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David Butner Jr. and Descendants

Ralph Dean Clark
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Ultimate Family Tree, ver 2.7
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April 17, 1998

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First Generation

1. David1 Butner, son of David Butner and Mary Crane, was born in probably, Rowan Co, NC circa 1770. See his father's family for more information. David died before May 1805 in Rowan Co, NC, at age unknown.(1)

He married Peggy Thomas. Peggy was born circa 1770. Peggy was the daughter of John Thomas.

David Butner and Peggy Thomas had the following child:

Second Generation

2. Levi Alexander2 Butner (David1)(2) was born in Rowan Co, NC between 1800 and 1805. Levi died before Nov 1843 in Rowan Co, NC, at age unknown.

He married Pamelia Cauble 10 Nov 1835 in Rowan Co, NC.(3) Pamelia was born circa 1815 in probably, North Carolina.

On May 7, 1805, the court of Rowan County bound Alexander the orphan of David Butner to John Kincade. No other David is known who could be the decedent.(4)

In David Butner's will written 30 April 1814 in Rowan Co, NC, an unknown person was named as His grandchild. It is presumed that Levi and Alexander are the same person as only one grandson was mentioned in the will of David Butner, Sr. On May 25, 1816, Alexander, the orphan of David Butner, was bound to William S. Cowan to learn the blacksmith's trade. He was to have $20 and six months schooling. His indenture to John Kincaid was cancelled by the latter's death.(5)

In the 1840 Census, Levi was listed as a head of household in Rowan Co, NC.(6) He and his wife were in their 20s, with two boys under age 5.

Levi's estate was probated Nov 1843 in Rowan Co, NC.(7)

Levi Alexander Butner and Pamelia Cauble had the following child:

Notes and References

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Butner, David (i786), b.1770-d.1805
Butner, David (i4358), b.1838-
Butner, Levi Alexander (i788), b.1800-d.1843


Cauble, Pamelia (marriage to Levi Alexander Butner) (i2925), b.1815-


Thomas, Peggy (marriage to David Butner) (i787), b.1770-

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