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Herman Butner and Descendants

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
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November 26, 1999

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First Generation

1. Herman1 Butner, son of Thomas Butner and Sarah Elrod, (#282) was born in Rowan Co, NC 27 July 1771. See his father's family for more information. Herman died 13 March 1845 in probably, North Carolina, at 73 years of age.(1)

He married twice. He married Elisabeth Walk 2 Sept 1794 in Stokes Co, NC.(2) (Elisabeth Walk is #283.) Elisabeth was born circa 1772 in probably, North Carolina. Elisabeth died 2 March 1819 in Bethabara, Stokes Co, NC, at 46 years of age.(3) He married Johanna Dietz 22 March 1821 in Bethania, Stokes Co, NC.(4) (Johanna Dietz is #4202.) Johanna was born 1772 in North Carolina. Johanna died 1835 at 63 years of age.

Herman Butner and Elisabeth Walk had the following children:

Second Generation

9. David Benjamin2 Butner (Herman1) (#284) was born in Bethabara, Stokes Co, NC March 28, 1812.(17)

He married Mary A. Ziglar September 18, 1835 in Stokes Co, NC. (Mary A. Ziglar is #291.) Mary was born July 28, 1814 in North Carolina.(18)

14 Aug 1860 in the Census of 1860, David was listed as a head of household in Forsyth Co, NC.(19)

Faye Jarvis Moran says, "Some of this family settled in Dallas Co. MO."

David Benjamin Butner and Mary A. Ziglar had the following children:

Third Generation

14. William H. L.3 Butner (David Benjamin2, Herman1) (#4292) was born in Stokes Co, NC circa 1846.

He married Nancy J. (Butner). (Nancy J. (Butner) is #6502.) Nancy was born circa 1846 in Indiana.

12 June 1880 William was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household in Boone Co, IN.(23)

William H. L. Butner and Nancy J. (Butner) had the following children:

15. Charles F.3 Butner (David Benjamin2, Herman1) (#4293) was born in Stokes Co, NC 12 Feb 1848.(24) Charles died 10 July 1903 at 55 years of age.(25)

He married Amanda J. Nease. (Amanda J. Nease is #6498.) Amanda was born 10 Dec 1852 in Tennessee.(26) Amanda died 18 May 1934 at 81 years of age.(27)

15 June 1880 Charles was listed in the 1880 Census as a head of household in Boone Co, IN.(28)

Charles F. Butner and Amanda J. Nease had the following children:

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(Butner), Nancy J. (marriage to William H. L. Butner) (i6502), b.1846-


Butner, Adaline L. (i4290), b.1841-
Butner, Belle (i6504), b.1875-
Butner, Charles F. (i4293), b.1848-d.1903
Butner, Coleman L. (i6507), b.1854-
Butner, Cora (i6499), b.1874-
Butner, David Benjamin (i284), b.1812-
Butner, Elisabeth (i288), b.1798-
Butner, Elizabeth L. (i4289), b.1838-
Butner, Herman (i282), b.1771-d.1845
Butner, Ida (i6505), b.1876-
Butner, James H. (i4291), b.1843-
Butner, Johann Michael (i286), b.1805-d.1805
Butner, Joseph (i290), b.1795-d.1795
Butner, Lewis Herrman (i285), b.1806-
Butner, Lorenzo (i6503), b.1872-
Butner, Maria (i289), b.1796-d.1803
Butner, Maria Louisa (i280), b.1818-
Butner, Mary (i6501), b.1879-
Butner, Mary E. (i6506), b.1851-
Butner, Roscoe M. (i6500), b.1876-d.1943
Butner, Sarah (i287), b.1800-
Butner, Susanna Rebecca (i281), b.1808-
Butner, William H. L. (i4292), b.1846-


Dietz, Johanna (marriage to Herman Butner) (i4202), b.1772-d.1835


Flynt, David F. (marriage to Elizabeth L. Butner) (i4349)


Hauser, Anthony (marriage to Sarah Butner) (i4377), b.1797-d.1852


Hull, Amanda (marriage to Coleman L. Butner) (i6508)


Nease, Amanda J. (marriage to Charles F. Butner) (i6498), b.1852-d.1934


Snipes, M. P. (marriage to Adaline L. Butner) (i4350)


Walk, Elisabeth (marriage to Herman Butner) (i283), b.1772-d.1819


Ziglar, Mary A. (marriage to David Benjamin Butner) (i291), b.1814-

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