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David Butner and Family

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April 17, 1998

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First Generation

1. David1 Butner, son of Adam Butner and Mrs._Adam (Butner), was born in maybe, Maryland circa 1745. See his father's family for more information. David died 1819 in Rowan Co, NC, at age 74.

He married twice. He married Mary Crane April 9, 1768 in Rowan Co, NC.(1) Mary was born circa 1745. Mary died at age unknown. He married Susanna Thomas July 28, 1804 in Rowan Co, NC. Susanna was born. Susanna died at age unknown.

1770 David was taxed in Rowan Co, NC.(2) 1778 David was taxed in Rowan Co, NC.(3) 2 Sept 1778 David entered a claim for land for 200 ac. adj. Hugh Montgomery on both sides of Basinger's Br in Rowan Co, NC.(4) In the 1790 Census, David was listed as a head of household in Rowan Co, NC.(5) In his household were three adult males, two boys under 16, and three females.

In the 1800 Census, David was listed as a head of household in Rowan Co, NC.(6) He and his wife were over age 45. In their house were a young man 16-24 and a boy and a girl each of age 10-15.

He made a will 30 April 1814 in Rowan Co, NC. David's estate was probated Aug 1819 in Rowan Co, NC. The will of David Butner, Rowan Co. H:10, Apr 30, 1814, prob. Aug 1819. Wife Susanna. Sons: William and John. Dau: Elizabeth Moore and Polly Durham. Grandson: Levi, son of David Butner Jr. decd. Sons of my dau. Polly Durham: David and Thomas Durham. Catherine Ribley. Exrs: son John Butner, Jacob Lyerle and Jacob Fisher. Wit: Phillip Brown, Charles Brown.

David Butner and Mary Crane had the following children:

Notes and References

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Butner, Catherine (i801), b.1770-
Butner, David (i786), b.1770-d.1805
Butner, David (i828), b.1745-d.1819
Butner, Elizabeth (i795), b.1765-
Butner, John (i792), b.1785-d.1826
Butner, Polly (i797), b.1775-
Butner, William (i2608), b.1768-d.1835


Crane, Mary (marriage to David Butner) (i781), b.1745-


Moore, Audlen (marriage to Elizabeth Butner) (i794), b.1760-


Ribley, Martin (marriage to Catherine Butner) (i800), b.1770-


Smith, Margaret (marriage to John Butner) (i793), b.1777-d.1840


Thomas, Peggy (marriage to David Butner) (i787), b.1770-
Thomas, Susanna (marriage to David Butner) (i789)

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