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Barretts from Tennessee to Kentucky

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March 17, 1998

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First Generation

1. Tennessee Ancestor1 Barrett birth date unknown.

Tennessee Ancestor Barrett had the following children:

Second Generation

2. David2 Barrett of Tennessee (Tennessee Ancestor1) birth date unknown.

He is said to have been listed among the first settlers of Clay County in 1807.

In the 1810 Census, David was listed as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(1) He was age 26-44, his wife was 16-25, and they had a boy and a girl under age 10.

An article about the Barrett family, concentrating on the family of Murrell Barrett, said that tradition has it that David was the father of Murrell, Jesse, Jane, and Isham. The author has assigned the latter three names to other parents, but, absent any evidence to the contrary, is willing to honor that tradition in the case of Murrell.

David Barrett of Tennessee had the following child:

3. William2 Barrett of Tennessee (Tennessee Ancestor1) birth date unknown.

He married Jane (Barrett). Jane was born. Jane died at age unknown.

William Barrett of Tennessee and Jane (Barrett) had the following children:

Third Generation

4. Murrell3 Barrett (David2, Tennessee Ancestor1) was born in Tennessee 1795.(10)

He married Betsy Price 1 March 1817 in Clay Co, KY.(11) Betsy was born probably between 1795 and 1800.

In the 1820 Census, Murrell was listed as a head of household in Clay Co, KY.(12) He and his wife were age 16-25, with a girl under 10.

Murrell Barrett and Betsy Price had the following children:

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(Barrett), Jane (marriage to William Barrett of Tennessee) (i89)


Anglin, James (marriage to Jane Barrett) (i774), b.1783-d.1859


Asher, Mary (Polly) (marriage to Jesse Barrett) (i5686), b.1807-


Barrett, David, of Tennessee (i5685)
Barrett, James L. (i5698), b.1839-d.1925
Barrett, Jane (i775), d.1858
Barrett, Jesse (i90), b.1796-d.1858
Barrett, Murrell (i5688), b.1795-
Barrett, Tennessee Ancestor (i92)
Barrett, Thomas (i5694), b.1827-
Barrett, William (i5690), b.1823-d.1884
Barrett, William, of Tennessee (i88)


Edwards, Sally (marriage to Jesse Barrett) (i91)


Gabbard, Barbara (marriage to Thomas Barrett) (i5695), b.1829-d.1913


Hensley, Nancy (marriage to William Barrett) (i5691), b.1819-d.1905


Price, Betsy (marriage to Murrell Barrett) (i5689), b.1795-


Robinson, Almira Patsy (marriage to James L. Barrett) (i5699), b.1835-

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