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Joseph Helton and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
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May 13, 2000

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First Generation

1. Joseph1 Helton,(1) son of Marvel Helton and Agnes (Helton), (#3918) was born in Hawkins Co, TN April 1824.

He married three times. He married Eleanor (Nelly) Gillenwaters August 4, 1849 in Hawkins Co, TN.(2) (Eleanor (Nelly) Gillenwaters is #3919.) Eleanor was born circa 1826 in Tennessee. Eleanor died 1861 at 35 years of age. Eleanor was buried in Alvis Cemetery, near Alum Rock, Hawkins Co, TN. He married Jane Henry before 1870. (Jane Henry is #913.) Jane was born circa 1836 in Tennessee. Jane was the daughter of Mary (Henry). When Edna Mae Helton Astrope told the author during a phone conversation that Joseph had married his deceased wife's sister, who had lived in his home for a long time, it was assumed that she meant that Jane was the sister of Ellen Gillenwaters. Further examination of the census records seems rather to suggest that Jane and Maggie may both have been Henrys. The seems the most likely explanation for Nancy, Gabriel, and Zacharia to have been in the 1870 census with Mary Henry, who would have been their grandmother.

He married Margaret Henry circa 1897. (Margaret Henry is #1026.) Margaret was born August 1855 in Tennessee. Margaret was the daughter of Mary (Henry).

In 1850 in the Census of 1850, Joseph was listed as a head of household in Hawkins Co, TN.(3) 21 July 1870 in the Census of 1870, Joseph was listed as a farmer and head of household with personal estate of $250 in Rogersville, Hawkins Co, TN.(4) 20 June 1880 Joseph was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household farming in Madison Co, TN.(5) In 1900 Joseph was listed in the 1900 Census as a head of household in Medon, Madison Co, TN.(6)

Joseph Helton and Eleanor (Nelly) Gillenwaters had the following children:

Joseph Helton and Jane Henry had the following children:

Second Generation

3. Wylie2 Helton (Joseph1) (#914) was born in Tennessee July 1855.

He married Nannie (Helton) circa 1879. (Nannie (Helton) is #974.) Nannie was born May 1860 in Tennessee.

In 1900 Wylie was listed in the 1900 Census as a head of household in Madison Co, TN.(7)

Wylie Helton and Nannie (Helton) had the following children:

4. Thomas2 Helton (Joseph1) (#915) was born in Tennessee May 1858.

He married Sallie J. (Helton) circa 1878. (Sallie J. (Helton) is #1020.) Sallie was born January 1848 in Tennessee.

In 1900 Thomas was listed in the 1900 Census as a head of household in Madison Co, TN.(8)

Thomas Helton and Sallie J. (Helton) had the following children:

9. Gabriel2 Helton (Joseph1) (#1042) was born in Madison Co, TN circa 1868.

He married Pearl (Helton). (Pearl (Helton) is #1103.) Pearl was born circa 1895 in Tennessee.

Gabriel Helton and Pearl (Helton) had the following children:

10. Zacharia2 Helton (Joseph1) (#1029) was born in Madison Co, TN October 1869.

He married Fannie (Helton) around 1890. (Fannie (Helton) is #1043.) Fannie was born May 1874 in Tennessee.

In 1900 Zacharia was listed in the 1900 Census as a head of household in Madison Co, TN.(9)

Zacharia Helton and Fannie (Helton) had the following children:

11. Gastan Teague2 Helton (Joseph1) (#1025) was born in Madison Co, TN October 1876.

He married Norah (Helton). (Norah (Helton) is #1100.) Norah was born circa 1878 in Tennessee.

Gastan Teague Helton and Norah (Helton) had the following children:

13. Haynes2 Helton (Joseph1) (#973) was born in Madison Co, TN November 1884.

He married Josie (Helton). (Josie (Helton) is #1094.) Josie was born circa 1896 in Tennessee.

Haynes Helton and Josie (Helton) had the following children:

Notes and References

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(Helton), Fannie (marriage to Zacharia Helton) (i1043), b.1874-
(Helton), Josie (marriage to Haynes Helton) (i1094), b.1896-
(Helton), Nannie (marriage to Wylie Helton) (i974), b.1860-
(Helton), Norah (marriage to Gastan Teague Helton) (i1100), b.1878-
(Helton), Pearl (marriage to Gabriel Helton) (i1103), b.1895-
(Helton), Sallie J. (marriage to Thomas Helton) (i1020), b.1848-


Gillenwaters, Eleanor (Nelly) (marriage to Joseph Helton) (i3919), b.1826-d.1861


Helton, Alsey (i1045), b.1892-
Helton, Beulah (i1019), b.1896-
Helton, Carrie Ethel (i1024), b.1887-
Helton, Cloud (i1105) (living status unknown)
Helton, Curril (i1095), b.1913-
Helton, Fannie Kate (i1023), b.1885-
Helton, Gabriel (i1042), b.1868-
Helton, Gastan Teague (i1025), b.1876-
Helton, Harry (i1104) (living status unknown)
Helton, Haynes (i973), b.1884-
Helton, Jannie (i1044), b.1890-
Helton, Jos. (i1047), b.1896-
Helton, Joseph (i3918), b.1824-
Helton, Lillie (i1021), b.1880-
Helton, Lillie (i1048), b.1898-
Helton, Lois (i975), b.1882-
Helton, Mollie L. (i983), b.1888-
Helton, Nancy J. (i1028), b.1867-
Helton, Nannie B. (i1022), b.1881-
Helton, Nellie M. (i982), b.1885-
Helton, Nente (i1099), b.1918-
Helton, NullMarie (i1098), b.1915-
Helton, Paul (i1102), b.1912-
Helton, Pleasant (i917), b.1861-
Helton, Robert L. (i981), b.1882-
Helton, Ruthey (i1046), b.1894-
Helton, Sallie (i1027), b.1865-
Helton, Sallie P. (i1018), b.1890-
Helton, Sam (i972), b.1879-
Helton, Sarah (i916), b.1859-
Helton, Taadie (i1106) (living status unknown)
Helton, Thomas (i915), b.1858-
Helton, Vester (i1101), b.1907-
Helton, William (i3920), b.1850-
Helton, Wylie (i914), b.1855-
Helton, Zacharia (i1029), b.1869-


Henry, Jane (marriage to Joseph Helton) (i913), b.1836-
Henry, Margaret (marriage to Joseph Helton) (i1026), b.1855-

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