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A note to correspondents: Some correspondents have written to me and have identified a particular individual by his position number in the report or his generation number, e.g., 33 i William 4. Unfortunately, such numbers are subject to variation if children are added to earlier generations. Therefore, I have added my database index number to the first mention of every individual in the reports. This appears as, e.g., (#1234) after the name. This number is permanent, and can reliably be used in correspondence. This number also appears in the combined index of reports with each individual. That source can be used for those reports that I have not yet updated with the new feature.

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I've written an article about Early Butners who were in Frederick County, Maryland, and Rowan County, NC, giving background information about the family before 1800.

All of the Butners in America berore 1850 (that is, those who spelled the name with one "t" and no umlaut) were probably descendants of one immigrant, who settled in Frederick County MD in the 1740s, and moved to Rowan County NC in the early 1750s. I've put up here a report on Adam Butner and his Descendants. Linked to that main page are separate pages for each of his children for whom descendants have been identified.

I'm a descendant of a man who was probably Adam's son, but no piece of historical evidence actually connects them, although the inference is strong. There's a report of four generations of Isaac Butner and his Descendants. Isaac's son, Isaac Jr., married a daughter of James Alexander of Jefferson County, for whom I've made a descendant report. See also my Alexanders of Indiana and Kentucky page for further information about that family.

Each of the descendant reports has its own index. Names from all reports are merged into a combined index of Butners and allied lines. It's easiest to enter through the surname list.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line. And I'll be happy to receive reports of any errors you may find.

I am indebted to Faye Jarvis Moran for her fine web pages on Moravian Families, which I have used as a default source reference for a lot of my information about spouses of the descendants of Thomas Butner, son of Adam.

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