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Elizabeth Helton Spitzer and Family

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May 13, 2000

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Ault, Helton, Spitzer

First Generation

1. Elizabeth1 Helton,(1) daughter of Marvel Helton and Agnes (Helton), (#3907) was born in Tennessee circa 1809. Elizabeth died before 1869.

She married Henry H. Spitzer August 7, 1839 in Hawkins Co, TN.(2) (Henry H. Spitzer is #3908.) Henry was born circa 1814 in probably, Tennessee. Henry was employed. In 1860 in the Census of 1860, Henry was listed as a head of household in Greene Co, TN.(3) In 1870 in the Census of 1870, Henry was listed as a farmer and head of household in Knox Co, TN.(4) 12 June 1880 Henry was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household and a lime burner in Knox Co, TN.(5)

Elizabeth Helton and Henry H. Spitzer had the following children:

Second Generation

7. Rowena C.2 Spitzer (Elizabeth1 Helton) (#930) was born in Hawkins Co, TN circa 1853.

She married Lafayette Spitzer January 14, 1877 in Knox Co, TN.(6) (Lafayette Spitzer is #1135.) Lafayette was born circa 1854 in Hawkins Co, TN. Lafayette was the son of Jacob Spitzer and Caroline Dilloe. 1 June 1880 Lafayette was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household farming in Knox Co, TN.(7) In 1900 Lafayette was listed in the 1900 Census as a head of household in Knox Co, TN.(8)

Rowena C. Spitzer and Lafayette Spitzer had the following child:

Third Generation

8. Mattie Gertrude3 Spitzer (Rowena C.2, Elizabeth1 Helton) (#1136) was born in Knox Co, TN October 1877.

She married Samuel Washington Ault October 14, 1896 in Knox Co, TN.(9) (Samuel Washington Ault is #1137.) Samuel was born July 1872 in Tennessee.

Mattie Gertrude Spitzer and Samuel Washington Ault had the following children:

Notes and References

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9. d'Armand, Knox Marriages, p.971, mentions their middle names, her surname 'Spitser'.



Ault, Alger M. (i1138), b.1897-
Ault, Bulah J. (i1139), b.1898-
Ault, Larance L. (i1140), b.1900-
Ault, Samuel Washington (marriage to Mattie Gertrude Spitzer) (i1137), b.1872-


Helton, Elizabeth (i3907), b.1809-d.1869


Spitzer, Eliza (i3909), b.1838-
Spitzer, Elizabeth (i3912), b.1848-
Spitzer, Henry H. (marriage to Elizabeth Helton) (i3908), b.1814-
Spitzer, Lafayette (marriage to Rowena C. Spitzer) (i1135), b.1854-
Spitzer, Matilda (i927), b.1851-
Spitzer, Mattie Gertrude (i1136), b.1877-
Spitzer, Rowena C. (i930), b.1853-
Spitzer, Sarah (i3911), b.1846-
Spitzer, William (i3910), b.1842-

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