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Wiley Burns and Family

Ralph Dean Clark
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March 20, 1998

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First Generation

1. Wiley1 Burns was born circa 1832.

He married Lucinda Barrett circa 1852 in Kentucky. Lucinda was born circa 1832 in probably, Buncombe Co, NC. See her father's family for more information. Lucinda was the daughter of John Barrett and Malinda Arrowood.

In the Census of 1870, Wiley was listed as a head of household in Decatur Co, IN.(1) In the 1880 Census, Wiley was listed as a head of household 21 June 1880 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(2)

Wiley Burns and Lucinda Barrett had the following children:

Second Generation

3. John2 Burns (Wiley1) was born in Turkey Creek, Breathitt Co, KY March 23, 1856.

He married Isabelle O'Neal August 22, 1877 in Bartholomew Co, IN. Isabelle was born May 1860 in Elizabethtown, Bartholomew Co, IN. Isabelle was the daughter of Bartlett O'Neal and Mary (Polly) Neal. Isabelle died 1904 in Bartholomew Co, IN, at age 44. Her body was interred in Burnsville, Christian Church, Bartholomew Co, IN.(3)

In the 1880 Census, John was listed as a head of household 21 June 1880 in Bartholomew Co, IN.(4)

John Burns and Isabelle O'Neal had the following children:

Notes and References

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Barrett, Lucinda (marriage to Wiley Burns) (i551), b.1832-


Buckland, James (marriage to Malinda Burns) (i1252), b.1853-


Burns, Cora (i2542), b.1878-
Burns, Elmer E. (i1271), b.1876-
Burns, Evan Lafayette (i1253), b.1861-
Burns, Harry (i412), b.1882-
Burns, John (i2248), b.1856-
Burns, Lena (i2543), b.1880-d.1895
Burns, Lillie M. (i1255), b.1873-
Burns, Linnie (i415), b.1889-
Burns, Malinda (i1251), b.1854-
Burns, Marietta (Mary) (i1254), b.1864-
Burns, Raphe (i414), b.1886-
Burns, Wiley (i550), b.1832-


O'Neal, Isabelle (marriage to John Burns) (i413), b.1860-d.1904

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