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Thomas Butner Jr. and Descendants

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 3.10 Patch
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March 11, 2002

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First Generation

1. Thomas1 Butner, son of Thomas Butner and Sarah Elrod, (#316) was born in Rowan Co, NC November 6, 1773. See his father's family for more information. Thomas died 5 Feb 1833 in Bethabara, Stokes Co, NC, at 59 years of age.(1)

He married Johanna Elisabeth Stoehr November 14, 1799. (Johanna Elisabeth Stoehr is #317.)

In an unknown person's will written 7 June 1831 in Stokes Co, NC, Thomas was named as an unknown person brother. Thomas's estate was probated March 1833 in Stokes Co, NC. "Stokes Co. NC Wills Vols. I-IV 1790-1864" by Mrs. W.O.Absher p.93 abstracts 7 Jun 1831 will, prob. March term 1833. My 15 1/2 acres; house and lot where I now live in Bethabara to be sold and div. among my 5 ch: Thomas, Anna Rachael (wife of Michael Reich), Elizabeth Johanna, Christian Harmon and Maria. Exec: son Thomas Butner (Jr.) and Joseph Butner. Wit: John C. Butner and Samuel G. Fogle. Signed: Thomas (X) Butner.

Thomas Butner and Johanna Elisabeth Stoehr had the following children:

Second Generation

4. Thomas2 Butner (Thomas1) (#1548) was born in Salem, Stokes Co, NC February 21, 1804.

He married Maria Elisabeth Fockel. (Maria Elisabeth Fockel is #4338.) Maria was born in 1808.(6)

Thomas Butner and Maria Elisabeth Fockel had the following children:

6. Christian Herman2 Butner (Thomas1) (#318) was born in Salem, Stokes Co, NC August 25, 1809.(26)

He married Mary Eliza Leinbach February 6, 1829 in Bethabara, Stokes Co, NC.(27) (Mary Eliza Leinbach is #319.) Mary was born circa 1810.

24 Sep 1850 in the Census of 1850, Christian was listed as a head of household in Forsyth Co, NC.(28)

Faye Jarvis Moran says, "Members of this family moved to Plate Co. MO."

Christian Herman Butner and Mary Eliza Leinbach had the following children:

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Butner, Albert Augustus (i320), b.1829-
Butner, Allen Alexander (i324), b.1845-
Butner, Anna Rachel (i1551), b.1800-
Butner, Antoinette Lucinda (i4339), b.1828-
Butner, Christian Herman (i318), b.1809-
Butner, Elias Josiah (i4341), b.1830-d.1862
Butner, Harriet Eliza (i323), b.1840-
Butner, Isaac (i4344), b.1832-d.1833
Butner, Jacob Edwin (i4343), b.1831-d.1836
Butner, Joel Samuel (i4345), b.1834-d.1924
Butner, Johann Heinrich (i1552), b.1802-d.1802
Butner, Johanna Elisabeth (i1549), b.1806-
Butner, Maria (i1553), b.1813-
Butner, Nancy Elisabeth (i4347), b.1837-d.1837
Butner, Samuel Joseph (i4211), b.1838-
Butner, Sarah Ann E. (i4210), b.1834-
Butner, Theresia Rebecca (i321), b.1836-
Butner, Thomas (i316), b.1773-d.1833
Butner, Thomas (i1548), b.1804-
Butner, Thomas Henry (i4212), b.1842-d.1922
Butner, Traugott (i4213), b.1849-d.1937
Butner, William Levin (i322), b.1832-


Flynt, William (marriage to Antoinette Lucinda Butner) (i4340)


Fockel, Maria Elisabeth (marriage to Thomas Butner) (i4338), b.1808-


Kennaday, Nancy (marriage to Albert Augustus Butner) (i4348), b.1831-


Leinbach, Mary Eliza (marriage to Christian Herman Butner) (i319), b.1810-


Reich, Johann Michael (marriage to Anna Rachel Butner) (i1550), b.1802-d.1846


Stoehr, Johanna Elisabeth (marriage to Thomas Butner) (i317)


Stolz, Susanna Adelaide (marriage to Elias Josiah Butner) (i4342)

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