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John Bigg of Cranbrook and Family

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November 25, 1999

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Betts, Bigg, Foster, Masters, Scotchford, Stowe

First Generation


Preserving Our Family History Award

1. Parent of John1 Bigg of Cranbrook(1) (#1832) was born in probably, Kent, England.

The parents of John Bigge, clothier of Cranbrook, Kent, have not been identified. John Insley Coddington (NEHGR, Oct. 1938) said John "may well have been a descendant of Richard Bigge of Cranbrook, clothier, whose will, dated 4 November, 24 Henry VIII [1532], and proved 5 Aug. 1533 (P.C.C., 5 Hogen), was printed in Emmerton and in Waters' `Gleanings,' p.11." The author has examined the wills of that Richard Bigge and his son Gervase, and leans toward John, the son of Richard's son James, as the best candidate. However, James is not known to have had a daughter Elizabeth, and did have a daughter Susanne. James did have only two other known children, named John and Mary.

Parent of John Bigg of Cranbrook had the following children:

Second Generation

2. John2 Bigg (Parent of John1) (#1687) birth date unknown. His remains were interred August 13, 1605 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.(2)

He married Rachel Martin September 14, 1583 in Tenterden, Kent, England.(3) (Rachel Martin is #1686.) Rachel was born before June 17, 1565 (chr. date) in Lydd, Kent, England. Rachel was the daughter of James Martin and Joan Adam. Rachel died circa 1647 in Dorchester, Suffolk Co, MA. She was christened June 17, 1565 in Lydd, Kent, England.(4) Rachel's estate was probated November 17, 1646 in Suffolk Co, MA.(5)

John was employed at as a clothier. John's estate was probated October 30, 1605 in Consistory Court, Canterbury, Kent, England.(6)

John Bigg and Rachel Martin had the following children:

3. Elizabeth2 Bigg (Parent of John1) (#1833) birth date unknown. Elizabeth died before 1605 in maybe, Brenchley, Kent, England.

She married John Scotchford. (John Scotchford is #1834.) John died 1600 in Brenchley, Kent, England. John was employed. John's estate was probated January 16, 1600/1.(24)

Elizabeth Bigg and John Scotchford had the following children:

4. Mary2 Bigg (Parent of John1) (#1835) birth date unknown.

She married twice. She married John Bridger.(25) (John Bridger is #2028.) She married John Betts circa 1600.(26) (John Betts is #2027.) John died in maybe, West Peckham, Kent, England.

Mary Bigg and John Betts had the following children:

Third Generation

7. Patience3 Bigg (John2, Parent of John1) (#2347) was born in probably, Cranbrook, Kent, England circa 1588.(37) Patience died in maybe Dorchester, MA.

She married Richard Foster in probably, Kent, England.(38) (Richard Foster is #2346.) Richard was born circa 1585 in Biddenden, Kent, England. Richard was the son of Thomas Foster and Dorothy Austen. Richard died 1630 in Biddenden, Kent, England, at 45 years of age. Richard's estate was probated May 3, 1630 in Prerogative Court, Canterbury, England.(39) NEHGRegister v.47 p.36 says he was son of Thomas Foster and Dorothy Austen; married Patience Bigg, who with son Hopestill went to New England, implying Richard's prior death in England.

Patience Bigg and Richard Foster had the following child:

8. Elizabeth3 Bigg (John2, Parent of John1) (#1691) was born in Cranbrook, Kent, England before November 1, 1590 (chr. date). Her remains were interred August 21, 1638 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA.(40)

She married John Stowe September 13, 1608 in Biddenden, Kent, England.(41) (John Stowe is #1692.) John was born before January 14, 1581/2 (chr. date) in Biddenden, Kent, England. John died October 26, 1643 in Roxbury, Suffolk Co, MA, at 61 years of age.(42) He was christened January 14, 1581/2 in Biddenden, Kent, England.(43)

She was christened November 1, 1590 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.(44)

Elizabeth Bigg and John Stowe had the following children:

10. Rachel3 Bigg (John2, Parent of John1) (#1694) was born in Cranbrook, Kent, England before October 20, 1594 (chr. date). Rachel died before 1638 in Kent, England.

She married twice. She married Moregift Starr March 4, 1616/7 in Biddenden, Kent, England.(73) (Moregift Starr is #1695.) Moregift was born in Cranbrook, Kent, England. His remains were interred December 18, 1617 in Ashford, Kent, England.(74) He was christened in Cranbrook, Kent, England.(75) Moregift's estate was probated December 30, 1617 in Archdeacon Court, Canterbury, Kent, England.(76) She married Peter Masters November 9, 1619 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.(77) (Peter Masters is #1696.) Peter was born in probably, Kent, England. (Additional notes for Peter Masters(78))

She was christened October 20, 1594 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.(79)

Rachel Bigg and Peter Masters had the following children:

14. John3 Bigg (John2, Parent of John1) (#1705) was born in Cranbrook, Kent, England before December 19, 1602 (chr. date). John died circa 1641 in Maidstone, Kent, England.

John was employed. He was christened December 19, 1602 in Cranbrook, Kent, England.(86) John applied for a marriage license to wed Mary Maplisden May 12, 1626 in Linton, Kent, England.(87) John applied for a marriage license to wed Sibylla Beacon September 16, 1634 in Otham, Kent, England.(88) John's estate was probated February 7, 1641/2 in Kent, England.(89)

John Bigg and Mary Maplisden had the following child:

Fourth Generation

28. Hopestill4 Foster (Patience3 Bigg, John2, Parent of John1)(90) (#2348) was born in probably, Kent, England circa 1620. Hopestill died in maybe Dorchester, MA.

He married Mary Bate.(91) (Mary Bate is #2286.) Mary was born before November 21, 1619 (chr. date) in Lydd, Kent, England. Mary was the daughter of James Bate and Alice Glover. Mary died January 5, 1702/3 in Dorchester, Massachusetts Bay Colony, at 83 years of age.(92) She was christened November 21, 1619 in Lydd, Kent, England.

Hopestill Foster and Mary Bate had the following child:

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(Betts), Mary (marriage to Thomas Betts) (i2196), d.1723


(Stowe), Elizabeth (marriage to Nathaniel Stowe) (i2247), d.1661


Archer, Henry (marriage to Elizabeth Stowe) (i2244)


Bate, Mary (marriage to Hopestill Foster) (i2286), b.1619-d.1703


Betts, Alexander (i2189), b.1603-
Betts, John (i2188), b.1601-d.1619
Betts, John (marriage to Mary Bigg) (i2027)
Betts, Mary (i2192), b.1610-d.1619
Betts, Robert (i2193), b.1613-
Betts, Thomas (i2195), b.1615-d.1688
Betts, William (i2190)


Bigg, Anna (i1688), b.1584-
Bigg, Anna (i1702), b.1597-
Bigg, Elizabeth (i1691), b.1590-
Bigg, Elizabeth (i1833), d.1605
Bigg, James (i1693), b.1593-
Bigg, John (i1687)
Bigg, John (i1703), b.1598-
Bigg, John (i1705), b.1602-d.1641
Bigg, Mary (i1704), b.1600-
Bigg, Mary (i1835)
Bigg, Parent of John, of Cranbrook (i1832)
Bigg, Patience (i2347), b.1588-
Bigg, Rachel (i1694), b.1594-d.1638
Bigg, Samuel (i1707), b.1626-d.1638
Bigg, Smalehope (i1689), b.1585-
Bigg, Thankful (i1709), b.1605-


Bignell, Martha (marriage to Nathaniel Stowe) (i2248)


Bridger, John (marriage to Mary Bigg) (i2028)


Brown, Thomas (marriage to Patience Foster) (i2290), b.1645-


Fletcher, Hope (marriage to Samuel Stowe) (i2250), d.1704


Foster, Hopestill (i2348), b.1620-
Foster, Patience (i2289), b.1646-
Foster, Richard (marriage to Patience Bigg) (i2346), b.1585-d.1630


French, Ellen (marriage to Smalehope Bigg) (i1690), b.1582-


Griggs, Mary (marriage to Thomas Stowe) (i2242), d.1680


Martin, Rachel (marriage to John Bigg) (i1686), b.1565-d.1647


Masters, a child of Peter (i1701), d.1640
Masters, Elizabeth (i1699), d.1646
Masters, John (i1698), b.1622-
Masters, Peter (i1697), b.1621-
Masters, Peter (i1700), d.1638
Masters, Peter (marriage to Rachel Bigg) (i1696)


Pierpont, John (marriage to Thankful Stowe) (i2252), b.1618-d.1682


Scotchford, Anne (i2255), b.1580-
Scotchford, Elizabeth (i2254), b.1579-
Scotchford, John (marriage to Elizabeth Bigg) (i1834), d.1600
Scotchford, Margaret (i2257), b.1581-
Scotchford, Martha (i2259), b.1583-
Scotchford, Mary (i2258), b.1582-
Scotchford, Thomas (i2260), b.1600-


Starr, Moregift (marriage to Rachel Bigg) (i1695)


Stowe, daughter (i2238), b.1610-
Stowe, Elizabeth (i2240), b.1612-
Stowe, Elizabeth (i2243), b.1617-
Stowe, John (i2245), b.1619-d.1643
Stowe, John (marriage to Elizabeth Bigg) (i1692), b.1582-d.1643
Stowe, Nathaniel (i2246), b.1621-d.1684
Stowe, Samuel (i2249), b.1624-d.1704
Stowe, Thankful (i2251), b.1629-
Stowe, Thomas (i2241), b.1615-d.1684
Stowe, twin daughter (i2239), b.1612-


Topley, Margaret (marriage to Robert Betts) (i2194), b.1609-

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