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William Helton and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
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August 6, 1999

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Benedict, Gilleland, Helton

First Generation

1. William1 Helton,(1) son of Marvel Helton and Agnes (Helton), (#3922) was born in Hawkins Co, TN December 1823. William died 31 March 1905 in Stanberry, Gentry Co, MO, at age 81.(2)

He married Susan Jane Gilliland after 1 Jan 1851 (lic. date) in New Albany, Floyd Co, IN. (Susan Jane Gilliland is #950.) Susan was born circa 1833 in Iowa. Susan(3) was the daughter of Joseph Gilliland and Elizabeth Watson. Susan died in 1895 in Alanthus Grove, MO, at age 62.(4)

Edna Mae Helton Astrope mentioned his service in the Mexican War in a company commanded by Capt. Samuel Powell Jr., son of Judge Samuel Powell who owned the large farm next to where Marvel Helton's family was found in the 1840 census.

William applied for a marriage license to wed Susan Jane Gilliland 1 Jan 1851 in Floyd Co, IN.(5) He was listed as a household member of James C. Gilliam's house in the Census of 1860 in Gentry Co, MO.(6) In the 1900 Census, William was listed as a head of household 22 June 1900 and a retired farmer in Gentry Co, MO.(7)

Some information about William and his family has been obtained from his granddaughter, Edna Mae Helton Astrope, of Whitefish, Montana. She said William lived in Indiana, Iowa, Mississippi, and Missouri.

William Helton and Susan Jane Gilliland had the following children:

Second Generation

7. Sarah E.2 Helton (William1) (#907) was born in Missouri 29 April 1862.(19)

She married Mr. Gilleland. (Mr. Gilleland is #908.) Mr. Gilleland was born probably around 1862.

Sarah was listed as William Helton's daughter in the 1900 Census in Gentry Co, MO.(20)

Sarah E. Helton and Mr. Gilleland had the following child:

11. Andrew Jackson2 Helton (William1) (#906) was born in Sweet Home, Nodaway Co, MO 13 Jan 1873.(22) Andy died 17 June 1947 in Sheridan, WY, at age 74.(23)

He married Anna Ellen Neely 18 Oct 1906 in or near Joplin, MO.(24) (Anna Ellen Neely is #951.) Anna was born 23 Sept 1886 in Washington Co, MO.(25) Anna(26) was the daughter of John Neely and Nancy Breckenridge. Anna died 17 June 1990 in Sheridan, WY, at age 103.(27)

Conflicting evidence states that Andy was born in January 1874 in Missouri.(28) Andy was listed as William Helton's son in the 1900 Census in Gentry Co, MO.(29)

Andrew Jackson Helton and Anna Ellen Neely had the following children:

Third Generation

17. Lavorna3 Helton (Andrew Jackson2, William1) (#911) (still alive).

Lavorna Helton and George Thomas Benedict had the following child:

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Benedict, Les (i9003) (living status unknown)


Britton, Talbert (marriage to Emma Helton) (i8992), b.1860-


Gilleland, Earl A. (i909), b.1892-
Gilleland, Mr. (marriage to Sarah E. Helton) (i908), b.1862-


Gilliland, Susan Jane (marriage to William Helton) (i950), b.1833-d.1895


Harford, Robert (marriage to Laura Bell Helton) (i8995), b.1868-


Helton, Andrew Jackson (i906), b.1873-d.1947
Helton, Andrew Robert (i9006), b.1912-
Helton, Caroline (i8989), b.1856-d.1857
Helton, Charles (i8998), b.1875-
Helton, Edna Mae, Astrope (i3899) (still alive)
Helton, Emma (i8991), b.1860-
Helton, Ida E. (i8993), b.1865-
Helton, John Lawrence (i9004), b.1908-
Helton, Joseph Eugene (i952), b.1852-d.1926
Helton, Laura Bell (i8994), b.1868-
Helton, Lavorna (i911) (still alive)
Helton, Mary (i8996), b.1870-
Helton, Nancy Ann (i912), b.1854-
Helton, Raymond Joseph (i910), b.1916-
Helton, Sarah E. (i907), b.1862-
Helton, Thomas (i8990), b.1858-
Helton, William (i3922), b.1823-d.1905
Helton, William Leo (i9005), b.1910-


McClellan, Nelson (marriage to Nancy Ann Helton) (i8988), b.1851-


Neely, Anna Ellen (marriage to Andrew Jackson Helton) (i951), b.1886-d.1990


Norvell, Maude (marriage to Charles Helton) (i8999), b.1875-

Simpson or Stinson

Simpson or Stinson, Mr. (marriage to Mary Helton) (i8997)

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