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What I've done

All four of my mother's grandparents lived in, met in, and married in Bartholomew County, Indiana, in the second half of the nineteenth century. In studying their history, I've accumulated a large database of information about those and earlier families.

Recently I've started this web site. I'm using my Roots IV genealogy program to produce reports from my database in HTML format, and putting those reports up here to share. And I do mean share - I maintain no proprietary interest in this data. If you like, when you download a page and find something interesting, feel free to save it on your computer to browse through at your leisure. If you want, put it up on your own web site!

I'm quite serious about that. If this information is my genealogical legacy, and if it's only here, it's written on sand. I say, the more beaches, the better!

What's here

My mother descended from many lines that are known to have been in Virginia and North Carolina during or after the Revolutionary War. These families migrated into Kentucky, and some of their descendants eventually settled in Bartholomew County, Indiana, in the middle 1800s, where they intermarried.

Their surnames are Barrett, Butner, Helton, Marcum, O'Neal, Waddle, and White.

Sterling Barrett came to Bartholomew County in the early 1870s from Laurel County, Kentucky. Earlier, his family had been in Buncombe and Yancey County, North Carolina. I've put up a Barrett Page that includes an essay about early Barretts who came through Buncombe County NC, and 4 generations of descent from the earliest of my line.

My Butner Page has a similar essay about the origins of the Butner family in America. A number of Butners settled in Hope Township in Bartholomew County. I've traced their ancestry back to Adam (Butner, that is) and have available a report on many of his descendants. There's a surname list and index available for that family, whose descendants are not included in my Bartholomew County index.

My line came from Isaac Butner, who was probably a son of Adam (no - they're too close in age to imagine an intervening Abraham ). Isaac Jr. moved from Madison County, Kentucky, around 1813, and settled in Jefferson County, Indiana, before retiring around 1850 to live out his days with one of his seven daughters, in Bartholomew County. Isaac's descendants are posted here, too, and included in the B. C. index.

Two of the children of Marvel Helton of Hawkins County, Tennessee settled in Bartholomew County. John Helton came after the Civil War, and settled near his sister Sarah who, in the 1830s in Tennessee, had married James O'Neal. James was one of four sons of John O'Neal of Virginia, who brought his family to Bartholomew County in the 1830s.

Arthur Marcum of Gallatin County, Kentucky married there, as his second wife, Nancy Robertson. She, widowed, with his children from both marriages, was in Bartholomew County before 1840. In 1843, she remarried, to John Richardson.

John Waddle, son of Henry Waddle of Pulaski County, Kentucky, married there a daughter of Wesley White. Wesley came to Decatur County, Indiana, in the 1820s, and John settled in Ripley County. In 1850, both men were in Bartholomew County, living with their children.

The combined index

I've prepared a combined index by copying the indexes from the end of each report into a single page. Once you find a name in the index, the link will pop you right to him in his page. Use the surname list to get into the index.

Click here to jump into the surname list.

If you find something interesting here, please let me know the name and page, and I'll send you email whenever I change anything in that line. And I'll be happy to receive reports of any errors you may find.

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