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Temperance Helton and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
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May 13, 2000

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First Generation

1. Tempe's_husband1 Helton (#652) was born circa 1780. Tempe's_husband died before 1830 in Hawkins Co, TN.

He married Temperance (Helton) before 1814 in maybe, Tennessee. (Temperance (Helton) is #653.) Temperance was born circa 1784 in Tennessee. Temperance died before 1 June 1860 in probably, Hawkins Co, TN. In the 1830 Census, Temperance was listed as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(1) She was in her 40s, with a girl 15-19, a boy 10-14, two girls 5-9, and a girl and a boy both under age 5.

In the 1840 Census, Temperance was listed as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(2) She was age 50-59, with two young women 20-29, a girl 15-19, a girl 10-14, and a girl under 5, with no males.

1850 in the Census of 1850, Temperance was listed as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(3)

Tempe's_husband Helton and Temperance (Helton) had the following child:

Second Generation

2. Son of Tempe2 Helton (Tempe's_husband1) (#2905) was born before 1815.

He married Adeline (Helton). (Adeline (Helton) is #5200.) Adeline was born circa 1823 in Tennessee.

Son of Tempe Helton and Adeline (Helton) had the following children:

Third Generation

3. Calaway3 Helton (Son of Tempe2, Tempe's_husband1) (#2906) was born in Tennessee circa 1844.

He married Julia Ann Henderlight around 1869. (Julia Ann Henderlight is #2910.) Julia was born circa 1835 in Virginia. (Additional notes for Julia Ann Henderlight(4)) Julia married first Albert Davis, and then, probably before 1853, Orville Brandon. Three children of the second marriage were in the Helton household in the 1880 census.(5)

During the Civil War, Calloway served in Co. B, 60th Tennessee Mounted Infantry, CSA.

11 June 1880 Calaway was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(6) Calaway applied for a Confederate military pension in 1897 in Tennessee.(7)

Calaway Helton and Julia Ann Henderlight had the following children:

Notes and References

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7. Drowatzky, 11/2/99, Julia Ann, Photocopy of pension application in possession of the writer.



(Helton), Adeline (marriage to Son of Tempe Helton) (i5200), b.1823-
(Helton), Temperance (marriage to Tempe's_husband Helton) (i653), b.1784-d.1860


Helton, Allie (i2917), b.1874-
Helton, Calaway (i2906), b.1844-
Helton, Eliza (i2918), b.1879-
Helton, Joseph (i2909), b.1849-
Helton, Lizzie (i2916), b.1872-
Helton, Maggy (i2915), b.1870-
Helton, Mary (i2907), b.1846-
Helton, Narcissa (i2908), b.1847-
Helton, Son of Tempe (i2905), b.1815-
Helton, Tempe's_husband (i652), b.1780-d.1830


Henderlight, Julia Ann (marriage to Calaway Helton) (i2910), b.1835-

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