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Ralph's Genealogy and Civil War Page

New England and NC/KY/IN Ancestry

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My Genealogy

Visit my genealogy page and climb around in my family tree.

I've put up here a lot of data on the Arrowood, Barrett, Butner, Helton, and Marcum families.

Some of those families are included in my Bartholomew County, Indiana, Genealogies. Related families may be found in my lists of Kentucky Surnames and North Carolina Surnames.

There's a page about the Mitchell family of Whitley County, Kentucky.

If you're interested in Allingham or Gillmore families, check out my Irish Ancestry page.

During my study of New England families and their English ancestry, I've discovered quite a few marriages and ancestors that I've never seen in print. I've written articles and put up some documented family histories here. To see them, visit my New England page.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name of our common ancestor, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line.

Go to my Genealogy Page

My Civil War Research

I've done quite a bit of research on those units on both sides in which my ancestors and relatives served. I'll be putting some information up about them, but for now, it's mostly still under construction.

You'll also find some tips there in my beginner's easy guide to civil war research.

Go to my Civil War History Page

Other things to look at

Some personal info about me

Some stories and pics of my genealogical travels

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