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Humphrey Gillmor and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
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April 30, 1997

Table of Contents

Clark, Clarke, Gillmor, Gillmore, Lely, Steadman, Turner

First Generation

1. HumphreyA Gillmor,(1) son of William Gillmore and an unknown woman, was born in Scotland, or Ireland circa 1798.(2) Humphrey died 1875 in Sligo Union, Co. Sligo, Ireland, at age 77.(3)

He married twice. He married Margaret Allingham date unknown. Margaret was born circa 1805 in maybe Co. Sligo, or Donegal, Ireland, or England.(4) Margaret(5) was the daughter of Robert Allingham and an unknown woman. Margaret died before 1862 at age unknown.(6) Her body was interred in St John's Church, Sligo, Co. Sligo, Ireland.(7) He married Jane Gillmor 1862 in Co. Sligo, Ireland.(8) Jane was born date unknown. Jane died after 1873 at age unknown.(9)

He was listed as a resident in the census report 1858 in John St. 43, Knappagh Beg, St.Johns, Sligo, Ire..(10)

Tyndall's history of St. John's Church names Humphrey Gilmour as the teacher of 78 scholars at St. John's School, but doesn't give a specific date. Upon the marriage of his daughter Margaret in 1861, his occupation was given as clerk. When his own second marriage was recorded in 1862, he was called an accomptant. His will, dated 12 Mar 1873, was recorded 14 July 1875 in the District Registry of Ballina on p.273 of the Will Book of 1865-1881 (LDS Film 100,925.) It asked that he be interred in the St. John's Church yard with his beloved wife Margaret Gilmor alias Allingham. His two houses in Johns St. with attached garden, and eight houses adjoining in William St., were to go to his beloved wife Jane Gillmore alias Gillmore, who was to be administrator of the estate. Ten pounds were bequeathed to his daughter Rebecca Mulvey.

Humphrey Gillmor and Margaret Allingham had the following children:

Second Generation

2. (BobSis MagMom)1 Gillmore (HumphreyA Gillmor) was born in Sligo Ireland circa 1835. (BobSis died date unknown at age unknown.

She married (MaggiesDad) Lely date unknown. (MaggiesDad) was born date unknown in Illinois.(18) (MaggiesDad) died date unknown at age unknown.

(BobSis MagMom) Gillmore and (MaggiesDad) Lely had the following children:

3. Robert Allingham1 Gillmore (HumphreyA Gillmor)(20) was born in Co. Sligo, Ireland October 16, 1841. Robert died December 7, 1907 in Nepesta, Pueblo Co, CO, at age 66.(21) His body was interred December 10, 1907 in Fowler, Pueblo Co, CO.(22)

He married Flora Anceline Turner April 2, 1870 in Nepesta, Pueblo Co, CO.(23) Flora was born April 18, 1846 in Lincoln, Penobscot Co, ME. Flora was the daughter of Luther Turner and Anceline (Emeline) Hawes. Flora died August 23, 1923 in Nepesta, Pueblo Co, CO, at age 77.(24) Her body was interred August 26, 1923 in Fowler Cemetery, Fowler, CO.(25)

Robert was employed date unknown.

Robert Allingham Gillmore and Flora Anceline Turner had the following children:

Third Generation

6. Margaret F.2 Lely ((BobSis MagMom)1 Gillmore, HumphreyA Gillmor) was born in Chicago, Cook Co, IL July 6, 1857.(28) Margaret died September 4, 1922 in Rawlins, Carbon Co, WY, at age 65.(29)

She married twice. She married Adrian Elbinas Turner October 26, 1871 in Nepesta, Pueblo Co, CO.(30) Adrian was born January 30, 1842 in Lincoln, Penobscot Co, ME. Adrian was the son of Luther Turner and Anceline (Emeline) Hawes. Adrian died April 5, 1919 in Waldrop VA, at age 77. She married John Tree circa 1920.(31) John was born date unknown. John died date unknown in maybe, Rawlins, WY, at age unknown.

Margaret F. Lely and Adrian Elbinas Turner had the following children:

7. Rebecca2 Lely ((BobSis MagMom)1 Gillmore, HumphreyA Gillmor) was born in Wisconsin circa 1858. Rebecca died date unknown at age unknown.

She married Andrew John Steadman February 24, 1874 in Pueblo Co, CO.(32) Andrew was born circa 1845 in Virginia. (Additional notes for Andrew John Steadman(33)) Andrew died date unknown at age unknown. Andrew was employed date unknown.

Rebecca Lely and Andrew John Steadman had the following children:

8. Adrian A. (Ed)2 Gillmore (Robert Allingham1, HumphreyA Gillmor) was born in Nepesta, Pueblo Co, CO February 1871. Adrian died 1947 in Nepesta, Pueblo Co, CO, at age 76.

He married Myrtle M. Tucker December 25, 1893 in Bessemer, Pueblo Co, CO.(34) Myrtle was born May 1875 in Kansas. (Additional notes for Myrtle M. Tucker(35)) Myrtle died date unknown in probably, Nepesta, Pueblo Co, CO, at age unknown. Article in Pueblo Star-Jounal Dec 27, 1951, giving history of Nepesta, states "The son (of R.A.Gilmore) Adrian (Ed), born in 1871, remained until his death in 1947, in the Nepesta settlement. Surviving him are his sons, Harry and Elmore, and his only sister, Mrs. Ellen Thomas, now of Colorado Springs."

Adrian A. (Ed) Gillmore and Myrtle M. Tucker had the following children:

9. Margaret Viola2 Gillmore (Robert Allingham1, HumphreyA Gillmor) was born in Nepesta, Pueblo Co, CO October 15, 1872. Margaret died after 1936 in Tacoma, WA, at age unknown.

She married Edward Burton Clark circa 1891. Edward was born June 5, 1857 in West Point, Orange Co, NY.(40) Edward(41) was the son of Christopher Clark and Leut or Sint Kuin. Edward died April 24, 1923 in Mancos, Montezuma Co, CO, at age 65.(42) His body was interred 1923 in Rico, Dolores Co, CO.(43) He moved to Colorado around 1889.(44)

His death certificate states that, in 1923, he had resided in the state of Colorado for 34 years - this would indicate his arrival in 1889. The 32 years between his birth in New York and his western arrival remain a mystery.

After serving as Clerk and Treasurer of Dolores County, he retired to a ranch three miles north of Mancos, Colorado. At the age of 65, he died there of influenza, complicated by the bronchial asthma he had suffered for the last twenty five years of his life.

Margaret Viola Gillmore and Edward Burton Clark had the following children:

Notes and References

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(Clarke), Anna E. (marriage to Robert Francis Clarke) (i65)


Allingham, Margaret (marriage to Humphrey Gillmor) (i21), b.1805-d.1862


Clark, Arthur Edward (i32), b.1897-d.1923
Clark, Edna Ellen (i37), b.1900-d.1977
Clark, Edward Burton (marriage to Margaret Viola Gillmore) (i4), b.1857-d.1923
Clark, Flora Margie (i39), b.1895-d.1980
Clark, Louis George (i34), b.1910-
Clark, Mabel Myrtle (i38), b.1903-d.1985
Clark, Paul Eugene (i2), b.1899-d.1968
Clark, Shirley Viola (i36), b.1913-


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Clarke, Robert Francis (i35), b.1892-d.1957


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Gillmor, Jane (marriage to Humphrey Gillmor) (i3586), d.1873


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Gillmore, Adrian A. (Ed) (i901), b.1871-d.1947
Gillmore, Ellen (i2151), b.1880-
Gillmore, Elmore (i2154), b.1906-
Gillmore, George Henry (i81), b.1874-
Gillmore, Harry Gilbert (i2153), b.1896-d.1976
Gillmore, Margaret Frances (i3730), b.1841-
Gillmore, Margaret Viola (i5), b.1872-d.1936
Gillmore, Rebecca (i3587), b.1855-
Gillmore, Robert Allingham (i10), b.1841-d.1907
Gillmore, Walter Frank (i80), b.1878-d.1923


Johnston, William (marriage to Margaret Frances Gillmore) (i3732), b.1839-


Lely, (MaggiesDad) (marriage to (BobSis MagMom) Gillmore) (i342)
Lely, Margaret F. (i341), b.1857-d.1922
Lely, Rebecca (i345), b.1858-


Lenert, Tony (marriage to Shirley Viola Clark) (i67), b.1910-


Marcum, Bessie Maree (marriage to Paul Eugene Clark) (i3), b.1902-d.1996


McCandles, (FlorasHusband) (marriage to Flora Margie Clark) (i79)


McLucas, Roy (marriage to Mabel Myrtle Clark) (i70), b.1901-d.1984


Mulvey, Mr. (marriage to Rebecca Gillmore) (i3588)


Ridley, Lillian (marriage to Paul Eugene Clark) (i130), b.1900-d.1925


Seal, Paul (marriage to Edna Ellen Clark) (i137), b.1900-d.1986


Steadman, Andrew John (marriage to Rebecca Lely) (i3713), b.1845-
Steadman, Grace (i2552), b.1884-
Steadman, Ida (i2542), b.1876-
Steadman, John Frank (i2550), b.1880-
Steadman, Royal (i2543), b.1878-


Thomas, Chester (marriage to Ellen Gillmore) (i2152)


Tree, John (marriage to Margaret F. Lely) (i2184)


Tucker, Myrtle M. (marriage to Adrian A. (Ed) Gillmore) (i902), b.1875-


Turner, Adrian Elbinas (marriage to Margaret F. Lely) (i340), b.1842-d.1919
Turner, Charles H. (i2580), b.1872-
Turner, Edwin E. (i2591), b.1877-
Turner, Flora Anceline (marriage to Robert Allingham Gillmore) (i11), b.1846-d.1923
Turner, Frank L. (i2590), b.1874-
Turner, Lollie M. (i2592), b.1879-

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