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Robert Hensley of Clay Co. KY

Ralph Dean Clark
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August 15, 1999

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First Generation

1. Robert J.1 Hensley (#1258) was born in maybe, Buncombe Co, NC circa 1810. Robert died before 1899 in probably, Clay Co, KY, at age unknown.(1)

He married twice. He married Nancy Barrett December 20, 1831 in Buncombe Co, NC.(2) (Nancy Barrett is #1259.) Nancy was born circa 1810 in probably, Buncombe Co, NC. See her father's family for more information. Nancy was the daughter of William Barrett.

Nancy died December 29, 1860 in Clay Co, KY, at age 50. He married Margaret Martin March 23, 1862 in Manchester, Clay Co, KY.(3) (Margaret Martin is #1296.) Margaret was born circa 1844 in Kentucky.

In the Census of 1870, Robert was listed as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(4) 15 June 1880 Robert was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(5)

Robert J. Hensley and Nancy Barrett had the following children:

Robert J. Hensley and Margaret Martin had the following child:

Second Generation

2. Thomas2 Hensley (Robert J.1) (#9057) was born circa 1836. Thomas died of consumption Oct. 1, 1864 at age 28.(12)

He married Elizabeth Radford Oct. 16, 1856 in Clay Co, KY.(13) (Elizabeth Radford is #9058.) Elizabeth was born probably around 1836.

During the Civil War Thomas served in the Union army with his brother Robert in the 7th Kentucky Infantry Regiment. He fell ill in service, and was sent home to Clay County to recover.

Thomas Hensley and Elizabeth Radford had the following children:

4. John2 Hensley (Robert J.1) (#1304) was born circa 1844.(15)

He married Sallie (Hensley). (Sallie (Hensley) is #1311.) Sallie was born circa 1847 in Kentucky.

15 June 1880 John was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(16)

John Hensley and Sallie (Hensley) had the following children:

5. Henry L.2 Hensley (Robert J.1) (#1303) was born in North Carolina March 1845.(17)

He married Rebecca Jane Metcalf June 3, 1865 in Clay Co, KY.(18) (Rebecca Jane Metcalf is #1331.) Rebecca was born March 1845 in Kentucky.

Henry L. Hensley and Rebecca Jane Metcalf had the following children:

8. Elisha Clingman2 Hensley (Robert J.1) (#1319) was born February 11, 1852. Elisha died before 1910 in Leslie Co, KY, at age unknown.

He married Rachel Hensley December 23, 1874 in Clay Co, KY.(19) (Rachel Hensley is #1322.) Rachel was born November 1856 in Kentucky.

Elisha Clingman Hensley and Rachel Hensley had the following children:

Third Generation

13. Henry3 Hensley (Thomas2, Robert J.1) (#9059) was born in Clay Co, KY Feb. 23, 1861.(20)

He married Susan Spurlock in 1880.(21) (Susan Spurlock is #9061.) Susan(22) was the daughter of Charles Spurlock and Jemima Kirk.

Henry Hensley and Susan Spurlock had the following children:

25. George Cling3 Hensley (Henry L.2, Robert J.1) (#1344) was born in Clay Co, KY April 26, 1880.(28)

He married Martha (Hensley) 1899. (Martha (Hensley) is #1345.) Martha was born February 1882 in Kentucky.

20 June 1900 George was listed in the 1900 Census as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(29) 1910 George was listed in the 1910 Census as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(30)

George Cling Hensley and Martha (Hensley) had the following children:

Notes and References

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(Hensley), Martha (marriage to George Cling Hensley) (i1345), b.1882-
(Hensley), Sallie (marriage to John Hensley) (i1311), b.1847-


Barker, Charles Oliver (marriage to Sylvania Elizabeth Hensley) (i9068)


Barrett, Nancy (marriage to Robert J. Hensley) (i1259), b.1810-d.1860


Hays, Susan D. (marriage to Silas B. Hensley) (i1310)


Hensley, Benjamin (i9064)
Hensley, Cassie (i1355), b.1901-
Hensley, Doshia (i9066)
Hensley, Eli (i1312), b.1866-
Hensley, Elisha Clingman (i1319), b.1852-d.1910
Hensley, Elizabeth (i1314), b.1872-
Hensley, Elizabeth (i1333), b.1870-
Hensley, George Cling (i1344), b.1880-
Hensley, Henry (i9059), b.1861-
Hensley, Henry L. (i1303), b.1845-
Hensley, Irvin (i1323), b.1875-
Hensley, James (i1313), b.1870-
Hensley, James M. (i1306), b.1848-
Hensley, James M. (i1351), b.1883-
Hensley, John (i1304), b.1844-
Hensley, Kelley (i1353), b.1888-
Hensley, Levy (i1334), b.1875-
Hensley, Malvry (i1352), b.1885-
Hensley, Martha (i1330), b.1899-
Hensley, Mary (i1327), b.1889-
Hensley, Mary J. or L. (i1318), b.1850-
Hensley, Merida (i1329), b.1895-
Hensley, Nancy (i1332), b.1866-
Hensley, Nancy C. (i1307), b.1854-
Hensley, Rachel (marriage to Elisha Clingman Hensley) (i1322), b.1856-
Hensley, Rebecca (i1317), b.1879-
Hensley, Rebecca J. (i1325), b.1880-
Hensley, Robert (i1316), b.1876-
Hensley, Robert B. (i9060)
Hensley, Robert Burton (i1308), b.1841-d.1863
Hensley, Robert J. (i1258), b.1810-d.1899
Hensley, Sally A. (i1335), b.1876-
Hensley, Silas (i9065)
Hensley, Silas B. (i1297), b.1864-
Hensley, Susan A. (i1324), b.1878-
Hensley, Sylvania (i1326), b.1884-
Hensley, Sylvania (i1354), b.1890-
Hensley, Sylvania Elizabeth (i9067)
Hensley, Taylor (i1356), b.1910-
Hensley, Theophilus (i1328), b.1893-
Hensley, Thomas (i9057), b.1836-d.1864
Hensley, Vinetta (Vincthy) (i1298), b.1856-
Hensley, Vira (i1305), b.1858-d.1863
Hensley, William (i1315), b.1874-


Martin, Margaret (marriage to Robert J. Hensley) (i1296), b.1844-


Metcalf, Rebecca Jane (marriage to Henry L. Hensley) (i1331), b.1845-


Radford, Elizabeth (marriage to Thomas Hensley) (i9058), b.1836-


Spurlock, Susan (marriage to Henry Hensley) (i9061)

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