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Christoph Butner and Descendants

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April 16, 1998

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First Generation

1. Christoph1 Butner,(1) son of Thomas Butner and Sarah Elrod, was born in Rowan Co, NC May 8, 1769. See his father's family for more information. Christoph died October 11, 1808 in Hope, Stokes Co, NC, at age 39.

He married Elisabeth Lanius 12 July 1796 in Rowan Co, or Stokes Co, NC.(2) Elisabeth was born 16 Mar 1771. (Additional notes for Elisabeth Lanius(3)) Elisabeth died 18 July 1850 in Forsyth Co, NC, at age 79. Her body was interred at Old Moravian Cemetery in Hope, Forsyth Co, NC.(4)

Christoph Butner and Elisabeth Lanius had the following children:

Second Generation

2. Thomas2 Butner (Christoph1)(14) was born in Hope, Stokes Co, NC April 23, 1797. Thomas died March 17, 1874 at age 76.

He married Anna Barbara Fults August 20, 1823 in Stokes Co, NC. Anna was born circa 1797. Anna died at age unknown.

Thomas Butner and Anna Barbara Fults had the following child:

Notes and References

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15. Birth and marriages recorded in family bible (see father).



Butner, Anna Elisabeth (i313), b.1806-d.1827
Butner, Catharina (i1547), b.1798-
Butner, Christoph (i308), b.1769-d.1808
Butner, John (i314), b.1808-d.1808
Butner, John Christopher (i1546), b.1825-
Butner, Mary Magdalen (i312), b.1803-
Butner, Sarah Altje (i311), b.1801-d.1824
Butner, Thomas (i310), b.1797-d.1874


Frey, Jacob (marriage to Anna Elisabeth Butner) (i2950), b.1796-d.1847
Frey, Jacob (marriage to Sarah Altje Butner) (i2950), b.1796-d.1847


Fults, Anna Barbara (marriage to Thomas Butner) (i1545), b.1797-


Lanius, Elisabeth (marriage to Christoph Butner) (i309), b.1771-d.1850

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