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Lucinda Helton Morrisett and Family

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Helton, Morrisett

First Generation

1. Lucinda1 Helton, daughter of Marvel Helton and Agnes (Helton), (#890) was born in Hawkins Co, TN circa 1822. Lucinda died November 4, 1895 in Hawkins Co, TN, at 73 years of age. Lucinda was buried November 6, 1895 in Long Cemetery, near St. Clair, Hawkins Co, TN.

She married Enoch Morrisett May 1841 in Hawkins Co, TN. (Enoch Morrisett is #5957.) Enoch was born 1819 in or near St.Clair, Hawkins Co, TN. Enoch was the son of George Washington Morrisett and Mary (Polly) Rork. Enoch died February 22, 1882 in Hawkins Co, TN, at 62 years of age. Enoch was buried February 24, 1882 in Long Cemetery, near St. Clair, Hawkins Co, TN. Enoch was employed. In 1850 in the Census of 1850, Enoch was listed as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(1) In 1860 in the Census of 1860, Enoch was listed as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(2)

Lucinda Helton and Enoch Morrisett had the following children:

Second Generation

10. John Alexander2 Morrisett (Lucinda1 Helton) (#5940) was born in or near Persia, Hawkins Co, TN October 1857. John died December 2, 1934 in Morristown, Hamblen Co, TN, at 77 years of age. John was buried December 4, 1934 in Lebanon Presb.Ch, Jefferson Co, TN.

He married Rebecca Ann Kite March 22, 1877 in Hawkins Co, TN. (Rebecca Ann Kite is #5931.) Rebecca was born May 1860 in Hawkins Co, TN. Rebecca died November 1921 in Jefferson Co, TN, at 61 years of age. Rebecca was buried November 1921 in Lebanon Presb.Ch, Jefferson Co, TN.

John Alexander Morrisett and Rebecca Ann Kite had the following child:

Third Generation

14. Thomas Jack3 Morrisett (John Alexander2, Lucinda1 Helton) (#5927) was born in or near Persia, Hawkins Co, TN September 14, 1903. Thomas died May 7, 1967 in Jefferson Co, TN, at 63 years of age. Thomas was buried May 9, 1967 at Jefferson Memorial Gardens in Jefferson City, TN.

He married Lillie Mae Underwood September 17, 1921 in Jefferson Co, TN. (Lillie Mae Underwood is #5913.) Lillie was born June 20, 1905 in Rogersville, Hawkins Co, TN. Lillie died July 24, 1991 in Jefferson City, TN, at 86 years of age. Lillie was buried July 26, 1991 in Jeff.Mem.Gardens, Jefferson City, TN.

Thomas Jack Morrisett and Lillie Mae Underwood had the following child:

Notes and References

1. Byron and Barbara Sistler, comp., 1850 Census Tennessee (Evanston, IL: Byron Sistler & Associates, 1975), Vol. 4 p. 310: MORRISETT, Enoch 34, Lucinda 29, Martha 9, James 6, Dulcinea 3, Elizabeth 6/12, Stephen 22, T T, Hw-90-864 (hereafter cited as Sistler, 1850 Census of TN).
2. Byron and Barbara Sistler, comp., 1860 Census - Tennessee (Nashville, TN: Byron Sistler & Associates, 1981), Vol. 4 p. 91: MORRISETT, Enoch 45, Lucinda 36, Martha 17, James K. 15, Dulcena 12, Elizabeth 10, Sarah J. 9, Minerva 6, Melissa 4, John 2, Polly 61, Hw-42-118 (hereafter cited as Sistler, 1860 Census of TN).



(Morrisett), Elizabeth J. (marriage to James P. Morrisett) (i1079), d.1907


Dean, John (marriage to Dulcina Morrisett) (i1081)


Dotson, Arthur (marriage to Martha Morrisett) (i1077)


Gulley, Elizabeth (marriage to William Morrisett) (i1088), d.1946


Helton, Lucinda (i890), b.1822-d.1895


Kite, Rebecca Ann (marriage to John Alexander Morrisett) (i5931), b.1860-d.1921


Morrisett, Alice (i1091), b.1860-
Morrisett, Catherine (i1089), b.1867-d.1944
Morrisett, Dulcina (i1080), b.1847-
Morrisett, Elizabeth (i1082), b.1849-
Morrisett, Enoch (marriage to Lucinda Helton) (i5957), b.1819-d.1882
Morrisett, Gladys (i5904) (still alive)
Morrisett, James P. (i1078), b.1844-d.1912
Morrisett, John Alexander (i5940), b.1857-d.1934
Morrisett, Malissa (i1086), b.1855-
Morrisett, Martha (i1076), b.1842-
Morrisett, Minerva (i1085), b.1853-
Morrisett, Nancy (i1090), b.1842-
Morrisett, Sarah J. (i1083), b.1851-d.1931
Morrisett, Thomas Jack (i5927), b.1903-d.1967
Morrisett, William (i1087), b.1863-d.1929


Roark, John (marriage to Sarah J. Morrisett) (i1084), d.1942


Underwood, Lillie Mae (marriage to Thomas Jack Morrisett) (i5913), b.1905-d.1991

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