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A note to correspondents: Some correspondents have written to me and have identified a particular individual by his position number in the report or his generation number, e.g., 33 i William 4. Unfortunately, such numbers are subject to variation if children are added to earlier generations. Therefore, I have added my database index number to the first mention of every individual in the reports. This appears as, e.g., (#1234) after the name. This number is permanent, and can reliably be used in correspondence. This number also appears in the combined index of reports with each individual. That source can be used for those reports that I have not yet updated with the new feature.

My Buck Ancestry

I'm a descendant of William Buck, who came to Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his son Roger in 1635. Mary (Polly)7 Buck (John6, John5, John4, Ephraim3, Roger2, William1) married Luther Turner in 1807.

I've put up here a number of reports of what I know about William's descendants.

Here are the reports on the several branches of the Buck family

Each page has it's own name index. If you know which main line you're in, finding your ancestor in these pages should be easy. Additionally, I've prepared a combined index for all of the reports - every name, with birth and death dates, is linked to its place in a descent report.

There's a report of four generations from the immigrant William Buck.

That report is linked to other descents beginning in the fourth generation, including these lines:

I've also accumulated some information about the unconnected Ebenezer Buck of Upton, MA. And to further the study of the Bucks of Windham County, Connecticut, I've put up a report on George Buck of Wrentham, MA.

The Bucks who settled in Weathersfield, Connecticut, are mainly descendants of the immigrant, Eustace/Elias Buck. I don't know much about that line. But you can find out a lot on Tracey Morris's Buck page.

I'm afraid I can't tell you anything here about the other Buck immigrants to New England. Nor have I even begun to look into any Bucks who came to the southern colonies.

However, I have begun work on a Census Index that will index all Bucks in Maine from 1790 to 1850, with a few entries from other states as well.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name of our common relative, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line.

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