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Alexander Allingham Arrowood Barrett Butner Marcum

Most of the ancestry and descendant reports I've put up here contain HTML code that was generated by my Roots V and Ultimate Family Tree (UFT) genealogy programs. The UFT output is pretty good now. The top line on a generation page links back to the table of contents, where the surname list links to the index.

You can print each page from your browser if you like - if you reproduce it, please leave my name on it.

I've been studying the history of my family since 1989. I hope some of what I've learned, and made accessible here, will be of use to you.

My father's family

I haven't made a lot of progress on my Clark line, which only goes back to my great grandfather, Christopher Clark, who seems to have been a master at avoiding any public recorder.

I have much more information on my paternal grandmother's line. She was a descendant of Massachusetts colonial immigrants and of Gillmor and Allingham of Sligo, Ireland. You can read more about both of those families on my Irish Ancestry page.

During my study of New England families, I've discovered quite a few marriages and ancestors that I've never seen in print. I've written articles and put up some documented family histories here. To see them, and my surname list, visit my New England page.

If you find something interesting, please let me know the name of our common ancestor, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line.

My mother's family

My mother descended from many lines that are known to have been in Virginia and North Carolina during or after the Revolutionary War. These families migrated into Kentucky, and some of their descendants eventually settled in
Bartholomew County, Indiana, in the middle 1800s, where they intermarried.

Their surnames are Arrowood, Barrett, Butner, Helton, Marcum, O'Neal, Richardson, Waddle, and White.

I've also got a descent report of Mitchells of Whitley County, Kentucky.

Some documents you can read about these families:

Early Arrowoods

Early Barretts

Early Butners

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