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Thomas Butner and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
P.O. Box 641188
Los Angeles, CA 90064-1188
Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.7
MARCUM Project Version 744
April 17, 1998

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First Generation

1. Thomas1 Butner,(1) son of Adam Butner and Mrs._Adam (Butner), was born in Monocacy, Pr. George's Co, MD 9 April 1741. See his father's family for more information. Thomas died 18 May 1781 in Hope, Stokes Co, NC, at age 40. His body was interred at Old Moravian Cemetery in Hope, Rowan Co, NC.(2)

He married Sarah Elrod 11 July 1761 in Rowan Co, NC. Sarah was born September 26, 1746 in Conewago Creek, York Co, PA. Sarah was the daughter of Christopher Elrod and Aaltje Soell. Sarah died November 5, 1832 in Bethabara, Stokes Co, NC, at age 86.

He bought property from G. McKnight 6 Apr 1764 in Rowan Co, NC.(3)

The present author has not intended to produce a definitive study of the descent from Thomas Butner. Numerous more complete works exist in print, and have been cited as sources in this document. The present author's primary interest is to find connections for the descendants of Thomas's siblings. To further that effort, the author has attempted to identify the descendants of Thomas so as to differentiate them from those left over, who must therefore be among those sought.

Thomas Butner and Sarah Elrod had the following children:

Notes and References

1. James Jurney, Ancestry of Alice Estelle and Effie Catherine Butner and Related Families (Bellvue, WA: privately printed, 1992), is said to contain research based on church and legal records. It is probably the most authoritative book on this line of the family. Regrettably, the present author has not seen this book, but has incorporated references to Mr. Jurney's 1971 extraction of Moravian Church records. Mr. Jurney's book is cited as a source on Faye Jarvis Moran's Butner Family web page. (hereafter cited as Jurney, Ancestry of A. E. and E. C. Butner).
2. Donald W. Stanley, ed., Ann E. Sheek and Hazell R. Hartman, comp., Forsyth County, N. C. Cemetery Records, Volume IV South Fork - Vienna Townships and Salem Cemetery. (Winston-Salem, NC: Hunter Publishing Co., 1978), p. 772: Butner, Thomas b. 1741 d. 27 May 1781 (hereafter cited as Stanley, Vol. 4, Forsyth Co. Cemetery Records).
3. Apr. 6, 1764 Lease/release from G. McKnight, 260 acres, Rowan Co. NC Deed Book 5 p.456.
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Butner, Adam (i778), b.1765-d.1843
Butner, Christoph (i308), b.1769-d.1808
Butner, Herman (i282), b.1771-d.1845
Butner, Jesse (i206), b.1776-d.1853
Butner, John (i302), b.1778-d.1851
Butner, Rachel (i315), b.1767-
Butner, Thomas (i316), b.1773-d.1833
Butner, Thomas (i827), b.1741-d.1781


Elrod, Sarah (marriage to Thomas Butner) (i1557), b.1746-d.1832


Hill, John (marriage to Rachel Butner) (i325), b.1765-

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