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Ralph Clark's Hawes Family Page

I'm a descendant of Elisha Hawes. For some time, I was confused about the ancestry of his father, John Hawes, who married Sarah Niles.

There were two John Hawes of the fourth generation in the Dorchester/Stoughton area. One, born in 1715, was the son of Richard Hawes, grandson of the immigrant of the same name. The other John Hawes, born in 1720, was the son of John Hawes, grandson of the immigrant Edward Hawes.

One of the John Hawes married Sarah Niles, born in 1717. The other John Hawes married Amy Morgan, born in 1725. Common sense suggests that the older man married the older woman, and the younger man married the younger woman. While I have not yet discovered and documentary proof that such was the truth, I must conclude that the common sense solution must be accepted until disproven.

I had previously put up here six generations of descent from Edward Hawes, and an ancestry of Elisha Hawes that led back to Edward Hawes. I've just recently begun to use a new home computer with Windows XP, and it may take some time to get my indexing scheme to work properly under the new operating system. It may be that some index links will no longer work, and other individuals may not appear in my indexes, until I get this straightened out. Please accept my apologies for any confusion that results.

There are now several reports here about the Hawes family and related lines. There's a six generation descent from the immigrant Edward Hawes. I've replaced the old, incorrect ancestry of Elisha Hawes with an Ancestry of Samuel Hawes, eldest son of John Hawes and Amy Morgan, because it contains my discoveries regarding the ancestry of Margaret Goodwin. Cousins should note that this is not my ancestor Samuel, son of Elisha.

There's a new report of what I've discovered so far about descendants of the immigrant Richard Hawes. This is otherwise a well researched line. There are several generations of English ancestry of the immigrant, which I have left off because I've done no research myself in that direction. There has recently been published a new book genealogy of this line, whose scope I do not intend to duplicate. I simply present here my own research on this line, which may add some documentary information undiscovered by the other author. I've put up a revised Ancestry of Elisha Hawes, my ancestor.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name of our common relative, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line.

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