1010), b.1710-
Goodwin, Margaret (i9075), b.1700-d.1733
Goodwin, Philip (marriage to Elizabeth (Lydia) Luxford) (i9046), d.1759
Goodwin, Reuben (i6128), b.1735-
Goodwin, Susanna (i1011), b.1698-


Haines, Joseph Wingate (marriage to Mary Briggs) (i8259), b.1805-


Hawes, John (i8646), b.1720-
Hawes, John (i8650), b.1748-
Hawes, John (marriage to Margaret Goodwin) (i9074), b.1695-
Hawes, Joseph (i952), b.1724-
Hawes, Joseph (i8649), b.1748-
Hawes, Mary (i953), b.1730-
Hawes, Samuel (i954), b.1727-
Hawes, Samuel (i8648), b.1744-


Judkins, Cyrus F. (marriage to Abigail Briggs) (i6646), b.1808-


Luxford, Elizabeth (i1027), b.1637-
Luxford, Elizabeth (Lydia) (i9080), b.1675-d.1743
Luxford, James (i9083), b.1605-
Luxford, Margaret (i1021), b.1673-
Luxford, Reuben (i9081), b.1640-d.1703


Martin, John (marriage to Mary Hawes) (i960)


Morgan, Amy (marriage to John Hawes) (i8647), b.1725-


Rich, Hannah (marriage to John Goodwin) (i6126), b.1710-


Robbins, Jacob Bailey (marriage to Philena Briggs) (i6675), b.1814-d.1899


Rowe, Rachel (marriage to Samuel Briggs) (i6651), b.1785-d.1856


Shillings, John (marriage to Susan (Lucy) Briggs) (i6639), b.1790-


Wadsworth, Mary (marriage to Ezra Briggs) (i6653), b.1768-d.1848


Winslow, Joseph (marriage to Hannah Briggs) (i6661), b.1784-d.1870
Winslow, Mr. (marriage to Irena Briggs) (i6657), b.1789-d.1875

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