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Marvel Helton of Hawkins Co. TN

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First Generation

1. Marvel1 Helton(1) was born in Virginia, or Tennessee circa 1780.(2) Marvel died 1847 in Hawkins Co, TN, at age 67.(3)

He married Agnes (Helton) date unknown. Agnes was born circa 1790 in Tennessee.(4) (Additional notes for Agnes (Helton)(5)) Agnes died before 1879 in probably, Hawkins Co, TN, at age unknown.

By 1850, Agnes was widowed. The census found her living next to her son, Pleasant; in her house were two of his children, her son Thomas, and two young women, otherwise unidentified, named Milly Helton, age 25, and Therissa Helton, age 12. In 1860, Milly had aged to 30; other residents with Agnes were Ruthy Lipe, age 22, and two unplaced Helton children, Elizabeth, 12, and Charles, 1.

In the 1880 census, her daughter Sarah and son John's widow agreed that she was born in Tennessee.

Marvel Helton must have come early to Tennessee, as all of his children who survived until the 1850 census said they were born there, as early as 1805. He was taxed, with no land, in Capt. Lucus's Company, in Hawkins County in 1809. Raising a large family must have kept him too poor to purchase land, as no deeds bearing his name have been found.

No Hawkins County census records for 1810 or 1820 have survived.

He was listed as a resident in the census report 1830 in Hawkins Co, TN.(6) The 1830 census showed six sons and six daughters living with Marvel and his wife. Son John resided nearby. William's granddaughter reported that he had said he was one of a baker's dozen. No candidate has yet emerged as the missing son born 1815-1819, nor the daughters born 1815-1819 and 1820-1824.

He was listed as a resident in the census report 1840 in Hawkins Co, TN.(7) In 1840, he is shown, along with his son John and an elderly free colored man, between two elderly slaveholders, eminent pioneers Richard Mitchell and Judge Samuel Powell, who had a large farm near Rogersville. All of these had passed from the scene by 1850, when the widow Agnes and her son Pleasant were living near Mary Powell, who had a farm worth $10,000.

Interestingly, most of his children named a first or second son "William." Perhaps the origins of this man may be found in records bearing the name William Marvel Helton.

Marvel Helton and Agnes (Helton) had the following children:

Notes and References

1. In the 1880 census, daughter Sarah said her father was born in VA; son John's widow said John's father b.TN. Nancy Spitzer said her father was b.TN. (Tennessee in 1780 was still in western North Carolina.)
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(Helton), Agnes (marriage to Marvel Helton) (i55), b.1790-d.1879


Helton, Elizabeth (i3907), b.1809-d.1869
Helton, John (i2836), b.1804-d.1880
Helton, Joseph (i3918), b.1824-
Helton, Lucinda (i890), b.1822-d.1895
Helton, Marvel (i54), b.1780-d.1847
Helton, Marvel (i3893), b.1813-
Helton, Nancy (i3905), b.1813-d.1900
Helton, Pleasant (i3902), b.1817-d.1873
Helton, Sarah (Sally) (i27), b.1807-d.1896
Helton, Thomas (i3921), b.1827-
Helton, William (i3922), b.1823-d.1905

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