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Pleasant Helton and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
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May 12, 2000

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Alvis, Helton

First Generation

1. Pleasant1 Helton, son of Marvel Helton and Agnes (Helton), (#3902) was born in Hawkins Co, TN circa 1817. Pleasant died March 2, 1873 in probably, Hawkins Co. TN, at 55 years of age. Pleasant was buried in Hawkins Co, TN.(1) In an affidavit in Elizabeth's application for widow's pension, John J. Hayter stated that Pleasant had lived for many years on a farm adjoining his own. He said that Pleasant had died at a house on Hayter's land, where he had resided for a short time, and had been buried at an old graveyard on the land where he had formerly lived. John B. Allender confirmed the burial, on land that he then occupied.

He married Elizabeth Neighbors August 18, 1842 in Hawkins Co, TN.(2) In an affidavit made when he was aged 84 in 1894, W. A. Alvis said that he had known Pleasant as a boy, and knew that this was his first marriage, and that Elizabeth had been quite a young girl when she entered into what must have been her first marriage. (Elizabeth Neighbors is #3903.)

Elizabeth was born circa 1827 in Tennessee. Elizabeth died October 15, 1900 in Hawkins Co, TN, at 73 years of age. According to conflicting evidence, she married Pleasant Helton July 18, 1843 in Rogersville, Hawkins Co, TN.(3) Elizabeth applied for a survivor's pension based on the Civil War military service of Thomas W. Helton in 1874 in Hawkins Co, TN.(4) It was denied when she was unable to provide the required documentation of his enlistment.

12 June 1880 Elizabeth was listed in the Census as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(5) 13 Aug 1892 in Hawkins Co, TN Elizabeth applied for a widow's pension based on the Florida Seminole War military service of her husband Pleasant Helton.(6) Giving her age as 63, she began a process that took until February, 1895. Some confusion arose among the bureaucrats, who seemed to be trying to establish whether Pleasant served at the front in Florida, in the Seminole War. George A. Smith, who assisted her application, wrote that she had been living on his land for many years, and had few friends and no money to pay for assistance. Finally, at the end of January, 1895, he wrote again to the Commissioner of Pensions, "The woman is very poor, almost in a suffering condition this tough winter, and if her case can be hurried, it will be appreciated." A week later, she was granted a pension of $8.00 per month, with back pay from July, 1892.

May 23, 1838, was the deadline for voluntary removal of the Eastern Cherokees from their lands in Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Tennessee to the Indian territory west of Arkansas. On that date, Major General Winfield Scott called for Tennessee volunteers to raise an army to force removal of the remaining Cherokees. Pleasant Helton enlisted in the militia for a three month term during the Florida War against the Seminoles. On May 24, he was mustered into Capt. James K. Simpson's Company of the First Tennessee Volunteers at Calhoun, in Southeastern Tennessee near the Cherokee lands. He was honorably discharged, with his company, on July 12 of the same year, at Fort Cass, Tennessee. He was paid for fifty one days of service, including thirteen days of travel covering 118 miles to the place of rendezvous and 140 miles to return home. He was granted a bounty land warrant, number 46653, for 120 acres, issued under the act of 1855. He sold the warrant to Samuel Powell, a local attorney, son of Judge Powell who owned a large farm where Marvel Helton may have lived in 1840.(7)

According to conflicting evidence, he married Elizabeth Neighbors July 18, 1843 in Rogersville, Hawkins Co, TN.(8) In 1850 in the Census of 1850, Pleasant was listed as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(9) In 1855 in Hawkins Co, TN Pleasant applied for a bounty land warrant for 120 acres for his Florida Seminole War military service.(10) He sold the warrant to Samuel Powell, a local attorney, son of Judge Powell who owned a large farm where Marvel Helton may have lived in 1840.

In 1860 in the Census of 1860, Pleasant was listed as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(11) 20 June 1870 in the Census of 1870, Pleasant was listed as a farmer and head of household in Rogersville, Hawkins Co, TN.(12)

Pleasant Helton and Elizabeth Neighbors had the following children:

Second Generation

5. George P.2 Helton (Pleasant1) (#806) was born in Hawkins Co, TN June 1854.

He married Eliza A. Alvis. (Eliza A. Alvis is #944.) Eliza was born August 1854 in Tennessee. Eliza was the daughter of Unidentified Alvis and Rebecca (Alvis). 29 June 1860 Eliza was listed as a member of James Brooks's household in the Census of 1860 in Hawkins Co, TN.(17)

George P. Helton and Eliza A. Alvis had the following children:

6. Sallie2 Helton (Pleasant1) (#807) was born in Hawkins Co, TN circa 1857.

She married Winfield Scott Alvis. (Winfield Scott Alvis is #3014.) Winfield was born 23 Aug 1853 in Hawkins Co, TN. Winfield was the son of William Anderson Alvis and Elizabeth (Alvis). Winfield died 20 Feb 1925 at 71 years of age. Winfield was buried at Klepper Cemetery in Striggersville, Hawkins Co, TN. 12 June 1880 Winfield was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(19)

Sallie Helton and Winfield Scott Alvis had the following children:

7. Matilda2 Helton (Pleasant1) (#1191) was born in Hawkins Co, TN 11 March 1859.(22) Matilda died of enlargement of liver 21 July 1902 in DuQuoin, Perry Co, IL, at 43 years of age.

She married Franklin Moses Alvis. (Franklin Moses Alvis is #3049.) Franklin was born 6 March 1859 in Hawkins Co, TN.(23) Franklin was the son of George N. Alvis and Sarah E. Lipe. Franklin died 27 Feb 1947 in DuQuoin, Perry Co, IL, at 87 years of age.(24) Franklin was buried 22 July 1947 at the I.O.O.F. Cemetery in Section F, Lot 29 in DuQuoin, Perry Co, IL.(25)

Conflicting evidence states that Matilda was born circa 1861 in Tennessee.(26) Conflicting evidendence states that Matilda was born in Feb or March 1862.(27)

Matilda Helton and Franklin Moses Alvis had the following child:

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Alvis, Eliza A. (marriage to George P. Helton) (i944), b.1854-
Alvis, Franklin Moses (marriage to Matilda Helton) (i3049), b.1859-d.1947
Alvis, Ida Jane (i9529), b.1881-d.1964
Alvis, Mary Alice (i3017), b.1879-
Alvis, Nancy J. (i3016), b.1878-
Alvis, Penelope E. (i3015), b.1876-
Alvis, Susanette (marriage to Pleasant Helton) (i940), b.1843-
Alvis, Winfield Scott (marriage to Sallie Helton) (i3014), b.1853-d.1925


Helton, Eliza Cornelia (i808), b.1859-
Helton, Elsie J. (i948), b.1893-
Helton, George P. (i806), b.1854-
Helton, Joseph Pleasant (i946), b.1886-d.1936
Helton, Margarette E. (i1190), b.1864-
Helton, Mary Jane (i805), b.1848-
Helton, Matilda (i1191), b.1859-d.1902
Helton, Pleasant (i804), b.1843-d.1897
Helton, Pleasant (i3902), b.1817-d.1873
Helton, Sallie (i807), b.1857-
Helton, Sarah M. (i945), b.1877-
Helton, Thomas J. (i947), b.1886-
Helton, Thomas W. (i3904), b.1845-d.1864


Neighbors, Elizabeth (marriage to Pleasant Helton) (i3903), b.1827-d.1900


Pugh, Charles Franklin (marriage to Ida Jane Alvis) (i9530), b.1879-d.1946


Winstead, William Harden (marriage to Mary Alice Alvis) (i3019), b.1875-d.1951

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