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John Butner of NC and Descendants

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April 17, 1998

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Breetz, Butner, Jurney

First Generation

1. John1 Butner,(1) son of Thomas Butner and Sarah Elrod, was born in North Carolina November 6, 1778. See his father's family for more information. John died January 2, 1851 in probably, North Carolina, at age 72.

He married Anna Marie Knauss July 27, 1802. Anna was born circa 1780. Anna died at age unknown.

John Butner and Anna Marie Knauss had the following children:

Second Generation

4. Lewis Herrman2 Butner (John1) was born in North Carolina 1806.(25) Lewis died 1831 at age 25.(26)

He married Rebecca Reich.(27) Rebecca was born 1808.(28) Rebecca died 1887 at age 79.(29)

Lewis Herrman Butner and Rebecca Reich had the following child:

6. John Christian2 Butner (John1) was born in North Carolina 1809.

He married Mahala Elizabeth Ray 22 Nov 1831 in Bethabara, Stokes Co, NC.(31) Mahala was born circa 1812 in North Carolina. In the Census of 1850, Mahala was listed as a head of household in Forsyth Co, NC.(32)

In the 1840 Census, John was listed as a head of household in Davidson Co, NC.(33)

John Christian Butner and Mahala Elizabeth Ray had the following children:

9. Samuel Herman2 Butner (John1) was born in North Carolina circa 1817.

He married Martha Hauser 5 Jan 1839 in Stokes Co, NC.(38) Martha was born circa 1817 in North Carolina.

In the Census of 1850, Samuel was listed as a head of household in Forsyth Co, NC.(39)

Samuel Herman Butner and Martha Hauser had the following children:

Third Generation

11. Samuel Edwin3 Butner (John Christian2, John1) was born in North Carolina 1833.

He married Julia Carolina Eberhard. Julia was born 1835.

Samuel Edwin Butner and Julia Carolina Eberhard had the following child:

Fourth Generation

21. Alice Estelle4 Butner (Samuel Edwin3, John Christian2, John1) was born in Stokes Co, NC estimated 1860.

She married Louis Albert Breetz 13 Sep 1883 in Winston Salem, Forsyth Co, NC.(42) Louis was born estimated 1840.

Alice Estelle Butner and Louis Albert Breetz had the following child:

Fifth Generation

22. Ethel Mildred5 Breetz (Alice Estelle4 Butner, Samuel Edwin3, John Christian2, John1) birth date unknown.

She married Robert Campbell Jurney.(43)

Ethel Mildred Breetz and Robert Campbell Jurney had the following child:

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Breetz, Ethel Mildred (i4207)
Breetz, Louis Albert (marriage to Alice Estelle Butner) (i4206), b.1840-


Butner, Alice Estelle (i4205), b.1860-
Butner, Charles William (i4351), b.1829-
Butner, Eliza A. (i4245), b.1847-
Butner, Eliza Rebecca (i4204), b.1844-
Butner, Harriet Elisabeth (i4243), b.1841-
Butner, Johanna Sophia (i4327), b.1807-d.1808
Butner, John (i302), b.1778-d.1851
Butner, John Christian (i4268), b.1809-
Butner, John Jefferson (i4272), b.1844-
Butner, Joseph (i4298), b.1805-d.1872
Butner, Joshua (i4328), b.1811-d.1846
Butner, Lewis Herrman (i4325), b.1806-d.1831
Butner, Maria Eliza (i4330), b.1814-d.1889
Butner, Martha (i4246), b.1849-
Butner, Mary Emmeline (i4271), b.1837-
Butner, Mary Letitia (i4244), b.1843-
Butner, Samuel Edwin (i304), b.1833-
Butner, Samuel Herman (i4240), b.1817-
Butner, Thomas Heinrich (i4297), b.1803-d.1803
Butner, Virgil (i4242), b.1840-
Butner, William Amos (i4270), b.1835-


Duggins, Napolean Bonaparte (marriage to Maria Eliza Butner) (i4331), b.1814-


Eberhard, Julia Carolina (marriage to Samuel Edwin Butner) (i4269), b.1835-


Hauser, Maria Louisa (marriage to Joshua Butner) (i4329), b.1818-d.1884
Hauser, Martha (marriage to Samuel Herman Butner) (i4241), b.1817-


Jurney, James Albert (i4209)
Jurney, Robert Campbell (marriage to Ethel Mildred Breetz) (i4208)


Knauss, Anna Marie (marriage to John Butner) (i303), b.1780-


Leinbach, Catherina (marriage to Joseph Butner) (i4299), b.1803-d.1843
Leinbach, Malvinia E. (marriage to Joseph Butner) (i4333), b.1829-d.1905


Ray, Mahala Elizabeth (marriage to John Christian Butner) (i4203), b.1812-


Reich, Rebecca (marriage to Lewis Herrman Butner) (i4326), b.1808-d.1887


Walk, Louisa Catherine (marriage to Joseph Butner) (i4332), b.1810-d.1865

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