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The Huckstep Family

Ralph Dean Clark
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.2
CLARK Project Version 175
December 8, 1997

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Huckstep, Tilden

First Generation

1. Lawrence1 Huckstep was born in probably, Kent, England, circa 1520. Lawrence died 1556 in Tenterden, Kent, England, at age 36.

He married Jone Pope August 17, 1546 in Tenterden, Kent, England.(1) Jone was born circa 1520 in probably, Kent, England. Jone died at age unknown. The Huckstep Family, compiled by Larry A. James in 1983, mentions, but does not quote, his will made in 1556 in Tenterden. Mr. James says Lawrence was probably a brother of Thomas Hucksteppe who made a will in 1558.

Lawrence Huckstep and Jone Pope had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Stephen2 Huckstep (Lawrence1) was born in Tenterden, Kent, England, circa 1548. His body was interred June 20, 1633 in Tenterden, Kent, England.

He married Winifred Hatch February 14, 1584/5 in Tenterden, Kent, England.(6) Winifred was born circa 1553 in Kent, England. Winifred was the daughter of Thomas Hatche and Joane (Hatche). Her body was interred October 6, 1592 in Tenterden, Kent, England. His birth date was not recorded, but as the eldest, he must have been born between the marriage and the second son. The parish record of Tenterden says "Stephen Huckstepp a verie Auncient man was buried the 20th June" of 1633. This might refer to Stephen, son of Thomas. The will of his brother John in 1624 makes clear that Stephen, son of Lawrence, is the parent of Lydia.

Stephen Huckstep and Winifred Hatch had the following children:

Third Generation

8. Lydia3 Huckstep (Stephen2, Lawrence1) was born in Tenterden, Kent, England, before February 11, 1587/8 (chr. date). Lydia died in Massachusetts, at age unknown.

She married twice. She married Nathaniel Tilden circa 1606 in Tenterden, Kent, England.(10) Nathaniel was born before July 28, 1583 (chr. date) in Tenterden, Kent, England. Nathaniel was the son of Thomas Tilden and Alice Bigge. Nathaniel died 1641 in Scituate, MA, at age 57. He was christened July 28, 1583 in Tenterden, Kent, England. Nathaniel's estate was probated September 6, 1641 in General Court, Plymouth Colony.(11) Birth, death, and marriage dates from "The Abridged Compendium of American Genealogy", Vol. III. Birthdate and parents IGI Batch 8479802-24; christening 28JUL1583 Batch 7210529-74.

She married Timothy Hatherly after 1640/1 in Scituate, MA. Timothy was born date unknown in England. Timothy died October 24, 1666 in Scituate, MA, at age unknown.(12) Timothy's estate was probated October 30, 1666 in General Court, Plymouth Colony.(13)

She was christened February 11, 1587/8 in Tenterden, Kent, England.(14)

Lydia Huckstep and Nathaniel Tilden had the following children:

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Bourne, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Tilden) (i2357), b.1618-


Garrett, Richard (marriage to Lydia Tilden) (i1610)


Hatch, Winifred (marriage to Stephen Huckstep) (i11399), b.1553-


Hatherly, Timothy (marriage to Lydia Huckstep) (i2235), d.1666


Holmes, Mary (marriage to Thomas Tilden) (i2361), b.1640-


Huckstep, Denis (i2585), b.1555-
Huckstep, Edward (i2587), b.1552-
Huckstep, John (i1612), b.1586-
Huckstep, John (i2586), b.1554-
Huckstep, Lawrence (i22796), b.1520-d.1556
Huckstep, Lydia (i5699), b.1588-
Huckstep, Stephen (i11398), b.1548-
Huckstep, Thomas (i2588), b.1584-


Lapham, Thomas (marriage to Mary Tilden) (i2848), b.1610-d.1648


Little, Hannah (marriage to Stephen Tilden) (i675), b.1635-d.1710


Pope, Jone (marriage to Lawrence Huckstep) (i22797), b.1520-


Preble, Abraham (marriage to Judith Tilden) (i1607)


Reeve, Mary (marriage to Thomas Huckstep) (i2589), b.1590-


Sutton, George (marriage to Sarah Tilden) (i1602)


Tilden, Joseph (i676), b.1615-d.1670
Tilden, Joseph (i1605), b.1612-
Tilden, Judith (i1606), b.1620-
Tilden, Lydia (i1608), b.1624-
Tilden, Lydia (i1609), b.1625-
Tilden, Mary (i2849), b.1610-
Tilden, Nathaniel (marriage to Lydia Huckstep) (i5698), b.1583-d.1641
Tilden, Sarah (i678), b.1613-d.1677
Tilden, Stephen (i674), b.1629-d.1711
Tilden, Stephen (i1604), b.1617-
Tilden, Thomas (i1603), b.1608-
Tilden, Thomas (i2360), b.1619-d.1705
Tilden, Winifred (i1051), b.1622-


Twisdem, Elizabeth (marriage to Joseph Tilden) (i677)

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