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Tennessee Regiments - Confederate

by Ralph Clark

The two-volume set, "Tennesseeans in the Civil War", includes regimental and company histories and an index of Tennessee soldiers. Tell your local librarian to pick it up for about 80 bucks.

1st Tennessee Heavy Artillery

The regiment surrendered at Vicksburg July 4, 1863. Paroled later in July, declared exchanged December 6, 1863. Formed into two consolidated companies February 4, 1864. Surrendered at Fort Morgan, Alabama, August 23, 1864.

16th (Neal's) Tennessee Cavalry Battalion

Organized in the last quarter of 1862. Assigned to Pegram's Brigade and, later, Pegram's Division of Forrest's Cavalry Corps. Was at the battle of Chickamauga. During the siege of Chattanooga, was reassigned to Wheeler's Cavalry Corps. January 1864 was reorganized into Rucker's Legion. From February 1864 assigned to Vaughn's Brigade. Disbanded at Christianburg, Virginia, April 12, 1865.

34th Tennessee Infantry, AKA 4th Tennessee Infantry of Provisional Army

The regiment was organized August 5, 1861. When it was reorganized April 18, 1862, the company letters were redesignated, so that for example, the new Co. F was formerly Co. A, and the old Co. F was renamed Co. C.

Assigned to Rains' Brigade and Stevenson's Division, Department of East Tennessee, March to October, 1862. In Maney's Brigade, Cheatham's / Walker's / Cheatham's Division, 1st Corps, Army of Tennessee, February 1864 to April 1865. Surrendered with Joseph Johnston's army May 1, 1865, at Greensboro, NC.

59th Tennessee Infantry, later 59th Tennessee Mounted Infantry
AKA 1st (Eakin's) Tennessee Battalion, AKA Cooke's Regiment

There's a review of the memoirs of Capt. Reuben Clark, of Co. I of this regiment, on a Tennessee Units Web Page.

Assigned to Reynolds' Brigade October, 1862. Surrendered at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863. Reorganized November, 1863, when command of Reynolds' Brigade was given to Brig. Gen. Vaughn. See Vaughn's Brigade.

60th Tennessee Infantry, later 60th Tennessee Mounted Infantry
AKA 79th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

Upon organization in the last quarter of 1862, the regiment was assigned to Vaughn's Brigade.

62nd Tennessee Infantry, later 62nd Tennessee Mounted Infantry
AKA 80th Tennessee Infantry Regiment, AKA Rowan's Tenn. Inf'y Regt.(1)

Upon organization in the last quarter of 1862, the regiment was assigned to Vaughn's Brigade.

63rd Tennessee Infantry, AKA 74th Tennessee Infantry Regiment

There's a summary history of this regiment on a 63rd Tennessee Infantry Page.

December, 1862, assigned to Gracie's Brigade, Department of East Tennessee and Army of Tennessee, until November, 1863. Thereafter in Johnson's Brigade, in various Divisions, until the end of December, 1864, when it was consolidated with others into McComb's Brigade in Heth's Division, 3rd Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, which surrendered at Appomatox Court House, April 9, 1865.

Notes and References

1. Tennesseeans in the Civil War : A Military History of Confederate and Union Units with Available Rosters of Personnel (Nashville, TN: Civil War Centennial Commission, 1964), Part I, pp. 304-5, explains the confusion arising from the index reference for 62nd Tenn. Inf'y in the O.R. to an incident said to involve "John A. Rowan's Partisan Rangers" at Cumberland Gap February 20, 1863, when, in fact, the 62nd was in Mississippi on that date.