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William Buck and Descendants

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Buck, Pike

First Generation

1. William1 Buck was born in England circa 1585. William died January 24, 1657/8 in Cambridge, MA, at age 72.

He, giving his occupation as "plowrite", and his son Roger, aged 50 and 18 respectively, embarked from London to New England on 15 April 1635 in the "Increase" with Robert Lea, master, and many other passengers.(1)

William must have liked what he saw, for he returned soon and sailed again, with his wife and family, in the "Unitie", Jon. Taylor, master, from Weymouth to Matahusates Bay, New England, on 12 Sept. 1635.(2)

His son Roger inherited all of his property. Although some other branches of the Buck family have stories connecting them to William, no supporting documentation has been found.

William Buck had the following child:

Second Generation

2. Roger2 Buck (William1) was born in England circa 1617. Roger died November 10, 1693 in Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA, at age 76.

He married Susannah (Buck). Susannah was born. Susannah died September 20, 1685 in Cambridge, MA, at age unknown.(3) Death date from "Vital Records of Cambridge MA" NEHGS, p.490. Marriage confirmed by same with birth of children, and explicitly (without surname) by "Compendium of Amer. Gen." Vol. VI, p.726. Birth and marriage dates from "Compendium of American Genealogy" Vol. VI, p.726. "History of Buckfield, Oxford County, Maine" by Alfred Cole and Charles F. Whitman, 1915, p.548, says that, according to tradition, Roger was 18 years old when he came to America. Death date and place from "Genealogical and Personal Memoirs of Worcester Co. MA" Vol. 1 p.387.

Roger Buck and Susannah (Buck) had the following children:

Third Generation

3. Samuel3 Buck (Roger2, William1) was born in Cambridge, MA 6 Feb 1642/3.(10) Samuel died 21 Sep 1690 in Cambridge, MA, at age 47.(11)

He married Rachel Leven 16 March 1669/0 in Cambridge, MA.(12) Rachel was born. Rachel died circa 1694 in probably, Cambridge, MA, at age unknown.(13)

Samuel Buck and Rachel Leven had the following children:

5. Ephraim3 Buck (Roger2, William1) was born in Cambridge, MA July 26, 1646.(19) Ephraim died January 1720/1 in Woburn, Middlesex Co, MA, at age 74.

He married Sarah Brooks January 1, 1670/1 in Woburn, MA. Sarah was born November 21, 1652 in Woburn, MA. Sarah was the daughter of John Brooks and Eunice Mousall. Sarah died at age unknown.

His marriage, his death, and the birth dates of all eight of his children are recorded in the town records of Woburn. His will, dated 3 November 1717, provided for his wife Sarah and implied that he had previously divided his property among his wife and children, who were named as Ephriam, Samuel, John, Ebeneazer, Sarah Grover, Mary Spike, and Eunis Buck, and mentioned Eunice Richardson "yt I brought up".

Ephraim Buck and Sarah Brooks had the following children:

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(Buck), Susannah (marriage to Roger Buck) (i1441), d.1685


Brooks, Jabez (marriage to Rachel Buck) (i3174), b.1673-d.1747
Brooks, Sarah (marriage to Ephraim Buck) (i721), b.1652-


Buck, Ebenezer (i503), b.1689-d.1752
Buck, Elizabeth (i407), b.1657-
Buck, Ephraim (i501), b.1676-
Buck, Ephraim (i720), b.1646-d.1721
Buck, Eunice (i411), b.1685-
Buck, John (i360), b.1680-d.1752
Buck, John (i404), b.1644-
Buck, John (i410), b.1678-d.1679
Buck, Mary (i405), b.1648-d.1669
Buck, Mary (i504), b.1691-
Buck, Nathaniel (i402), b.1672-d.1672
Buck, Rachel (i403), b.1676-d.1698
Buck, Roger (i1440), b.1617-d.1693
Buck, Ruth (i406), b.1653-
Buck, Samuel (i400), b.1643-d.1690
Buck, Samuel (i500), b.1686-d.1757
Buck, Samuel (i502), b.1682-
Buck, Sarah (i408), b.1674-
Buck, William (i2880), b.1585-d.1658


Grover, Thomas (marriage to Sarah Buck) (i409)


Leven, Rachel (marriage to Samuel Buck) (i401), d.1694

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