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Allingham Family
Gillmore of Sligo
My Gillmore/Allingham Line

If you're looking for real Irishmen here, I'm afraid you may be disappointed. Sure and my mother came from a lot of O'Neals and Barretts, and a lot of other good common folk from England and Scotland, but I haven't a clue about how they arrived in the colonies, nor from whence they came. You can go see what I know about them on my Bartholomew County, Indiana page.

My father's Irish roots were in the Protestant Establishment, among the small landowners of Counties Sligo and Donegal. Actually, they were in Ireland longer than most families have been in America, so perhaps they can be called real Irishmen after all.

The immigrant from those lines, Robert Allingham Gillmore, came to America by way of Canada and Chicago in 1855, at the age of 14, and eventually settled near Pueblo, Colorado. He was the son of Humphrey Gillmor of Sligo Town and his first wife, Margaret Allingham. I know quite a bit about Humphrey, who was a school teacher and accountant, and left a will. But, although both Humphrey and Margaret are buried in the churchyard of St. John's in Sligo, the surviving register of that parish revealed nothing about them. I have some evidence that Humphrey's father may have been named Hugh. And of course, there's a clue that a Robert Allingham figures in Margaret's family.

Meanwhile, I'm pursuing the old game of trying to fit everybody else together, and mine will be the ones left over. I've read all of the Allingham and Gillmore deeds from Ireland, and looked at a lot of the Civil Registration of births, deaths, and marriages.

I've put the results of my research together here in loosely organized descent reports from the earliest Irish ancestor of each family. There are plenty of imaginary and hypothetical links in there, just for the purpose of connecting all the people together in one report. The real data is documented in the footnotes. If you've got someone in mind to look for, check the index in the report. See my Allinghams of Ireland report, and my Gillmores of County Sligo report.

I've recently begun to expand my research to include the entire Allingham family, including those who remained in England and those who emigrated from either England or Ireland to other continents. To organize this research I've started a separate Allingham Family Page.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name of our common ancestor, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line.

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